Friday, June 09, 2006

Al Gore - a Momentary Lapse of Sanity?

Last night, former Vice President, Al Gore appeared on "The Tonight Show". Normally, when watching late night television, I would channel flip right past any mention of Al Gore as I'm not overly fond of the, "I hate America" group. (See "Al Goes to Saudi Arabia to Speak about How the US Badly Abuses Muslims.") I was too tired to even change the channel, and Al surprised me. He was funny - I woke up a bit. When queried by Jay Leno, the host, if the demise of Al Zarqawi was truly necessary, or perhaps we would have been better off it he were still alive Al replied that it was a good thing he was dead. I sat up bolt upright in total disbelief. Al continued to explain that the death of this particular person at the hands of the US military was good for our soldiers and good for Iraq - almost as if to say, but not quite saying - The US did a good thing.

Close enough.

Not the case with those actively involved in politics. According to some Democrats, this announcement by the Bush Administration was yet another publicity stunt - (Washington Times) - staged by the President and Company in order to take the heat off of whatever evil they are currently accusing the military or the administration of concocting.

Have they no shame or sense of decency? Is it any wonder that the DNC continues to lose seats in both houses when party members are so deeply invested in their hatred of a single person (Bush) that they cannot grasp reality? Why can't the DNC have a basic annual litmus test for those politician's holding office making sure they are not able to say anything that will get into print that is not - oh - sane?

Most of the party leaders, like Al Gore, are running to the center on this particular issue. One ponders how long that will last. Of course, there is the flip side, if Al Gore can be moderate, there is still hope for my father's party.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

A matter of time - AIRSTRIKE KILLS AL-ZARQAWI - headline from CNN this morning. This could lead one to speculate that "Wanted, Dead or Alive", means, "Dead or Alive".

Recently, President Bush regretted having made statements such as that, as well, as talking tough, or "Talking Texan". It was a political move to pacify an increasingly aggressive and hostile progressive press. It was one of the low points of his presidency. Perhaps there are people in this country who find that type of passion towards ones enemies offensive, yet, it might be easier to find those who are in total agreement; they are normally called -- a voting block, a large voting block.

The demise of Zarqawi is a political coup and a reminder to all American's that our forces are still the defenders of freedom, at home and abroad, they get their man.
It is not a stretch to believe that Mr. Osama Bin Laden will follow Zarqawi, given a matter of time.

What the progressives understand is that a war, any war, does take time, and if given the time, this administration and our armed forces will prevail. That has their panties in a proverbial bunch - the solution, to negate and demonize both the executive branch and the military. The problem with that tactic is: American's are no longer buying that line.

On to Canada - The Islamic psychopath had plans to not only take over the country, but behead the Prime Minister. Is it such a stretch of the imagination that the continual push in Iraq and the devious dealings of the NSA and Company, has kept the same from happening stateside? Kudo's to the Mounted Police. Their motto? "We always get our man." Tough talk apparently pays off.

Of course, this has occurred without the help of the following: Jack Murtha, John Kerry, The New York Times and the ACLU! I imagine this morning they are weeping into their teacups over the news of Zarqawi and how this may affect them come November.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On Immigration: Opinion complements of a moderate conservative from the state of New York

I love reader mail and mail from friends, well, most of it. Not that I get a great deal of email mind you, or have a particular readership. However, if, some lone surfer happens upon my ranting and raving and that act forces them to take a closer look at a position and perhaps adds even a smidgen of morality to any votes they cast or lifestyle decisions make -- then perhaps, just perhaps, I have performed an intervention. (see my take on cults).

On the border

"Let's put 100,000 armed and ready to shoot troops on our borders.
that's pretty much the deterrent we need - and anyone that's got a problem with that? - NO!!!!!!!!!

My father's parents and my mother's grandparents came over from Ireland the correct way, so I am all for this wall. They should get the illegals to build it with guns drawn at them, instead of sitting in their nice jail with lots of food and water.

What sickens me more is this Spanish language and Spanish patriotic songs. It's kind of scary, like they want to take over the country. Minorities have been fighting for years for rights, and they think they can climb over a wall and get.....excuse me....DEMAND rights!!!
Yes, I'm ticked off, too!!

OHHHH and maybe they could build a nice large jail in the middle of the desert for all of the sex offenders .........then the poor short guy will be safe from the big bad bullies. He will be with his own kind..... Oh yeah, he'll be very safe with them."
Oh Canada!

If any nations peoples on this earth should be shocked and awed these past few days, it is the citizens of Canada. Canadians are generally viewed as ultra liberal, mild mannered northern neighbors with no worries. Why, they are not like their southern neighboring, the imperialist regime of the United States -- a country where half the citizens are held captive by a rouge president who many critics insists cannot pronounce the word nuclear and who is said to have stolen not one, but two elections from the sainted liberals! Was it no wonder, ponders those captive university professors and students, that a group of peaceful Muslims felt compelled to borrow a few planes, fly them into a building or two chock full of imperialist American Nazi's all because that president and the people were - of all things - conservatives!

So why are these peaceful Muslims attempting to blow up Canada?

What did Canada do?

One can understand why they would attack and blow up the United Kingdom, why, that country actually has more colonies than the United States (let us not discount the Imperialistic French regime either) - but Canada? Canada is that peaceful, pot smoking, hockey playing, tree-hugging, US army-deserter friendly, fashion conscious, somewhat fridged, always pleasant and especially tolerant, maple leafed nation.

What gives? Why are Muslims angry with Canada

It's placed neatly in the West and did nothing more than the United States to incur this wrath - that's what.

Historically speaking, Islam is a religion invented and based upon a general's rise to power. If Mohammed could round up the nomadic Arabic tribes and control them by telling them that seventy two virgins would great them in heaven every time they murders a few Jews, Christians and then gained more wealth and status for the caliph, and best of all, he talked to God, why not call it an actual religion - and tack the word peace on for good measure.

The modern Iranian, Saudi, what-have-you, Muslim (include American and Canadian and British in that mix) is taught from an early age that the United States and all of Europe as well as any other country that allows the following to exist should be attacked, attached and converted to Islam. If the inhabitants don't convert, they can always pay a tax and suffer the consequences. There is zero tolerance.

Muslims are taught to hate the following: pork (it's the other white meat), homosexuals, women who might be uncovered, Christians, freedom of speech, journalists who might report on said peaceful religion, and oh, any culture that smacks of creativity and progress. In other words, Muslims hate everything that a raging liberal like an RFKennedy, Jr. or Nancy Pelosi, stand for.

Canada is big on the hate radar precisely because they are so liberal. One must admire the fact that the Canadian Mounted Police were able to uncover this plot that spanned seven liberal nations all without the help of an organization such as the ACLU!

Is it any wonder that when elections roll around in the United States, Texans (who by pronounce nuclear in much the same manner as the current President), do well - along with anyone who has a firm grasp of the situation, or roughly 54% of the country, regardless of how many times a Massachusetts liberal spouts conspiracy theories about stolen elections?

On this 6th day of the 6th month of the two thousand and sixth year (how do they get 666 out of that number?), it is with some certainty that conservatives in every country are growing in numbers and, regardless of limited, skewed polls, they will continue to win elections and liberals will continuo to cry foul. Or become a science fiction movie producer and go Hollywood, as in Al Gore's case!

Kudos to Canada's finest for uncovering what certainly would have been horrific suffering upon innocents and shame on those so blinded by hate, jealously over lost elections and ideology that they continue to cast aspersions upon the US Military and denounce the country that allows them the ability to be: John Kerry, or over the ledge stupidly arrogant.

Associated Press gives the skinny on those peaceful peoples living in Canada.

God Bless America and God Save the Queen!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Get out the Vote -- Whatever it takes.

There has always been a long and distinguished history in this country of a particular overzealousness on the part of politicians and certain political parties to get a vote by any means, to get elected, re-elected, to maintain or - in the case of this particular party - to regain control of a majority.

Stealth and underhanded polices generally are not admired by the general public, yet, it is without thought to a general public and the public interest that this type of individual proceeds to represent the vary people they intend to hoodwink.

Who's on this roster now? a Francine Busby, congressional candidate from the state of California, has suggested that individuals who are here illegally are capable of voting and/or helping her with her campaign. Either way she tells her story, she's pulling a fast one on the American people. I miss-spoke seems to be the new hew and cry of politicians caught on tape. For complete details visit Sign on San Diego

Francine is not alone, she has many colleges - well meaning political party workers, who will do and say anything necessary to get what they want. In most circles that's called stealing. Individuals and even some citizens, are easily coerced in casting a vote. What types of citizen is coerced? Newly arrived immigrants are easily coerced. Last election, while speaking with a woman working with a union, she stated that people were told they had to vote a certain way, because they were part of this union. All well and good to endorse a candidate, but.. this is different. What this woman found was that when speaking to these individuals they did not believe they had a choice, that they had to vote to the candidates that the "bosses" told them to vote for. She assured them that this was not the case, they could vote for anyone they chose as their vote was private! (Eastern Massachusetts)

On the side of extreme, while visiting an alzheimers' patient on election day (my mother), a woman was found by her side assisting her in casting her ballot. When questioned about the validity of someone who was not even cognizant of their name, the present year, who was running for what office - the reply came:
"Your mother was a registered Democrat, she would have wanted to vote this way." "She has rights!" (Western Massachusetts)

Which begs the question, if this is the tactic employed by zealous party workers, is Massachusetts truly a blue state? Is it truly necessary to extend voting rights to Lord Knows how many people who are so impaired to keep a party in office?

How many confused citizens are casting votes anyhow?

Tammany Hall - 2006

Two points: If someone tells you how to vote, simile, nod and remember, your vote is secret; whether you pick either party, Mickey mouse (my favorite write-in candidate) no-one is watching, no one can tell, no one will know. Vote your conscious.

If you have a parent or spouse or family member in a nursing or rehab facility, nearing or on election day you may want to check to see how many campaign workers are planning on being on their floor. It is quite amusing to watch them work, to help someone who can no longer hold a pen "sign" their name to a ballot. One may wish to witness this first hand.

Busby, she's no different than any other desperate candidate or desperate party.

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