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9-11 Lest We Forget

Election 2010 - Richard Neal (Democrat-MA2) Vulnerable - AFLCIO Urging Members to Stand Out for Neal at Primary but Neal Runs Unopposed!

Incumbent Richard Neal - Facing Forced Retirement - Gets a Little Help from Organized Labor - image urbancompass blog

Incumbent Democrat Richard Neal is feeling the heat for the first time in decades. The Congressional Representative from the Massachusetts 2nd District is in trouble. How much? First, The Atlantic Blog reported that Bill Clinton was coming into Western Massachusetts to campaign for Neal; considering Neal is running unopposed on the Democrat ticket, this speaks volumes. Neal is facing a challenge from one of two Republican’s: Dr. Jay Fleitman and Mr. Tom Wesley. Both men will face off in a primary on this coming Tuesday; the winner of that primary will go on to challenge Neal for the Hampden 2nd Congressional House Seat.

Second, an urgent email from the Pioneer Valley AFLCIO was sent to members telling them to stand out on polling place on primary day to give the impression that Neal is not vulnerable. The email sent this past Thursday noted the following:

Subject: [Street Heat] Stand Out for Rep. Neal 9/14


Congressman Richie Neal needs our help on Primary Day, September 14, at all Springfield polling places. We need to send an early, powerful message that Richie is not vulnerable. He has a tremendous labor record and now he needs our visibility.

The problem: Neal is is running unopposed on the primary ballot according to the office of the Mass. Secretary of State.

Therefore, the ploy to have standouts for Neal on Primary day is a direct message to the media and perhaps Democrats or Independents who may think otherwise, that Neal has strong support in the district.

The problem with this scenario is he clearly does not. Three separate copies of the “Urgent Action” email were forwarded to this blog by recipients on Friday through Saturday, early morning; September 11th - clearly the honeymoon, especially with the rank and file – is over.

Therefore, this brings up the question. How much is Neal willing to spend on Labor to hold signs for him at a primary? Recall the Coakley-Brown election and the video where Union members were paid to stand out for Coakley? (Shown below)

Keep in mind that when you see people (Union Reps) holding signs for Neal at a primary where he is running unopposed, that the winner of the Republican Primary, will, in all likelihood replace Neal. Internal polls, hinted at but not forwarded, clearly indicate that Neal is in trouble.

The fact that Mr. Tom Wesley has made national news as of late for failing to disclose a financial faux pax (Boston Globe) insures that those who would prefer there be no Republican candidates in the Bay State are hard at work trying to discredit them. (See Sean Bielat "outed" as a Democrat - Beilat's entire voting record was placed on display. However, the ploy appears to have backfired.

It is doubtful that the Western Massachusetts unions will employ buses to bring along “Neal supporters” for a primary, but when going to the polls, those holding Neal signs will also be wearing “the Union Label”. There is nothing inherently wrong when Labor supports one candidate over another, normally a Democrat, as that was the Party that stood for labor and jobs, (notice past tense). What is ethically wrong, is when that support crosses the line to “give an appearance” of a candidates strength, when that candidate has no opposition on their party ballot.

In addition: In past elections in Massachusetts, Republican ballots at some polling places were in short supply, therefore, voting early and by absentee ballot is suggested in order to make sure your right to vote is not compromised. This stands for all races across the Bay State.

YouTube Coakley “Supporters”

Copy of one Email Form Received

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From: [] On Behalf Of Pioneer Valley Central Labor Council
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2010 3:49 PM
To: 'Street Heat List'
Subject: [Street Heat] Stand Out for Rep. Neal 9/14


Congressman Richie Neal needs our help on Primary Day, September 14, at all Springfield polling places. We need to send an early, powerful message that Richie is not vulnerable. He has a tremendous labor record and now he needs our visibility.

Contact the Campaign at 737-6325 and

In solidarity,


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Suggestion: This blog personally supports Dr.Jay Fleitman,, however, whichever candidate emerges from the primary will have the full support of this blog against this incumbent, Richard Neal.

Friday, September 10, 2010

New York Times to Stop Printing Paper – Move to Web Based Platform Entirely – Date TBA

New York Times’ Arthur Sulzberger, speaking at a London based conference, made the announcement that at some point in the future, the Times would cease its print publication. In reading the article, one notes that a date was not given, however, the author does point to the publications dire financial straights, and the fact that unless an investor is found quickly, the paper will go the way of the Zeppelin.

The Times, once known as the Paper of Records, was thought to be invincible, however, as circulation for certain papers is rising, those with a left-leaning political editorial board, find themselves loosing subscribers almost as fast a Obama’s approval rate in dropping. It makes sense for these types of publications to take their point of view reporting to an online only venue.

Will teh nation miss the headlines blaring “U.S. Top Secret Plans Revealed....” (Fill in the blank).? It’s difficult to tell, with MSNBC’s ratings and the decline of the Progressive Times, surely those who are stakeholders should rise to the occasion and demand these individuals start reporting the news, rather than editorializing teh entire publiations/broadcast. It is their only chance for survival and has been from teh beginning. What is ironic is that the one force blamed for the demise of print – the internet, is where Sulzberger plans to make a stand. They should be mindful of the competition; however, news blogs such as the Huffington Post are well established. It is a question of changing from an editorial based “news” publication to a straight news publication or goes the way of the Zeppelin. How many more layoffs will be played out in newsrooms across the country, especially in these hard economic times, if the industry does not get back to its original format? Political Zealots have no place in a newsroom, not in a Republic.

MA Hampden 2nd 2010 Update – Dr. Jay Fleitman running against Richard Neal (D-MA) endorsed for Primary by Springfield Republican Editorial Board

Dr. Jay Fleitman, Running against Democrat Incumbant Richard Neal photo tommydevine blog

Congressman Richard Neal (D-MA) has held the office of the Hampden 2nd Congressional District Representative, virtually unopposed, since 1988. During that time, the former Springfield Mayor has operated as an almost invisible Democrat Party Representative, until recently when Charles Rangel (D-NY) left the Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee under the cloud of ethics violations. And Neal began to “lobby” for the Chair. However, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, decided to appoint Sander Levin (D-MI) due to seniority. Neal’s pork record here shows a disparity in “bringing home the bacon” with the largest cash outlays going to support Ireland and a California University. Therefore, the Hampden 2nd has a Congressional Representative who is a “reliable party vote”, and one who has been passed over for promotion by none other than Nancy Pelosi. This type of entrenched politician whose interest in political party supersedes the interests of the district he represents, should, logic follows, be replaced.

On the 14th of September (this coming Tuesday), voters in Massachusetts (and several other states) are holding rather late primaries. In this upcoming primary, there are two men vying for the Republican slot to run against Richard Neal. Dr. Jay Fleitman was endorsed today by the Springfield Republican over GOP rival Mr. Tom Wesley. The endorsement by the Districts largest print publication, is worth noting, even though the endorsement is featured the end of the article, almost as an afterthought. Of course, daily print publications, with very few exceptions, normally endorse left, and one can bet the house that once the primary is past, Richard Neal with receive a ringing endorsement by the same paper. Although, this blog could be wrong, the Republican, at the last hour in 2008, broke with the industry and endorsed Senator John McCain, basically “Hell Froze over” - can it happen twice - yes.

The endorsement makes sense, as Dr. Fleitman is the stronger of the two candidates running for the office. Dr. Fleitman, who has held elected positions in the City of Northampton, until recently resigning to run against Neal, produced a stellar performance in a recent debate featured on WWLP Springfield. (Note: the debate was held at an odd hour, and then brushed under the rug by the NBC affiliate.) A recent interview on one of the Districts most popular morning radio shows, Rock 102’s “Bax and O’Brien”, gives one the impression that Dr. Fleitman not only can “go the distance” against, what one of the radio hosts described as (paraphrasing), an entrenched politician that might need to be removed with the “Jaws of Life”, but will be a leader with the needs of the District and the nation in mind. The interview, which can be heard here is worth the five or ten minutes, as it highlights the character of Dr. Fleitman, a man who has a keen wit, sense of humor, pride in the nation, and the qualifications for the office he seeks.

Additionally, one gets the impression that Dr. Fleitman will not be spending taxpayers’ dollars on pork projects, rather focusing on bringing more jobs to the district. Although Tom Wesley, who is running against Dr. Fleitman in the primary, is an honorable man, in reviewing the debates, it is the confidence that Dr. Flietman brings to the table, along with ideas and a plan, that make the choice rather obvious.

Although the Hampden 2nd has not received any national press as regards this particular match-up, with the focus mainly on the Massachusetts 4th (Barney Frank) and the MA 10th (open seat), one can expect that to change immediately following the primary.
One has to ask the question, why would a successful physician, living a peaceful and productive life in Massachusetts mini-Greenwich Village (only apt analogy), as a Republican (that has to be brought into the discussions, goes to electability), take a chance on getting a job that offers little glory, and a huge cut in pay? Dr. Fleitman, in running for office, is doing so for his love of our country, for his children, our children, and our grandchildren. When looking at Congress, the citizen that should be sent, is one who holds those qualities, one that is not self-serving (as in a “career politician”) rather one that is performing self-less act in hopes of bettering the lives of others and this great nation in which we are privileged to reside.

To those outside the district, Neal is perhaps in a position to be even more dangerous than Barney Frank, (or equally as dangerous), visit and donate either time or treasure. It is worth the effort.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Filling the Shoes of the Chicago Daley Dynasty – Rahm Emmanuel is He Up to the Task?

Mayor Daley with Rahm Emmanuel photo breaking Chicago

The Daley Familyhas held the office of the Mayor of Chicago off and on since the 1950’s - first the father, then his son followed in his footsteps ruling over the Nations third largest metropolis. Like any other major metropolitan area in the United States, Chicago has had its share of problems, organized crime and corruption making headlines off and on for the past sixty years.

Trying to balance the “powers that be” and come off smelling like a rose is not an easy task; with the announcement by seven term Mayor Richard M. Daley that he would not seek reelection, nor name a successor to the “throne”, the field has opened and speculation is rampant nationally. With half of the Chicago “elite” installed in the White House, the one challenger that makes most sense, Rahm Emmanuel, is, once again, under the national press microscope.

As Chief of Staff of an administration that, into its second year, is struggling to maintain control of the behemoth that is the Democrat National Party (or Progressive Party if one will), as well as attempting to run the United States in manner similar to the City of Chicago. If anyone is a natural to go back to the “Windy City”, it would be Rahm – get out of the kitchen before the flames burn it down.
That might not be as easy a task however, as Politico reports that the major voting block of “progressives” that run Chicago’s political scene, are not terribly fond of Rahm. One thing about Socialists and the old revolutionary hippy guard, they lack patience. The charge: Emmanuel did not bring change fast enough, remarks were made to temper plans for several of the Progressive pet projects, and that made him more than a few enemies in the City.
That said, if anyone appears to be a survivor, it would be Emmanuel, who masterminded the takeover of the Congress and Senate in 2006 using the now infamous “blue dog” Democrats (or those Democrats who are all but Republican with the exception of the Democrat tag. The contentious Blue Dogs that Emmanuel brought to the Party gave them a bit of a scare when balking at a few of the bills that were controversial to say the least. However, after experiencing a bit of arm-twisting by Rahm and Pelosi, who had “brought them to the dance” so to speak, Blue Dogs eventually voted on Stimulus and Health Care Reform necessary to push the Progressive projects through.
Emmanuel therefore appears astute and tough enough to take on the job of the City that gave us Barak Obama, the Daley's and the Dillinger’s. Additionally, he will have the added benefit of not being in the neighborhood of Pennsylvania Avenue when the ship that is the Obama Administration goes through the 2011 election into uncharted and perilous waters. With this administration and this president is highly unlikely that he will, like Bill Clinton, move quickly to the middle when faced with a Congress and Senate full of Conservatives bent on restoring some confidence in both august bodies, while re-writing legislation and de-funding programs such as the Health Care Reform Act.

The Health Care reform act may have, by that time, been found unconstitutional – the court case with the Federal Government and the Commonwealth of Virginia, should be able to settle that issue this year. (Some speculation as to timing which should be right before the 2010 midterm vote.) Should the Commonwealth prevail, the entire bill, as written, is thrown out. Not one piece of the monstrosity which not one legislator read, was protected. The bill, in simple terms, was written as one piece; therefore, if it is not constitutionally sound then there is no health care reform. Some might speculate that it was set up that way in order for nervous Democrats to have a way out.

Clinton would have and did compromised when playing with the "other team", Obama may not, and the jury is out on that as he has not been tested. However, if basing futures on his current ideological bent in the face of national disaster is any indication of how he may react (ideologically), Emmanuel will be out of DC when the Obama ship, much like the Carter ship, goes down in 2012.

Emanuel has the background as a Chicago Politico, he is certainly tough enough, and although the Daley Dynasty leaves some huge corrupt shoes to fill, Emmanuel appears to be able to handle the job. He just has to reign in those pesky hippies on the hill the Ayers, and Progressives. Perhaps he can channel Dillinger for a moment and rid both the nation and academia of that bunch. In all seriousness, the City of Chicago and its race to fill the “Daley seat” will be some of the most interesting politico theater post the November mid-terms or not, perhaps Rahm Emmanuel is the man Daley had in mind for the job all along.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

2010 MA Congressional Debate: Richard Neal (D) Challengers Dr. Jay Fleitman and Tom Welsey Face Off – Dr. Jay Flietman Scores High

For the first time in not so recent memory there are two Republican challengers for the Hampden 2nd Congressional District seat currently occupied by one Richard Neal. Neal, who votes straight Democrat Party Line, and is currently vying for the Chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee should the Democrats retain power over the house, will face his first real challenge in decades. Neal, one of 9 Democrat House Members with enough cash on hand that the Democrat Leadership is asking them for help (see Politico story here), should feel confident that he has cash on hand to defend his seat. That said, Neal is not counting on cash alone to save him from retiring. How much trouble is Neal in? He’s hoping that party icon President Bill Clinton will pay a visit to the district hub of Springfield MA to energize and otherwise, lackluster base.

Neal, quoted in a Boston Globe story back in January while on the stump for Martha Coakley: “There’s a great reservoir of support Bill Clinton has always had in Massachusetts,’’ and his visit could spur disinterested Democrats, said US Representative Richard Neal, of Springfield.”

That was January, and not much has improved since Coakley ran against Scott Brown in the Senate Special Election. One can blame Coakley for missteps (which the pundits that be - have) however, it is also a brand issue and the State of Massachusetts, of all places, is in the process of re branding its collective political think.

WWLP, the NBC Affiliate in Western Massachusetts, held a Lincoln-Douglas style debate between the two Republican candidates running against Neal which aired prior to 3:00 pm, and was not mentioned in subsequent newscasts. Most specifically the 11 pm newscast. It appears that, given the caliber of both candidates, it would be in Neal’s best interest that the press downplay their existence. The debate footage is especially significant due to the fact that independents (and those in the know in MA understand that) control over 50% of the vote and can and do vote in primaries.

The process: An independent (or in Mass. Speak: unenrolled) merely goes to their designated polling station, requests either a Democrat or Republican ballot, and then temporarily declares a party, which they un-declare on their way out the door, should they so choose. The problem Neal faces, unenrolleds understand the process, having been down this road with Scott Brown in January (yes there was a primary) . It is, as of this writing, uncertain as to what percentage of unenrolleds will be voting in the primary, (Neal is running unopposed on the Democrat ballot). What is understood is that independents (or unenrolleds) as a group are as engaged and interested in this midterm as the Republicans’.

The Debate: Dr. Jay Fleitman appeared to be commanding in his presentation, with Mr. Wesley basically agreeing with every point made. The only difference being that Dr. Fleitman has drawn up a plan that would certainly make sense for those American’s struggling in this economy – which, as of now, crosses socio-economic lines. Mr. Wesley, a businessman, and veteran, dismissed having plans, as they are subject to change. Dr. Fleitman, who has given up a lucrative practice as well as his seat as Chairman of the City of Northampton Board of Health in order to run for Congress, appears to be a man who is used to making plans, executing them, and if the situation changes, flexible enough in order to achieve an objective that would best fit his constituency.

Both men should be considered patriots and hero’s as they are taking time away from family and business in order to run against one of the most “under the radar” Pelosi style Democrats the nation is saddled with. That said, in this opinion, Dr. Fleitman won the debate on both his opening and closing remarks, it was all about substance. Of special interest: this was a politically polite debate, however, one can sense that Dr. Flietman was gearing up for the debates against Richard Neal post primary. One has to wonder, should Dr. Fleitman, who appears to be the frontrunner, emerge from the primary next Tuesday, if Richard Neal will debate Dr. Fleitman in an arena which is avail be for the majority of the public. Or will it be similar to the debates seen so far in this critical election – at odd hours, in only certain sections of the State (Governors debate) and/or designated to the web. Fortunately, the group most inclined to vote, has grown very web savvy, and are searching diligently for an opportunity to replace Richard Neal via Google!

The video appears in two parts below. It goes without saying, that in this climate, in this corner of Western Massachusetts, a Republican stands an alternative candidate stands a better than average chance of besting an incumbent, specifically a Democrat incumbent. (This according to election returns from the January special elections race: shown here: The following occurred in the Hamden DISTRICT 2: Rep. Richard Neal: Agawam – Brown, Brimfield – Brown, Chicopee – Brown, East Longmeadow – Brown, Hampden – Brown, Holland – Brown, Longmeadow – Brown, Ludlow – Brown, Monson – Brown, Palmer – Brown, Springfield – Coakley, Wales – Brown, Wilbraham – Brown, Hadley – Coakley, Northampton – Coakley, South Hadley – Brown, Bellingham – Brown, Blackstone – Brown, Brookfield – Brown, Charlton – Brown, Douglas – Brown, Dudley – Brown, East Brookfield – Brown, Grafton – Brown, Hopedale – Brown, Leicester – Brown, Mendon – Brown, Milford – Brown, Millbury – Brown, Millville – Brown, North Brookfield, - Brown, Northbridge – Brown, Oxford – Brown, Southbridge – Brown, Spencer – Brown, Sturbridge – Brown, Sutton – Brown, Upton – Brown, Uxbridge – Brown, Warren – Brown, Webster – Brown.

Therefore, should this scenario hold true, (based on voter angst only) or even come close, Dr. Fleitman would be the next Congressional Representative from Massachusetts. The City of Chicopee, one of the largest population areas in the District, voted 53 plus % for Brown versus Coakley (See handy interactive map courtesy of the New York Timeshere. This is not to say that Dr. Fleitman is a “Scott Brown” – he is a Dr. Jay Flietman, who had, incidentally, been on the campaign trail against Richard Neal months prior to Browns election. In that wise, he has had the time to develop the base, and is reaching out to those Independents (Unenrolleds) and Democrats who he has had the pleasure to serve while an elected official in the City of Northampton (no mean feat as a Republican).

Advice from a Conservative Feminist who is vested in seeing a more balanced Massachusetts Congressional Delegation, vote or, if outside of the district, support in any way one is able, Dr. Jay Flietman on September 14th and again on November the 2nd.

An important side note: Alternative Candidates to Democrat incumbents across the state, will need extra help in both time and treasure as the Commonwealth has managed to receive a waiver on the new military ballot law, which protects the voting rights of our military members – just in time for this mid-term

The debate between Dr. Jay Flietman and Mr. Tom Wesley running for Congress against one Richard Neal (D-MA)

part 2

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Obama Calls for 50 Billion Dollar Transportation Bill to Create Jobs: Flashback 2009 Stimulus Needed for Road and Bridge Jobs

President Obamais asking his Democrat controlled Congress to spend another fifty billion dollars on a “Transportation Bill” to create jobs before the November mid-term elections. Insisting the additional debt added to the taxpayers already ridiculous $120,905 per taxpayer current deficit payoff (subject to change – source national debt clock) is needed to create “transportation jobs”, the President’s plan – create a Federal Bank which will be a “Transportation Bank". This is an idea that Obama thought might work when he was a one-term junior senator from Illinois (prior to being elected President).

The problem President Obama faces, according to Obama, are those pesky Republican’s – who he recently dubbed , for the umpteenth time, the “party of no” at a Milwaukee AFLCIO union “Labor Day “function.

Of course, stimulus dollars in 2009 were needed to create jobs for road and bridge projects, which, unless the English language has changed dramatically are considered to fall under the transportation heading. Of course, the massive stimulus bill which was subsequently passed by Pelosi and Reid’s combined congress and Senate (with the Republican’s noting it would not work and, for the most part declining to participate – thus the “party of no”) did not work.

In fact, the unemployment rate remains a 9.6% - helping those who may be thinking Obama has a point, that obviously the Stimulus I did not work. The President’s plan to create a “government run bank” is a stretch at best. The obvious question, what makes Obama seriously think that a Government run bank would work? (One that involves a combination of private and Federal input) We already have the government run student loan industry (see bills tacked onto the Health Care Reform Bill no one read), and Freddie and Fannie, who are the prime example, of what happens when the government and private sector collide to play with taxpayer money.

Anyone believing that this administration and this Congress can “create private sector” jobs through another stimulus has got to be smoking something – make that opium. All one needs to do is take a look at the national debt clock here at to get a real feel for what Obama and his Congress have done to the American people. (Thanks to Dr. Jay Fleitman for the tip) Which is why those who oppose passing on this huge burden to their children, whether they are Republican, Independent, Tea Party, and yes, even Democrats, are voting Republican, many of them for the first time.

How bad is it? Barney Frank (D-MA) of Freddie and Fannie Fame, is facing his own primary race on Tuesday September 14th, against a woman, Rachel Brown, who called him out on the first stimulus, and was subsequently subjected to Frank’s famous tirades. Brown a Democrat has met Frank for one debate where, Ms. Brown made more sense than Frank. ( See Rachel for On the other side of the 4th District Aisle, meet Sean Bielat at Sean, who was a Democrat up until 2007 when he realized the party was heading in the wrong direction (he was a Congressional page and therefore understood that the Congress under Democrat control was a problem), Mr. Beilat is challenging Barney Frank from the Republican side.

Other high profile Democrats who are facing serious challenges this November are:

Richard, “rubber stamp” Neal, who hasn’t met a stimulus bill or tax he doesn’t like – will face a stiff challenge from Dr. Jay Flietman who has a few outstanding ideas to get the debt udder control (see You tube video below)

Nancy Pelosi, ringmaster of the circus, is facing John Dennis John Dennis, who stands a better than even chance of taking the 8th district.

Even Harry Reid is facing competition for his seat from one Sharron Angle a women he describes in less than stellar terms (spending millions to do so) who may have made a gaffe here or there, but is simply – not Harry Reid, (nor is she as out there as say Deniss Kuchinich) and won’t spend your great-great-grandchild’s last red cent.

Therefore, it is strongly suggested to support all of the above, in an effort to stop Obama and Company from being continually economically clueless.

Of course, this blog endorses Dr. Jay Fleitman who is running against Richard Neal in the Hampden 2nd District of Massachusetts. Dr. Fleitman makes sense and has the experience necessary to be able to put aside Party politics and make an informed decision. He’s had to do so; given the fact that he was an elected official in the city of Northampton, MA (think Cambridge, Los Angeles City Council, etc.)who recently stepped down to run against Neal.

Since we the people cannot do anything about the man on the self-made throne of the U.S. Government (i.e.: Obama) until 2012, it is suggested that incumbents who have supported this pell-mell rush into penury, (again without taking the time to either read or understand the consequences), be given the boot. There are plenty of alternatives to support nationwide: A good list of races taking shape across the country (not all are included, specifically Massachusetts) can be found at Battle for the House Real Clear Politics”> or Battle for the Senate Real Clear Politics” and finally, Battle for the Governors 2010 Real Clear Politics.

Although it appears as though the Republicans’ are headed towards giving the Democrats (who are begging party members for cash) a thrashing, nothing in politics are certain, therefore, no matter the amount, a spare $1.00 or spare $10.00, give to an opposition candidate above, if you cannot, as a card carrying member of the DNC find your way to giving to or voting for a Republican, then give to Ms. Brown or any one that has not been a part of the 2006 Democrat’s destroy America program.

Dr. Fleitman’s Plan:

Personal Note: One might think reading this that it is partisan in nature (given the title of the blog, etc.) therefore, some background about why it is essential, personally, to stop this Progression. I am a daughter of an AFLCIO Treasurer (deceased) who was a staunch Democrat and believed in the little guy and especially in Democracy. He abhorred Socialism and Progressives as if they were the plague. This is not my father’s Party any longer, and those Democrats who have an ounce of sense, (and there were some notably obvious in every bill taken) and voted no against stimulus, health care, etc., should be given a fair shake.) Roll calls are available on all bills at Roll call votes at” It takes some time but one can find their congressional representative and senator and decide whether or not they deserve to keep their job, as they work, not for a party, as is currently the plan, but for the people, (the original plan of the Republic.) Therefore, do your homework, and be an informed voter. For those living in Massachusetts: if you are an Independent you can vote in the primary, merely ask for a Republican or Democrat ballot and then you change your designation back after you vote. For those in other states, check your Secretary of State’s office for instructions (website or call). One myth that requires debunking – once you head into the voting booth, if you are a registered Democrat in the general election, you can vote for a Republican, your vote is recorded in secret. (A frequent search on this blog.)

Monday, September 06, 2010

2010 Election Recession - Pelosi and Democrat Leadership Begs Lawmakers for Unpaid DCCC Dues – Pelosi’s Last FEC Filing Cash On Hand Only $214,046?

Politico: Democrat House Leadership, lead by Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has written a letter “to lawmakers beseeching them to either pony up their unpaid dues to the DCCC or commit to raising more money for the party from their own donors.” the letter went on to imply that unless members pay their dues, the leadership will be forced to choose which incumbents to aid in the upcoming election. The article closes with the fact that several house members have millions in reserves, which could be shared in an attempt to keep the four year old Democrat majority in the Congress.

That said, with a 9.6 unemployment rate going into September and employers across the country implementing hiring freezes and reductions in benefits it may be difficult for any politician to raise funds needed to spend the millions on advertising deemed necessary to win an election.

Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “war chest” has fallen to a cash on hand of $214, 046 based on the last Federal Election Commissions data available. The last data filed for the California 8th district, appears to be from June of 2010, therefore, there may be some changes with filings that were due as follows: the July (Quarterly)filing, due the 15th of July and or the August filing, due August 20th (Monthly).

In either event, going into a general election, as Speaker of the House, Ms. Pelosi’s finances should be as healthy as some of her troops noted in the Politico article:

As of their latest filings with the Federal Election Commission, Rep. Frank Pallone of New Jersey had $4.1 million, Ed Markey of Massachusetts had $3.4 million, Allyson Schwartz of Pennsylvania had $3.3 million, Lloyd Doggett of Texas had $3.2 million, Richard Neal of Massachusetts had $3 million, Brad Sherman of California had $2.8 million, Jerry Costello of Illinois had $2.5 million, Bennie Thompson of Mississippi had $2.1 million, and Carolyn Maloney of New York had $2 million. (Maloney, for her part, is locked in a contested primary on Manhattan's Upper East Side.)

(Note: Richard Neal cash on hand actual $2.9 Million, with a mere $177,067.20 received and reported in the third quarterly. Neal, who is also facing a tough re-election, is also lobbying for the Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee (should the Democrats hold the house, which, as of today, appears unlikely). For a powerhouse like Neal to “rake in” under $200,000 in one quarter is telling. In addition, there has been little news since July of Democrat icon, President Bill Clinton coming into Springfield, MA to stump for the endangered Neal )

The fact that House Leadership under the Democrats are also those who approve the administration’s policies and literally “write the checks” for projects, and implement taxes, the state of the economy lays directly with the Congress and those who have held power since 2006 (Democrats).

With funding down, perhaps those that are up for reelection, such as Pelosi, Frank, Neal and the balance of the Democrats (and Republicans) up for reelection will have to go door to door, the old fashioned way, to convince voters that they deserve to keep their jobs. There may be good reason way some of those, such as Neal, who have sizable “war chests” are holding onto them – they may need them to try and regain seats lost this year.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Democrats – Cannot Help Every Incumbent - Party looking to save Least Vulnerable – Where does that leave Frank, Neal, McGovern and Tsongas?

Soon to be unemployed? Photo Boston Globe - Eight of the 10 MA Congressional Reps with Gov. Deval Patrick (also on the retirement train)

The Democrats believe that they may have a plan to save the house, or at least a portion of their members as outlined in an articlevia the Oakland Tribune (Inside the Bay Area’s) One has to understand that in the interest of moral, those that are the powers that be, must put on good face and continue to say “Democrats Won’t Lose the House” while looking less certain by the second.

According to this article, Democrats are going to assess which party members are most vulnerable, and abandon them completely in favor of easier pickups, perhaps a weak Republican candidate or an incumbent with weak opposition. Unfortunately, this is going to leave a lot of their top leaders out of luck, or perhaps they feel that the 2 to 3 million in cash is going to be enough to save: Pelosi, Frank and Rangel’s protégé Richard Neal.

What has happened, especially in Massachusetts, and one can suspect elsewhere, is that the tactics have changed for the RNC. They are, in a word, campaigning like Democrats, only they have more money, and a better ground game – one that includes independents as well as Democrats who are so fed up with the economy that they are willing to “take back their party” by voting for a Republican.
Therefore, with the :30 second commercials (radio and television), one not only has flyers in the mail, one also has real live volunteers calling their houses (along with those robocalls) and best of all, the troops are knocking on doors. This is something new for the average Republican in Massachusetts – who at first knock looks warily out the window, making sure that some Religious Group hasn’t found their way to their doorstep!

Herein lays the problem – there are incumbents in districts who are, on pundit and analyst paper (or web) completely safe. Therefore, why funnel money into say – Massachustts? Surely Barney Frank, Richard Neal, Nikki Tsongas, John Tierney and all 9 of the incumbents are “safe Democrat”. The 10th seat is open and being Massachusetts, it follows, should go to the Democrat running against what-ever Republican is on the ballot. That was pre-2008 think – This is 2010. Simply stated, aside from those venerable institutions that have long standing intelligence on the ground (and can’t see the forest through the trees) the Democrats somehow really believe that these seats are safe, or they are prepared to lose them (based on internal polls). They have thrown a proverbial dog a bone, so to speak – In the Hampden Second, it was understood by media reports, that Richard Neal was going to get help from the most popular Democrat alive: Bill Clinton. The question remains, can even Bill Clinton save Neal? Or would it be a wasted trip?

When one goes to the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s website, one can find the candidates on the primary ballots, both Democrat and Republican. The story here: there are more competitive Republican primaries than Democrat primaries, with the exception of the 4th District. In the 4th District, Barney Frank (Incumbent – Democrat) faces one Rachel Brown (D).

What most political parties bank on during primaries is twofold, the individual state and local committees support and advertising (i.e. favorable media coverage or actual advertisements be it direct mail, electronic or print.) Herein lays the problem: Local city and town committee may endorse a candidate, but the rank and file (regardless of party) most likely cannot name who is on that particular committee. The candidate that relies solely on committee endorsement laurels, so to speak, is in huge trouble – for two reasons: 1) the ordinary Democrat or Republican voter does not pay attention or missed the 2 paragraph note on page 35 of the local paper announcing that endorsement, or they are desperately seeking alternatives due to the current economic climate.

Therefore, this election is going to go down in history as a “free for all” – basically it is up for grabs, regardless of party, primary and or general outcome of both. It is, for lack of a better word, the taxpayers revenge about to be visited upon anyone that individual feels will not work, or has not worked for their personal best interest. Unfortunately, the majority of those politicians’s fall under the Democrat mantle.

In reviewing the latest date from Real Clear Politics, a website that covers all political races, and uses a methodology that combines all pollsters for any given race, it appears that as time progresses, it appears that “chaos” rules the day. (Note: There have been no polls on any of the Massachusetts Congressional, other than internal polls taken by mostly Democrats (see Richard Neal’s Bill Clinton Star Power tour), showing an uphill battle for the first time in decades. One can assume that there are other states where it is similar, including California. For example: the map here depicts the current races across the country that are deemed competitive or “safe”. At present, the Republicans have 206 seats, the Democrats 194, with 35 seats considered “toss ups”. Of those represented, the most conspicuously absent is the CA8th district, or the district that is home to one Nancy Pelosi. In addition they have two Massachusetts Seats listed, one the 10th is open, and considered a tossup – the other, the Mass 5th, is considered “Safe Democrat”. Both of those seats are assumed safe, based on the Obama won theory, or the past voting history of the district. This methodology, without polls, cannot be considered viable, regardless of the “political intelligence” on the ground (mostly Democrat and Republican operatives), one must look to the climate overall.

The latest unemployment figures are now at 9.6% and the President’s Approval has dropped to 42% and the taxpayers are about to bail out yet another bank in Afghanistan (NYTimes), although the White House is denying the later, when has the nation heard that before?

Given the aforementioned, even with pounds of cash (or what is left of the pounds of cash), party star power, and or the SEIU out in force, the face of the Congress and the Senate, will change dramatically this November - with a freshman crop of Senators and Congressional Representatives that may not necessarily have graduated from Yale or Harvard, may not be lawyers, but businessmen, doctors, and regular men and woman who were so disgusted with the direction this country has taken that they’ve dropped lucrative careers, put their lives on hold and went forth as patriots to campaign for seats in both Houses. It is what the founding fathers envisioned, and will be a refreshing change of pace. One can also expect the local newspapers will all endorse the Incumbent running due to their “experience” and the “ability to bring dollars to the various districts”. Missing the point entirely that these two “pluses” by editorial standards, are nothing more than “minuses” in the minds of “today’s voter”.

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