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Palin Documentary Opens In Plainville CT AMC Theaters This Weekend

Run Sarah Run (need one say more?) from Palin Information Blog

Palin Documentary Opens In Plainville CT AMC Theatres This Weekend

"The Undefeated" will open in the Plainville, CT AMC theatres this weekend. For anyone within driving distance (includes Massachusetts (Western: 45 minutes), all of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

To pre-purchase tickets visit;

For directions: Google or GPS address

AMC Theatres
220 New Britain Road Plainville, CT

Déjà vu Pervades US Economics and the Coming 2012 Presidential Election – Both Carter and Bush shadow Obama – Reelection: Mission Impossible

Carter/Obama and the Rule that History Repeats itself image:

Although it may not seem fair to the President, as both the Congress and the White House take a summer recess and Obama hits the campaign trail during, what has to be, one of the bleakest weeks in the economic lives of Middle Class American’s, the President is being, aptly, compared historically and accurately to one James E. Carter, one term economic fiasco and former President of the U.S.

After Jimmy Carter’s attempts at trying to right the nation (he inherited a recession), by spending his way out of it, including, but not limited to, job stimulus programs, the bailout of Chrysler, and an anti-military, anti-big oil and anti-wall street approach to economics, with the end result being a misery index that provided an opportunity for the nation to stand up and vote him out of office – Carter’s dismal record was such that even with a third party candidate in the mix, Ronald Reagan won handily.

Mitt Romney compared to Reagan - from the Daily Beast

Yesterday, while the stock market plunged, and world markets went wildly in the same direction, due to the fact that the US has hit its Obama requested debt ceiling, and has literally “nowhere to go”, those who own a 401K are now terrified of checking the balances – 401K’s have replaced traditional pension plans for most employees, including those who may be making a minimum wage – they not for the “rich” but for the average Joe. Anyone who may have taken what is considered a “hit”, stand fast and hold on to your socks until January of 2013, unless of course, it looks like the Republican challenger to Obama is going to handily best him in the Presidential Contest of 2012, around say September or October. If it appears there is no snowball’s chance in Hades Obama (see Carter) would be reelected, the markets will roar back. The alternative is unthinkable.

Pawlenty Compared to Reagen image Poltico

Here’s a take on the subject from an historical perspective: “Not Since Jimmy Carter” “Dow’s losing streak unmatched since 1978” Marketwatch – in reference to the Stock Market’s reaction to Obama’s Economic Policies a la former President Carter.

Just as American’s who lived through the Carter Years, and managed to survive (without eating cat food as a staple meal – reference to rising price of food, fuel and rentals, and those who were on fixed or limited incomes, who could not afford to pay bills and also eat – it was that bad), and now look at parallels too eerily similar to not make one start to look at any alternative candidate for the Presidency – the brand of the Democrats has turned just as toxic with a certain element of Déjà vu.

Deja Vu II Guilt by Association

The Posts note that those incumbent Democrats are now running away from any association with the President, especially on the campaign trail has begun: Headline: “Weprin distances himself from Obama” New York Post
In the Carter years, there was more loyalty, so to speak, and going “down with the Good Ship Carter” appeared to be the norm, however, with the ever Republican, Conservative, Right Wing, Tea Party, (i.e. anyone who is remotely “not progressive”, attitude of the Press, the constant bad news associated with one much maligned George W. Bush, Obama predecessor saw Republican’s distancing themselves in both 2005 (heading up to the 2006 mid-terms) and again in 2008: Headline: “Bush's calendar empty as McCain & Republicans avoid him”

From an historical perspective this is a time period that most voters should be able to recall – it is another nail in the coffin of the sequel “Obama II – Let’s Finish off the Economy”, when the proverbial rats start jumping off the good ship Progressive, as it sails into 2012.

Bachmann Compared to Reagan - from the Daily Beast - getting warmer

What is perhaps, the saddest part and parcel of this entire mess, had history been viewed from a realistic perspective, by the President and by his ad visors, he could have changed course, before ever investing in a stimulus! Had someone, somewhere, taught the President in a History class at either of the Universities that he attended, on the politics and policies of the Carter Administration, and the end results, a tragedy could have been averted and he would have been, perhaps, the Hope the nation longed for. In other words, had the professors (who are progressives) had not held up Carter as the ideal, rather than in truth, the disaster, those who attended college, preparing for life, from the 1970’s onward (even while the nation was “burning” the “professional left” (i.e. university professors and Progressives in general) were holding Carter in high esteem, and, daresay, shocked to the core, when Carter’s policies, both foreign and domestic were booted to the curb. Yes, unanimously, by a vast majority of the states (including Massachusetts), Ronald Ray-Guns (see: Joan Baez) was elected to the Office of the Presidency. At that time, Reagan was not considered the conventional candidate, although a popular Governor of California, the man was an “actor” and fodder for the press, which apparently, from Walter Cronkite to the New York Times, was patently ignored by the voters. Unconventional, not the norm for the Republican National Committee, rather, someone who was considered a bit of a rogue candidate, a “Cowboy” an “Actor”, a “Clown” who in truth was a smart man, who had principals, and has a proven resume when it came to governing. Sound like anyone familiar that may not have announced?

The Comparison: Sarah Palin to Ronald Reagan (and Maggie Thatcher - not pictured) image: Newsrealblog

To those who fear the future and see no end in sight, recall, that 2012 “can’t come soon enough” (Sarah Palin), and that a ship that has almost gone under (see Carter/Obama), can be towed to safety and made ship-shape again, in a few years, if the right person is at the helm. (Note: Choose your GOP candidates carefully as one of them (historically speaking) will be the next President of the United States. The fact is that Obama (historically looking at Carters’ time tables) has no time to make the correction that should have been made pre-Stimulus.

Note: Making comparisons to Ronald Reagan has become some sort of Litmus Test for Conservatives and honestly can be a tad on the ridiculous side, especially when candidates try to out-Reagan each other at Debates. That said, some are obvious. No more or no less so than the Comparison of Policy, Faith in America, the Free Market System, versus, Progressive Values in the Carter/Obama comparison.

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This has to be Quote of the Year: “If Tea Partiers Were Terrorists Obama Would Pal Around with Us” – Sarah Palin

A recent Boston Tea Party, yes Sarah Palin was there, in Boston Massachusetts - (see the symbolism) image frugal

Let’s just preface this by noting that when it comes to finding the next scapegoat for screwing up the U.S. Public, no one does it better than professional politicians. From Harry Ried, to John Kerry, and yes, even some Republican’s, but especially those crazy kids at MSNBC (who support Obama, Reid, and their brand of politicians) – the new target – “The Tea Party”. Apparently, those in who are in Congress and Represent the “Tea Party”, are responsible for the slower than usual process that Congress is used to as far as rushing through bills that basically include more money for government and government employees (see Stimulus) and less money in taxpayers pocketbooks. In fact, no matter how often one say it, no matter how much evidence there is, The Tea Party is used as a “catchall punching bag” by the Administration and their friendly media, and are subjected to all types of slurs, simply because the name of the organization actually means “Taxed Enough Already” – and alludes to the famous Boston Tea Party of 1773 – where, you guessed it, our forefathers, or friends of theirs, decided they had been “Taxed Enough Already” by the King, and that kicked off a revolution, and the rest of it, as they say, is history.
It’s not even that those members of the Tea Party refuse to pay taxes, and or don’t’ believe in paying for services that the government provides, they simply feel (and this blog concurs) that we, the people are being squeezed mighty tight by City, State and then the Federal Government. In Massachusetts, just as an example, one pays taxes to the State and “fees” (i.e. a tax with a party dress on) for everything, from your dogs, no joke, to taxes on your cell phones, (even prepaid), your cable, your land line, fees for usage of everything you can imagine, so far, except the air (and that’s probably coming in Deval Patrick’s next round of tax increases). Meal’s taxes, excise taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, real estate taxes, and then the Fed’s kick in – grabbing what’s left and doubling taxes on telecommunications (cable, television, gasoline, and the favorite go to’s: cigarettes and alcohol.) Therefore, if one makes less than say $250,000 a year, one is still paying 30% of their income to the feds and states in payroll taxes and deductions alone – and yes, only 50% of the U.S. Citizens pay taxes, however, that’s the taxes one sees on the Federal level, the ones’ everyone pays, are the taxes on paper goods at the grocers, the taxes that are slapped on business, (state corporate taxes and federal corporate taxes, along with – all the other taxes) that cause layoffs (lack of money) and or higher prices in real goods and groceries (more out of pocket). Suffice it to say, the Federal and State Governments are constantly picking one’s pocket, even when one isn’t looking, so the concept that the Feds, along with some States, need to start acting like the people who’s pocket they pick, by living well within their means in this economy, is not – radical.

Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska, a Republican and a Tea Party favorite, not to mention most likely 2012 Presidential Candidate (sometime after August), had the gumption to make a remark about the whole brouhaha caused over Tea Party Congressional members who stalled and demanded basically that there were no tax increases, a balanced budget, and spending cuts to Federal Programs, some of which are duplicates anyhow, but probably employ family members of other Congressional members and/or White House staff. Therefore, speaking plainly and honestly, as she is want to do, (despite rumors to the contrary), Sarah Palin, with great wit and a sense of humor to boot, said: If Tea Partiers were terrorists, Obama would pal around with us!”

Therefore, since no one else appears to have a sense of humor, and is able to use sarcasm with such aplomb, in simple enough terms whereby everyone gets the message (including John Kerry), Sarah Palin, has this blogs “Quote of the Year”, unless of course, she tops it in the next six months – which she might.

What they said: John Kerry “"You know the Chinese are looking at us right now and they are just gleeful and incredulous at the way in which one of the great competitors is imploding on itself, because a group of absolutists and extremists don't understand the implication of what they are doing, and prepared to hold the entire economy hostage and it is unprecedented of anything I have seen in all of the time I have been in public life, and I think it is damaging and dangerous and reckless and irresponsible," Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) told MSNBC.” (Real Clear Politics: Video Included)

A newspaper article on the original Boston Tea Party - image

Joe Biden (The Brilliant Vice President of the United States) with background included:
”Biden was agreeing with a line of argument made by Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) at a two-hour, closed-door Democratic Caucus meeting.
“We have negotiated with terrorists,” an angry Doyle said, according to sources in the room. “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”
Biden, driven by his Democratic allies’ misgivings about the debt-limit deal, responded: “They have acted like terrorists.”

Biden, of course, issued an immediate statement staying “I never said that”, of course, someone in the meeting was taping this for posterity”.

Seriously - Run, Palin, Run

Side Note: To those readers or causal visitors who might be interested in seeing “The Undefeated in New England, the documentary will be playing at AMC Lowes Plainville, 220 New Britain Avenue Plainville, CT 06062 - for Information: (860) 747-1071

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

MSNBC’s Maddow, Matthews and O’Donnell - See Obama Easily Re-Elected – The Press and the Battle Against Conservatives – How it will Backfire

As the 2012 campaign is in the early stages, given the fact that the lazy days of summer have not yet ended, and the GOP field is considered to be fluid at this point, and the primary battles will not begin for another five months, there are no crystal balls available to predict any outcomes at this point, not for one of the GOP candidates who will go on to campaign against President Obama or the outcome of that contest. However, polls can be seen as an indicator of what might take place in the Presidential race of 2012, specifically those that point to a nations view of a sitting President’s job performance, that is unless one factors in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Press.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been used by David Axelrod, campaign manager, mentor and political guru for both the State’s Govenor Deval Patrick, but especially, President Obama. To those who view President Obama as unelectable, consider that Massachusetts’s Deval Patrick won re-election with a 39% approval rating, besting the Republican opponent, Charlie Baker, by one point. Axelrod, on the eve of the Massachusetts elections noted that he would be watching the Massachusetts Governors Race, one would think due to his close relationship with Deval Patrick, however, he has been known to repeat strategy – borrowing from Patrick and lending to Obama, right down to the slogans.

The Massachusetts race appeared, on the surface, to be going in the direction of the challenger, however, there was a third party candidate, former Democrat turned Independent, turned Democrat, Tim Cahill, who also ran for the Governor’s race. Cahill, running as an independent, ended up siphoning off enough votes to pull out a “squeaker” for Patrick, this despite the fact that the Northeast in general is known to raid nursing homes, cemeteries and ballot boxes in order to ensure that an incumbent stays in office. Should the need arise, and should one of the Conservative Candidates start polling in double digits against Obama in 2012, watch carefully for an emergence of a third party candidate that suddenly found religion as a moderate conservative. Although the entire nation is not Massachusetts (or so those living here assumed, for years calling the Commonwealth the affectionate moniker “The People’s Republic”), the politics and specifically the strategy has been exported nationwide. Suggested reading running up to 2012: ”The Bluest State: How Democrats Created the Massachusetts Blueprint for American Political Disaster”, by Jon Keller. Although it may appear on the surface, to be partisan, one should understand the Keller provides an interesting perspective on Massachusetts politics which includes both major party and the players involved: in other words, this was written as a warning – one which the rest of the nation did not hear.

Axelrod, being only human, must, therefore, rely on a Progressive Press. MSNBC, which parent company NBC is owned by GE, of Immelt fame, is one of the major “cheerleaders for the President”. Putting aside conspiracy theories regarding Immelt's close ties to the President, and the fact that GE paid no taxes, and exported jobs outside of the U.S. while working as an Advisor to President Obama, it is a stretch that those pundits on the third rated cable news network (MSNBC), are taking cues from anyone, other than their own deep rooted Progressive Ideology. At a recent panel discussion on politicsMSNBC Hosts, Rachael Maddow, Chris Matthews, and O’Donnell predicted that Obama would be reelected the AP story is of itself, not news to anyone who even stops to watch the network for more than 5 minutes, however, it is the fact that the Progressives within the Press, both on air and in print, are of the same mindset. The mindset where one can pick up any daily paper, or listen to any local or national broadcast and find that the “Republican” or “Conservatives” are derided for what-have-you, and the Democrats are held in highest esteem. Should there be a scandal associated with a politician, one finds the word “Republican” inserted before the name of the individual who has an ethics problem, however, if that politician is a Democrat, there is, for the most part, no identification of party. This is nothing new and it has been noticeable by those moderate and independents reading and watching broadcast for the past twenty years. The bias is towards conservatives as well as the State of Israel, read any article watch any political broadcast and that is what one will begin find, the use of subjective adjectives that, inserted carefully deride one party and promote another. The fact that half of the nation (approximately) supports one over the other is apparently lost on those who print and broadcast and they are also gloriously unaware of the fact that this has affected both their ratings as well as their circulation. Just ask the gloating New Corp (they are in trouble, granted, over the whole wire tapping, al la Nixon charge – another bias), who has gained where others have lost, for employing a “balance reporting style”.

Therefore, not one of the candidates in the 2012 GOP field will be given positive press, either in print or otherwise, even if they walked on water, made it rain in Texas, or basically had better, yet much different ideas on how to manage (govern) the nation. From Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin, the two most egregious Conservatives due to the fact that they are also women (and should by Progressive think, be supporting abortion rights against pro-life rights), are consistently derided – it is the adjectives, keep in mind, that tell the story to the greater public. With the aforementioned, and the recent attack from the left on “Tea Party” activism – (basically a movement, not an organization that believes we are Taxed Enough Already”), complete with the Vice President of the United States dubbing them as “Terrorists”, (the buffoons, personal opinion), one find each article or broadcast regarding the aforementioned GOP candidate and possible candidate prefaced by “Tea Party”.

Governor Rick Perry, who is on the verge of announcing his candidacy for the Presidency has given the anti-God, anti-fiscal, counter-culture, spread-the-wealth, live-in-a-commune and take me back to the sixties Progressives, a plethora of new articles and broadcasts from which to pontificate on the horrors of a Perry Presidency. He is religious, he is a Texan, a Conservative, a Republican and of course, “Tea Party” (now that they are all “Terrorists”). What of Rick Perry’s Presidential bid and the Media:
See CBS “Will Rick Perry answer the religious right's prayers?” The most feared words a Progressive believes exists in the U.S. is “Religious Right”, then read the article and look for the “key words”.

An excellent article on Perry appeared in the Texas Tribune, this follows his formative years: at Texas A&M, and is the best “biographical” piece one can find on a potential GOP 2012 candidate from the press.

The Monkey Wrench – The American Public.

The public will continue to watch the economy spiral downward, and every indicator from Moody’s to your local grocer, is indicative that it can and will get worse, regardless of Obama not having to deal with any debt ceilings after the debt ceiling has been raised by a dysfunctional Congress, until after the 2012 elections (While worry about the nations finances while on the campaign trail? – By the way – both political parties took part in this decision – never mind the fiscal ramifications.) In that instance Party is generally thrown aside while people cast their ballot for the person at the top of the ticket who would appear to be likely to solve the problem. The most recent example of this phenomenon was the election of 1980, the president: James Carter, the challenger: Ronald Reagan – who, by the way, won Massachusetts. Regan, at the time was cast as the religious, right, nutcase, conservative, not overly bright, he was, after all, only an “actor”, the in-concert press hammered day and night, until the election was over, then they went to work demeaning everything that Reagan did, was about to do, or might have done.
He was easily elected to a second term.

Rick Perry, more than any other possible candidate, is the most likely coming out of the gate, to defy the press and upset the Axelrod model. He is not Ronald Reagan, no one is, but Perry is now the one to watch. Other candidates announced worth watching, sleeper Tim Pawlenty, Michelle Bachmann, and Herman Cain. Darn that Tea Party.

Polling firm references to Consider:

Gallup Polling: Confidence In Institutions: Specifically see Newspapers, Broadcast Television and the Presidency – compare to:

Gallup Polling: Gallup Confidence in Institutions 2010

Gallup Polling Presidential Job Approval

Rasmussen Reports : Presidential Job Approval

Public Policy Polling National Miscellaneous Poll

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2012 GOP Presidential Candidate Roundup: Sarah Palin and the Ides of September, Romney’s Too Elite? Huntsman on Bachmann – She’s Pretty!

Romney Palin and Bachmann - image Sunshine State News

As the drama from the “Debt Ceiling Crisis” continues in the Senate (Prediction: Obama get’s his debt ceiling, Republican’s get some cuts, but not enough to make a difference, and the general public, taxpayers, will enjoy prolonged fiscal pain due to lack of Leadership.) it is to the point that most American’s are disgusted, and clearly appalled by how the Congress, Senate and White House are basically dysfunctional. Reference to playgrounds rather than politics is a popular theme; followed by “kick the bums” out. It’s fantastic that we’re having a “dialogue”, however, how about taking some action, specifically in areas where one can get rid of waste, double dipping by government agencies, fraud and abuse? One Senator, Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, has a report on the aforementioned that should be used as a model for first things that the Congress and Senate could do to start saving billions today. The report is available here at it is suggested reading (PDF).

Therefore, since the “crisis” is somewhat of a foregone conclusion, as far as Washington is concerned, the week starts with a look at who could lead this nation out of the pit of apathy, and onto a road to recovery both fiscal and psychological
Over at the Washington Times, Henry D'Andrea, rolls out his reasons for believing that Sarah Palin is running for the Office of the Presidency in 2012. The reasons are sound, and if anyone were to be able to pull off an “unconventional” campaign that would be Sarah Palin.

Although the field continues to be at best ho-hum, to the point where Donald Trump is considering running if the “right person” is not nominated by the GOP. One thing that was missing in D’Andrea’s article, Sarah’s visit with Donald Trump. Although merely speculating here, Trump has commented on certain candidates, liking Bachman more than some others, however, he way rather “coy “for “The Donald” when asked about his visit with Palin. Both individuals play by a different set of rules than the usual “politico’s” – which is a) unnerving to the media and b) smarter by setting the pace, and letting the pundits speculate the outcomes. A September announcement by Palin would not only shake things up a bit, but add much to the debates that are scheduled throughout the fall and winter leading up to the first primary and caucus.
Note to D’Andrea: This blog believes Sarah Palin will run – out of a sense of duty to the nation.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney can’t seem to please anyone, either it’s the way he dresses, or his perfect hair, and now, it’s his perfect education: From KSL, Utah comes the latest nonsense that Romney’s Ivy League Education would hurt rather than help him as a candidate, given the anti-Ivy League (i.e. Elite) stance of that darn Tea Party. One should note that Tea Party meetings generally have speakers on the economy, et al, and those speakers hold degrees from Ivy League Universities. Go figure. Romney is Romney, he’s the perfect person, and he’s smart, and willing to compromise, perhaps a bit too much for the taste of many conservatives. He prefers the word “fee” to the word “tax”. Frankly, the later is more of a turn-off than whether or not he was educated at Harvard or Yale, or if spent six years at a local community college – makes no difference. Is there anything else that the media can think of that makes Romney just “too perfect”? One has to feel sorry for the guy. Our candidates should be judged on their prior experience, not their religious preference, how they dress, their gender, if they are too perfect, or if they went managed to get through school on collage loans and work study, going through several schools to do so, until they could graduate. It simply does not matter – what matters? Do they have those leadership qualities that are so desperately needed by this nation, and are they fiscal hawks, not just conservatives, but hawks.

Finally, the most ridiculous and way to stick foot in mouth award goes to Jon Huntsman (who?) 2012 GOP Candidate: Apparently, according to Mr. Huntsman, his problem (and other lower tier candidates) cannot get enough press, because, get this: it all goes to Michelle Bachman “because she’s pretty!”

What an idiot! Michelle Bachmann receives media attention because she’s campaigning, and since she’s in Congress, she’s got a ready made platform – she’s also smart, savvy and oh yes, Tea Party. Anyone that is that petulant over not getting enough press, and uses the “pretty card” to attack the only announced female candidate to date, has to be fairly desperate. Of course, one has to wonder if Huntsman feels the same way about Mitt Romney? Is Romney too Pretty (there’s that debate again, pretty/perfect)? How about Herman Cain, who just won the Colorado Straw Poll (in Huntsman’s back yard)? Is Herman just too pretty?

Cain, Palin and Romney - image Republican Redefined Blog

It is the usual garbage that is associated with a woman running for higher office – although one has to admit, it’s a lot nicer (in a cry-baby, whining sort of way), than other things the press has leveled at Ms. Bachmann, and Sarah Palin should get an award for handling a press that is not only hostile, but sexist to the extreme! Look at the handful (one hand that is) of woman that have run or God forbid (media take) been nominated to a major party ticket or ran for the nomination, from the wonderful Geraldine Ferraro, to Hillary Clinton, to Sarah Palin, (a 30 odd year span one must note between the first and the second) – the treatment of these woman has ranged from the frivolous to the bizarre, but all of it has been – because they are women. If a policy were being discussed, and one did not like a certain policy, that’s fine, but those articles just can’t stop there, they have to include “what she wore” or some comment that just roils!

To sum it up this blog believes, Palin will run, (and will be President), Romney is still too perfect, it is time to take the focus off the his good looks, perfect what –have you, and focus on his governing in Massachusetts, Bachmann is a stellar campaigner, and like Palin, she is taking the heat, and staying out of the kitchen- that’s honorable. Huntsman, the media adores him – enough said.

Although it is far too early to really begin to speculate about which candidate might make it through even three primaries, and or announce, it is imperative that those who are looking for leadership, begin to watch and read about these candidates, and make some choices, whether it is Cain, Perry, (any day now), Palin (September), Bachmann, and or Mitt – as Obama’s numbers stand now, (a continual slide south), there is little chance that the man can be elected unless of course, a third party candidate comes forth to split the vote (Hint, find out who Donald Trump thinks is an acceptable GOP candidate and then get behind that person 100%). If a third party candidate runs (which is David Axelrod’s desire), a Massachusetts scenario will ensue, whereby, the incumbent manages somehow (Deval Patrick) to be reelected by 1 point. – Repeat 1 point! Choose early, choose several but choose – and as the field narrows, should your preferred candidate does not make it so to speak, make a second choice, or a third – the alternative, is unacceptable.

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2012 update: Colorado Straw Poll – Cain Bests with 48%, Romney at 10%, Perry Takes Second Place.

Herman Cain, GOP Candidate 2012: image:

From: the Washington Times Herman Cain, businessman and GOP Presidential Candidate for 2012, had a commanding lead in the Western Christian Summit, straw poll, at 48% of the votes.

The Summit which was sponsored by Colorado Christian University, took place in Denver. The sold out Summit included speakers: Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Mark Steyn, Dennis Prager, John Bolton, Juan Williams, Dick Morris, Arthur Brooks, and Pat Caddell among others.

For a full list of the scheduled speakers visit
Although Straw polls can be indicative of a candidate’s strength or weakness within a certain demographic, they can be exclusionary of other demographics in a State and or Party, as these are paid events. That said it is not surprising that Herman Cain won the straw poll, but that Mitt Romney, who is usually strong in Western States, came in behind Texas Governor, Rick Perry, who has yet to announce his intent to run.

At another Conservative Summit held this weekend, Smart Girl Politics Straw Poll, saw Cain come in second to Michelle Bachman. Although early in the process, what one sees in Herman Cain is an individual businessman with no ties to Washington. This may be why the strongest polling numbers are currently being pulled by those who have either been Governor’s or strong in Business, the exception: Michelle Bachman, a U.S. Congresswoman, and is an attorney, with a focus on: taxes.

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