Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thoughts on developing story re: Jesse MacBeth, Anti-War activists

One cannot condone the shenanigans of someone who pretends to be an Iraq war vet in order to strengthen an anti-war position. The ivaw is backing off. Visit Millbogs for balance and Michelle Malkin for coverage.

I recall, during Viet Nam, some, but not many of the vets I knew came back and did protest against the war policy. Most of my interaction was circa 1972. I had attended the conventions in Florida (both Dem & Rep. Conventions were held in Miami that year) - the biggest complaint those in my group (anti-Nixon) was two-fold, lack of support by the people for those in theater and those returning home, as well as the fact that they were hindered in their fight in Vietnam by "politics" - they weren't being allowed to win - to win the war.

This one person dose not, of course, represent all activists who sincerely protest against any and all wars based on deep moral convictions, however, the actions of the progressive anti-war movement (organization) operates on a "any means to justify the end" policy. Apparently, this is hand in hand with how most American politics conduct business.

re: Representative William Jefferson of LA, playing fast and lose with cash -- caught taking a bribe from an FBI informant, is now pointing fingers at the Executive Branch with the help of prominent Republicans! Apparently, although the Congressman is essentially a crook, the fact that the FBI (under the direction of the Executive Branch), had no business searching his offices to dig up the actual dirt.

What is going on?
When it comes to protecting ones behind from current and/or future infractions, party affiliation apparently melts away and strange bedfellows are born.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Saudi's on Schoolbuses, and other things that make you go "huh?"

On May 19th, Tampa Bay's 10 reported on an incident on a local high school bus. Apparently, 2 Saudi students boarded the high school bus -- the problem, they were college students - one dressed in an overcoat. The bus driver responded by reporting the unusual passengers and they were summarily arrested when the bus arrived at the highschool. Perhaps an impromptu fire drill would have been more appropriate when they boarded the bus! They are being held, no bail.

Elsewhere, Drudge reports that Howard Dean and the DNC heavily backed Ray Nagin's opponent in the New Orleans mayoral race. Speaking of race and the party of parity.

Favorite Post from the political forum at, "40113.2. Phony detentions...
by WIMPisaliar, 5/20/06 18:56 ET
Re: Gitmo Suicide staged by Squid8, 5/20/06
...equal phony suicide attempts... "

And the beat goes on.

They are still reporting (on the forum) that Carl Rove will be indicted any minute, the sky is falling and Howard Dean is related to Chicken Little.

Saudi's in overcoats are boarding school buses (Tel Aviv ring any bells?), The DNC is backing the white guy (both RNC and DNC appear to be imploding) and the "masses" are still "clueless" when it comes to reading more than one: newspaper, website and taking it as fact.

No wonder the DaVinci Code does so well here in the states.

Just another manic Monday.

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