Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The 1930's revisited

Apparently, history is bound to repeat itself. The French are, once again, taking a tactic of denial. Chirac is now calling for the UN Security Council to suspend action against Iran's nuclear ambitions. What it is that compels the French to constantly side with those nations that are morally bankrupt or devoid of any humanity? In the 1930's, the French consistently avoided conflict with Germany, which resulted in the eventual invasion and consequent rescue of France by the US and Britain. More recently, the French were adamant that Suddam Hussain and the Iraqi regime of torture and mayhem be left to its own devices. Those pleas were entered due to either French financial ties to the Iraqi regime or fear of its own immigrant population rising in revolt and consuming traditional French culture. Iran, unlike Iraq, is more vigorous in its rhetoric against the west and more likely to use military force against its detractors. It could be said that the French, aided by former president, Jimmy Carter, started this mess. If the French had not harbored the Ayatollah Kohmeni and, with Carter, worked towards his return to Iran and the overthrow of a truly western regime, all of this would have been avoided.

It is history's regret that the French were successful in removing the Bourbon's, ironically in a similar manner (beheading) used by the very regimes they now support. Perhaps it is not fear or financial incentives, but a deep rooted kinship with unrestrained barbarism.

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