Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Elizabeth Warren – 2016 – Stock Rising

The question has been asked and answered of the Junior Senator from Massachusetts, Democrat Elizabeth Warren – “Will you run for President in 2016?” All prior answers were no – except, the latest interview with the Huffington Post here, where she implies that there may be a run in her future. (Huffington Post)

As Hillary Clinton, the foregone conclusion as the front runner, begins to incur hostile media coverage (See: See CNN: “Hillary Clinton Downplays Controversy Around Bergdahls Release”), one begins to wonder if Clinton, will take the bait and run, knowing the probability that the progressive wing of the Democrat Party will likely push a Warren to the forefront, similar to what had occurred in 2008 (see PUMA).

Clinton on the one hand, has the experience in the Senate and is seasoned politically; however, she has liabilities associated with the Obama Administration, her personal story and the fact that she is a woman from a political dynasty. On the other hand, Warren, is “Obama light”, lacking experience, where any other time, that would be seen as an asset, with Obama’s falling poll numbers, and obvious errors in all facets of governing, the party association will hamper Warren. Both women will face the prejudice that one fears, won’t be overcome in the next several generations, they are women. Included in that summary is the premise that women are their own worst enemies, and as an example, look no further than 2008, when Clinton, the best of the three remaining candidates (McCain/Obama/Clinton), was cast aside in favor of a “better model”- for the most part by – women.

Although neither major party has anyone who has yet to announce, and speculation runs rampant as usual, the GOP has a real opportunity here, to sweep 3 – the House, the Senate and the White House, if, and only if they run the right candidate in 2016 – one that can compete with both the base and independents (and possibly a few Democrats – this does not mean their usual moderate, nor a fiercely right candidate. The meddling from both major party headquarters, if suspended for the next 3 years, would result in the best and one can be sure the worst of politics, but, it would be pure rather than sullied by those the pull the strings.

That said Warren is the one to watch as the most likely Democrat Party nominee.

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