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Déjà vu Pervades US Economics and the Coming 2012 Presidential Election – Both Carter and Bush shadow Obama – Reelection: Mission Impossible

Carter/Obama and the Rule that History Repeats itself image:

Although it may not seem fair to the President, as both the Congress and the White House take a summer recess and Obama hits the campaign trail during, what has to be, one of the bleakest weeks in the economic lives of Middle Class American’s, the President is being, aptly, compared historically and accurately to one James E. Carter, one term economic fiasco and former President of the U.S.

After Jimmy Carter’s attempts at trying to right the nation (he inherited a recession), by spending his way out of it, including, but not limited to, job stimulus programs, the bailout of Chrysler, and an anti-military, anti-big oil and anti-wall street approach to economics, with the end result being a misery index that provided an opportunity for the nation to stand up and vote him out of office – Carter’s dismal record was such that even with a third party candidate in the mix, Ronald Reagan won handily.

Mitt Romney compared to Reagan - from the Daily Beast

Yesterday, while the stock market plunged, and world markets went wildly in the same direction, due to the fact that the US has hit its Obama requested debt ceiling, and has literally “nowhere to go”, those who own a 401K are now terrified of checking the balances – 401K’s have replaced traditional pension plans for most employees, including those who may be making a minimum wage – they not for the “rich” but for the average Joe. Anyone who may have taken what is considered a “hit”, stand fast and hold on to your socks until January of 2013, unless of course, it looks like the Republican challenger to Obama is going to handily best him in the Presidential Contest of 2012, around say September or October. If it appears there is no snowball’s chance in Hades Obama (see Carter) would be reelected, the markets will roar back. The alternative is unthinkable.

Pawlenty Compared to Reagen image Poltico

Here’s a take on the subject from an historical perspective: “Not Since Jimmy Carter” “Dow’s losing streak unmatched since 1978” Marketwatch – in reference to the Stock Market’s reaction to Obama’s Economic Policies a la former President Carter.

Just as American’s who lived through the Carter Years, and managed to survive (without eating cat food as a staple meal – reference to rising price of food, fuel and rentals, and those who were on fixed or limited incomes, who could not afford to pay bills and also eat – it was that bad), and now look at parallels too eerily similar to not make one start to look at any alternative candidate for the Presidency – the brand of the Democrats has turned just as toxic with a certain element of Déjà vu.

Deja Vu II Guilt by Association

The Posts note that those incumbent Democrats are now running away from any association with the President, especially on the campaign trail has begun: Headline: “Weprin distances himself from Obama” New York Post
In the Carter years, there was more loyalty, so to speak, and going “down with the Good Ship Carter” appeared to be the norm, however, with the ever Republican, Conservative, Right Wing, Tea Party, (i.e. anyone who is remotely “not progressive”, attitude of the Press, the constant bad news associated with one much maligned George W. Bush, Obama predecessor saw Republican’s distancing themselves in both 2005 (heading up to the 2006 mid-terms) and again in 2008: Headline: “Bush's calendar empty as McCain & Republicans avoid him”

From an historical perspective this is a time period that most voters should be able to recall – it is another nail in the coffin of the sequel “Obama II – Let’s Finish off the Economy”, when the proverbial rats start jumping off the good ship Progressive, as it sails into 2012.

Bachmann Compared to Reagan - from the Daily Beast - getting warmer

What is perhaps, the saddest part and parcel of this entire mess, had history been viewed from a realistic perspective, by the President and by his ad visors, he could have changed course, before ever investing in a stimulus! Had someone, somewhere, taught the President in a History class at either of the Universities that he attended, on the politics and policies of the Carter Administration, and the end results, a tragedy could have been averted and he would have been, perhaps, the Hope the nation longed for. In other words, had the professors (who are progressives) had not held up Carter as the ideal, rather than in truth, the disaster, those who attended college, preparing for life, from the 1970’s onward (even while the nation was “burning” the “professional left” (i.e. university professors and Progressives in general) were holding Carter in high esteem, and, daresay, shocked to the core, when Carter’s policies, both foreign and domestic were booted to the curb. Yes, unanimously, by a vast majority of the states (including Massachusetts), Ronald Ray-Guns (see: Joan Baez) was elected to the Office of the Presidency. At that time, Reagan was not considered the conventional candidate, although a popular Governor of California, the man was an “actor” and fodder for the press, which apparently, from Walter Cronkite to the New York Times, was patently ignored by the voters. Unconventional, not the norm for the Republican National Committee, rather, someone who was considered a bit of a rogue candidate, a “Cowboy” an “Actor”, a “Clown” who in truth was a smart man, who had principals, and has a proven resume when it came to governing. Sound like anyone familiar that may not have announced?

The Comparison: Sarah Palin to Ronald Reagan (and Maggie Thatcher - not pictured) image: Newsrealblog

To those who fear the future and see no end in sight, recall, that 2012 “can’t come soon enough” (Sarah Palin), and that a ship that has almost gone under (see Carter/Obama), can be towed to safety and made ship-shape again, in a few years, if the right person is at the helm. (Note: Choose your GOP candidates carefully as one of them (historically speaking) will be the next President of the United States. The fact is that Obama (historically looking at Carters’ time tables) has no time to make the correction that should have been made pre-Stimulus.

Note: Making comparisons to Ronald Reagan has become some sort of Litmus Test for Conservatives and honestly can be a tad on the ridiculous side, especially when candidates try to out-Reagan each other at Debates. That said, some are obvious. No more or no less so than the Comparison of Policy, Faith in America, the Free Market System, versus, Progressive Values in the Carter/Obama comparison.

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