Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Just How Bad is the State of These United States?

I grow rather weary of hearing what is wrong with the United States (Having a child in middle school, learning "social studies" via Newsweek), so, I thought, let's see what all the fuss is about and how we stack up against the rest of the planet. We are neither the best, not the worst statistically. However, it is apparent that we have a quality of life and a robust economy that encourages others to either love us or hate us. Of note: one list on which the US does not appear is a startling list of country's which engages in slavery. There are several forms of slavery; but most frequently children and women sold for sex. Facts and Figures courtesy of the US State Department, The CIA Factbook, The United Nations and Unicef. For anyone wishing to move to say, France, be my guest; although you might want to move to Iraq where the quality of life is a bit better. (statistically speaking)

The US ranks 4th in population - behind: China, India and the EU
The US ranks 1st in purchasing power parity followed by: EU, China, Japan and India
The US ranks 157th in Birth Rate
The US ranks 110th in Death Rate *Interesting note: Iraq ranks 181 (lower), while Germany Ranks: 56th. (Ranks based on deaths per 1000 of population)
US ranks 184th in Infant Mortality
US ranks 48th Life Expectancy at Birth (Japan ranks 6th)
US ranks 131 - Total Fertility Rate
US ranks 69th - HIV aids/adult rates
US ranks 10th - People Living with Aids
US ranks 34th - HIV Deaths

US ranks 4th - Labor Force
103rd Inflation Rate
US ranks 49th Unemployment Rates (France Ranks 101st)
US Ranks 36 - Public Debt
US ranks 3rd in Oil Production, ranking 1st & 2nd - Saudi Arabia & Russia
The US ranks 4th in exports
The US ranks 1st in imports

The US ranks 4th in telephones
The US ranks 3 in Cell Phones
The US ranks 2nd in Internet Users
*The EU is first
The US ranks 1st in Military Expenditures followed by: China, Japan, France, United Kingdom, Germany & Italy - Bermuda ranks 166th - the Sundan 67th (spending - 587,000,000) Cuba, 68th (572,000,000) - (France?!!)

Countrys by Tier - Human Trafficking, Includes Trafficking for sex slaves, children, and women as well as trafficking for slaves (work) 3 being the worse case.

Tier 3
Dominican Rep.
Bosnia & Herzegovnia
North Korea

Tier 2 (Disapproving of, but not necessarily effecting change)
Albania Croatia Laos Saudi Arabia
Angola El Salvador Latvia Senegal
Armenia Equatorial Guinea Lebanon Serbia & Montenegro
Bahrain Estonia Malawi Sierra Leone
Bangladesh Ethiopia Malaysia Slovak Republic
Belarus Finland Mali Slovenia
Bolivia Gabon Mexico South Africa
Brazil The Gambia Moldova, Rep. Sri Lanka
Brunei Guatemala Mozambique Tajikistan
Bulgaria Honduras Nepal Tanzania
Burkina Faso Hungary Nicaragua Thailand
Burundi India Niger Togo
Cambodia Indonesia Nigeria Uganda
Cameroon Israel Pakistan Ukraine
Canada Jamaica Philippines Venezuela
China, Peoples Rep. of Japan Qatar Vietnam
Congo, Dem. Rep. of Kenya Romania Zambia
Costa Rica Kuwait Russia Zimbabwe
Cote dIvoire Kyrgyz Rep. Rwanda

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