Friday, January 27, 2006

I've been thinking.

While reading a local newspaper's online chat board, one that is divided by category, giving each city and lifestyle segment its own identity, i wondered at how rabid politics has become in our country and just how divided the population is; and especially, how much the posters and commentators drink on any given day!

It is about being right or left and it is as if this nation has become a group of high schooler's rallying about their particular team with a zeal that is downright - overzealous!

I'm waiting for the pranks to begin in earnest any day.

Now, there are some difference that should be pointed out between the two major US political parties and that is: there really is very little difference when you come right down to it. I belive some commentators use the term Republicat's when talking about the leaderships combined. However, average American's do believe there is a big difference -- that one party's leadership is decidedly more rabid than the other.

As in mad dog, bad cat, mad cow rabid

and all those drinkers on that newspaper board
are in bed with Dean and Kennedy, riding the same train so to speak.

I believe that if you take your average Democrat (registered voter) and scratch the surface; you'll find a very conservative individual. Same thing with Republicans: scratch the surface and they are liberal (well to an extent; and that extent is where sane civil rights are concerned (by sane, just because you want to marry your great Dane, and the ACLU backs you 100%; it may appear to be your civil right to do so, however, your basic conservative will undoubtedly think not.) Republican's also have issue with abortion but I'd hazard to guess a good many, church going Democrats do as well. I'd challenge NOW to do a random poll any day of the week, in the most blue of states and just ask two simple yes or no questions: Do you believe women have the right to unlimited abortions and secondly; would would want your daughter to have an abortion (your mother, aunt). Again, results might be surprising.

I'm of the opinion that most American's are both religiously and politically conservative.

Which raises some concerns.

While the world watches and Al Jezeera and the BBC eat up every word Ted Kennedy and Howard Dean (there are more but they come to mind) spout and publish as fact not opinion, average Joe and Suzy America are thinking hold on a minute.

And increasingly, vote independently.

If anyone has bothered to notice; our two party system may be on the brink of becoming extremely one-sided. Each election, the RNC picks up a seat here and a seat there; which is no big deal, really, but when it happens over 2 decades and shows no sign of reversal in the near future; one has to stop and consider that perhaps it is time to throw Ted Kennedy and some of his friends a nice retirement party before the DNC becomes so marginalized it ceases to exist.

I believe that the RNC may have better plans for Ted. They may want to keep him right where he is -- for as long as his liver holds out. They have not run anyone with any superior credentials against the esteemed Senator, nor do they plan on doing so, and note; the RNC does not fund anyone who runs for senate in Massachusetts. Is this simply because they feel they will loose - Kennedy is so beloved it would be bad money spent? Or, that no Republican can be elected in Massachusetts? I think any resident of the state beliefs that's a crock of butter. They know that the RNC has successfully, funded and brought several governors to the State. Yet they persist in running lackluster, ineffective individuals against Kennedy, and lately Kerry as well. Therefore, one could surmise that they may be onto something. Kennedy is good for RNC business.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Whenever I am feeling
a bit left of center, I examine
the weather, or whether my current state of mind
has anything to do
with snow lining my drive; while my dearest husband is
14,000 or so miles away in a much warmer clime.

How do I rail against the sadness that envelopes me
while i shovel and scrape up the elements.

I do not cry; as some might; lonely for their mate.
I buy another vacuum cleaner;
yet another set of Egyptian cotton sheets
(quite addictive)
and just imagine i might very well be
keeping the home fires burning.
melting the snow that is holding my soul captive.

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