Friday, August 11, 2006

Oz? No! Massachusetts

Yesterday, on am talk radio( Howie Carr (Herald (Boston) columnist and talk show host) )a caller lambasted a guest (could not quite make out who as the signal was rather weak) for the US position in Iraq. Apparently, the new spate of terrorist threats is a direct result of our presence in Iraq. When the caller was questioned as to the fact that we weren't in Iraq on September 11, the caller stated that we were, at that time occupying Saudi Arabia.

Someone forgot to tell the Saudi's that we launched a military campaign against them. Perhaps deinstitutionalizing Massachusetts was not in the best interest of the commonwealth. This caller, most undoubtedly a product of the public school system here, (perhaps a teacher or professor), is either off his rocker or is just plain nuts.

He is not alone.

Massachusetts' infamous senators rushed to the press boxes as soon as a terrorist plot to blow up us passenger airplanes was announced yesterday. Of course, this latest attempted assault is explained with the DNC party line: It is all George Bush's fault. Amazing the credit the DNC gives to our President, the man causes virtual acts of God on the one hand (Katrina) and on the other?

At least our senators have an excuse for their behavior. Kennedy is either fresh from the pub and/or eccentric (goes with excessive wealth) or Kerry, well, Kerry, we'll go with eccentric due to excessive wealth, but...meds may be in order.

The problem the DNC is facing in the northeast, a virtual stronghold of lunacy:

Outside of journalist and academics, politicians and the committable, regular people are nervous about and aware of:

Media bias: New York Times and Wire Services doctor photographs and collaborate with terrorists, among other indecencies. Unless those able to read are stuck in a bubble, and using limited sources, say only the local papers (not unlike a brother-in-law, teacher, who sees no need to step beyond the safety of network news and/or the local paper because it's all "fill in the blank - add the nearest republican politician- fault) the DNC makes them somewhat nervous.

War on Terror: It is not our fault, in no way, shape or form. Unless educated in the social study school of thought (or within the last 30 years) and never having taken a college history course, people understand that America is a glorious country that, not unlike others, has made a few mistakes, but overall - we're the good guys.
On the other hand, crackpots who believe that 72 virgins await them in some sort of paradise (is that paradise?), after blowing up Americans' and Jews, well...see Kennedy, Kerry and the Times.

Socialists do exist within the DNC. Normal folks understand this now: Lamont, Connecticut, Lieberman. The DNC will silence and/or remove any party member that does not subscribe to the G.W.Bush talks to God theory and must be removed theory. (Katrina) Leiberman, perhaps the last sane DNC senator, was beaten by what most sane people would call a narrow margin in the state DNC primary. Leiberman will do well as an Independent and many are pulling for him to run; for the sake of Connecticut, for the sake of the country, for the sake of the DNC.

No matter how the local news, the national networks and or the New York times Photoshop, and shapes the story, the DNC will lose more seats in the house and senate. Their candidates, to a man and woman, all subscribe to the Massachusetts school of thought.

The nation is on high alert. We have terrorists from within and from without.

*for those not aware:

NYTimes reporters subpoenaed; apparently they felt it was a good idea to get a statement from suspected terrorists by asking how they felt about an impending fbi raid. The feds want the reporter to give up the source. This is once instance where article 3 of the constitution should apply.

Reuters News, etc. have all withdrawn photographs, or fired photo-journalists in recent weeks for "doctoring" photos. Apparently, adding a couple of incoming missiles, smoke, dead bodies, in order to make the terrorist (Hezbollah) appear more sympathetic was ok by them. Until caught with their hands in the deception jar.

Recap: Instead of Kennedy, Kerry and crew coming out and congratulating our government, the Brits and the Pakistani's on a job well done saving the lives of untold numbers of American citizens, they point fingers and cry foul.

There's no place like home, there’s no place like home.

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