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Barney Frank will be up for re-election in 2012 – a Public Service Message

Unless he Retires (unlikely)
His Seat is lost through 2012 Redistricting (also unlikely)

As there have been even more requests after the 2010 election for “When is Barney Frank Up for Reelection” as an increase in search for Tax Penalties for Health Insurance) on this blog, the following information is being provided as a public service: Barney Frank (D-MA) 4th District will be up for re-election in 2012, and if re-elected somehow, in 2014. The 4th district includes Bristol County (New Bedford and Fall River), Middlesex County (Newton), Norfolk County (Foxboro), and Plymouth County (Halifax, Lakeville, Marion, Mattapoisett, Middleborough, Rochester, Wareham). (So far, it is doubtful that the loss of one seat in Massachusetts through redistricting, will affect Congressman Frank.)
To date, there have been no announcements as to who might run against Congressman Frank in 2012. In 2010, Republican newcomer, Sean Bielat, came within striking distance of taking the seat from the long-entrenched economic disaster enshrouded, Frank (see Freddie, Fannie, and Senator Chris Dodd). Frank spent millions defending him, and only managed to best Mr. Beilat when a large number (approximately 30,000) votes emerged in the final 30 hours of the race. Go figure. It’s Massachusetts, the dead vote, and all eyes in the nation were elsewhere!) The New York Times reporting on returns for 2010 shows the following more than three of those challenged, were challenged by first time Republican candidates, the original prediciton by the Times (and elsewhere) was that each incumbent would win by 75% of the vote: in viewing the results from the Times, one see that, although close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, it was a stunning “victory” of sorts for the Commonwealth because a) it proved that these top Democrats are not infallible and had to actually campaign b) the monies spent by Massachusetts Democrats like Richard Neal, which were being earmarked for other congressional offices held by Democrats that were in huge trouble – stayed home. Just how many seats were lost to Republicans in the Historic 2010 election because Massachusetts Democrats, who rarely have to send out but a mailer, was used at home is unknown.

To find out who may be running against Mr. Frank in 2010, contact the State GOP here.
Other State Political Party that might run a candidate against Barney Frank:
the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts There is a list of minor Party’s with contacts here at the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s website here under election division. Should you want to keep an eye on Mr. Frank, ACORN’s offices in Massachusetts are listed here.

Just a note: That Acorn office was “broken into” in October of 2008, computers were stolen. Mr. Frank handily won re-election. Granted this is merely a coincidence. "Republican Operatives" were blamed for the break-in - seriously.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Over The Top Waste of Taxpayers’ Dollars – U.S. Government’s DHS Portrays Gold-Buying, Flag-Loving, Ron Paul Supporters as Terrorists!! Video Equals P

U.S. DHS - Is this your Typical Domestic Terrorist? - image: free stock

One might have thought they had seen it all, however, if a TSA agent is looking at you as if you are a national security threat, and you are a white, middle-class, business traveler taking notes for a business meeting, while trying to board a flight – there’s a reason. The Department of Homeland Security has released training manuals’ to State’s Police Departments and video’s that can be viewed as either an over the top attempt to be “politically correct” or satirical – take your pick. The excerpt below from Prison (and there is so much more on site), appears to be surreal, however, considering how the inmates are running the asylum, the idiocy of not enabling our law enforcement to “profile” has gone to the extreme. To be certain, there are terrorist groups that specifically target businesses in this nation, and are made up of, apparently, as one rarely sees any mention of an incident in the press, white, middle class environmentalists and/or animal lovers. The FBI Website’s Domestic Terrorist focus for 2010 are those who might be involved in the “Sovereign Citizen Movement” – i.e. someone who is anti-government (See article here on FBI site. The fact that there are individuals and groups that do burn down buildings, and commit other heinous acts in the name of the Environment, Animals, and apparently, anti-government sentiment, is indisputable - however, when crimes are committed is it not generally one individual working alone who has gone over the ledge, and is not representative of those who love the environment, animals and the flag of the United States of America? Not particularly a Ron Paul supporter, however, understanding that the man is an intelligent, duly elected Federal official, who has and is currently running for the Presidency, having met those individuals who support his principle based on Libertarian concepts, one finds mostly college students who are sick of the “socialist” bent of a teacher or professor, and are looking for alternatives schools of thought – including, fiscal conservatism, social conservatism and plain old conservatism. These young students may even form “Republican clubs” on campus! Call the cops. The fact that the level of education in this nation has dramatically taken a nose dive over the past thirty to forty years (due to schools and universities focusing solely on the so-called “progressive agenda” rather than actually teaching anyone anything else.), and those who are watching the video’s and/or reading the documentation provided by our government may or may not have the ability to discern the difference between a regular, everyday white person, and a terrorist. It is “1984”, but with a vengeance and apparently serious, but appearing farcical at the same time.

There are those who either educate themselves on their own (ignore those Progressive professors) and/or were educated prior to the introduction of Teachers Unions in Philadelphia (where the problem started), that would be able to tell the difference between someone who might say, blow up the World Trade Center, blow up the Brooklyn Bridge, or otherwise cause loss of life and limb to American’s and someone who is just a patriotic, Christian who loves the country and is possibly of the political school of thought where liberty and the pursuit of happiness takes precedent (i.e. they have read the Constitution)
Therefore, until and unless those nut cases currently running our Government are replaced with those who understand the real nature of terrorism as being individuals who want to do harm to the average American Citizens and, yes, the Government, are not packaged as “seemingly well-to-do” Caucasians, rather are more likely to be anything but.

From: Prison

The MIAC report specifically describes supporters of presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr as “militia” influenced terrorists and instructs the Missouri police to be on the lookout for supporters displaying bumper stickers and other paraphernalia associated with the Constitutional, Campaign for Liberty, and Libertarian parties.
The MIAC report does not concentrate on Muslim terrorists, but rather on the so-called “militia movement” and conflates it with supporters of Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, the so-called patriot movement and other political activist organizations opposed to the North American Union and the New World Order.
Police are educated in the document that people are anti-abortion, own gold, display an assortment of U.S. flags, or even those that talk about the film Zeitgeist, view the police as their “enemy” and conflates them with domestic terrorists like Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph and other domestic militia groups who have been charged with plotting terrorist attacks.

To ramp up the bizarre waste of taxpayer’s dollars: Video via depicts all terrorists as Caucasian, well-dressed for the most part, and highly suspicious, while the “average American” blowing the whistle is “diverse” – In the beginning of the short film, there is a caveat outlining how America is a nation made of up diverse cultures – almost as if, that is a problem, rather than a plus.

When one thinks of the average American, one thinks of neither race, or religion, or ethnicity, (that’s the Government that pigeonholes each individual as a “category” rather than a “citizen”), one thinks of one’s neighbor, and one does not care a whit if that neighbor is Irish, Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, Muslim, Evangelical, Baptist, black, white, purple, or orange. Those that reside within the confines of the United States, for the most part, are generous, tolerant, people, who have a deep-seated understanding of where they came from, and why they are here in the United States. People who live in the United States of America and consider themselves United States Citizens come from all nations, all religious affiliations, ethnic groups and races, and they have come to this great, exceptional nation specifically seeking a better way of life. Of course, there are individuals who are bent on doing harm to the average American and the Government, but those among us, could be any race, or religion, ethnicity, and the literature and video’s released by the Department of Homeland Security should stress the fact that anyone, of any race or ethnicity, acting in such a manner as depicted in the video, should be of concern, and include "actors" that resemble all U.S. Citizens. It is, in a phrase, blatant discrimination, and profiling as it now stands.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

GOP “Twitter Debate” Today at 3PM – Boston Herald Posits “Will Palin Jump In?”

From: The Boston Heraldcomes the statement title: “@SarahPalinUSA can’t miss debate”, referring to the Twitter Debate to take place today between 3 and 4:30 pm on Twitter at #140Townhall.

Not taking part in the Debate: Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Although unannounced, Palin would be a welcome addition to the debate forum – from this perspective, Palin is what has been missing from the debate forum in general.

Valuable resource from the New Hampshire Journal: A little black book of GOP Candidates
Includes those announced as well as those, like Palin, who have yet to announce.

Suggested: Bookmark that page.

“The Undefeated” – Sarah Palin Documentary – Expands to Additional Markets This Weekend – Defies Critics.

Stephen K. Bannon - beats the odds (critics)- image: Liberty Speaks Blog

The apparent downplay of Steve Bannon’s, “The Undefeated”, a documentary released last weekend, has defied the “spin” of general media bias, and will now open in additional markets, with more outlets added in markets where the film is currently playing. The highest grossing markets were in California and Arizona, where Orange County and Phoenix saw $11,000 plus per screening gross , prompting a wider distribution. The film, which has been entirely promoted through social media, will now be showing in the following theaters: (Politico:)

  • Ahwatukee 24 4915 East Ray Road Phoenix, AZ 85044 - DMA: 16

  • Arizona Center 24 565 N. 3rd Street Phoenix, AZ 85004 – DMA: 16

  • Barrett Commons 24 Theatres 2600 Cobb Place Lane NW Kennesaw, GA 30144 (Atlanta) DMA: 9

  • Block 30 @ Orange 20 City Boulevard West Orange, CA 92868 (Los Angeles) DMA: 2

  • Colonial 18 Theatres 825 Lawrenceville – Suwanee Road Lawrenceville, GA 30245 (Atlanta) DMA: 9

  • Concord Mills 8421 Concord Mills Boulevard, Concord, NC 28027 (Charlotte) DMA: 28

  • Foothills 15 7401 La Cholla Blvd. Suite 144 Tucson, AZ 85741 –DMA: 75

  • Grapevine Mills 30 Theatres 3150 Grapevine Mills Parkway Grapevine, TX 76051 (Dallas)
  • DMA: 7
  • Highlands Ranch 24 103 Centennial Road Highlands Ranch, CO 80126 (Denver) DMA: 19

  • Indian River 24 6200 20th Street #600 Vero Beach, FL 32966 (West Palm Beach DMA: 48

  • Mayfair Mall 18 2500 North Mayfair Road Box M-146 Wauwatosa, WI 53226 (Milwaukee) DMA: 32

  • Ontario Mills 30 4549 Mills Circle Ontario, CA 91764 (Los Angeles) DMA: 2

  • West Oaks 14 9415 West Colonial Drive Ocoee, FL 34761 (Orlando) DMA: 21

  • Willowbrook 24 Theatres 17145 Tomball Parkway Houston, TX 77064 – DMA 10

  • DMA Sourcing: Top 100 Film Markets.

    Putting things into perspective for the critics and those who may nay-say:
    As to how well this film did at the box office opening weekend: (According to Box Office
    “The Undefeated”, compared to Box Office Top Grossing Films such as the Latest Harry Potter release and “Winnie The Pooh”, placed 6th out of 10 films opening that week. Putting things into perspective however, the film also opened in 10 cities compared to the aforementioned which opened in 4,375 and 2,405 theaters nationwide.
    In comparing apples to pseudo apples, Michel Moore’s Film (darling of the critics), “Capitalism, a Love Story”, opened in 962 theaters with an average gross of $4,623. Bannon’s film, which was not fueled by glowing reviews by the NYTimes (al la Moore’s films), has comparatively bested the Left’s Beloved Pseudo Documentarian – it’s a question of doing the math – the Bannon Film opens in 10 theaters with an average gross per showing of $6,500, to the Moore Film of $4,623 in 962 theaters.

    Move along, nothing to see here.

    Most Ridiculous Review Title: From Entertainment Weekly Online: ”Sarah Palin's 'The Undefeated': We saw it so you don't have to!” Although being critical of the technical aspects of the film, the review didn’t dissolve into partisan baiting until the first paragraph, that said, it defied the Times Magazine report regarding the film having zero attendance on opening night in Orange County, CA, simply because the EW reviewer was at one of the screenings, and gives a somewhat different take on what actually occurred (standing ovations).

    From Real Clear Politics: (Title: “Pro-Palin Film Expands Release”)

    Bannon said that he intends eventually to bring the film to every market in the country by using an increasingly aggressive distribution strategy that will include streaming video, on-demand access, and a DVD release.

    "We have been inundated with requests from around the country to have the film play in their market," ARC Entertainment CEO Trevor Drinkwater said in a press release. "Our expansion plan is being methodically analyzed and managed to allow the film to be viewed by the widest audience in the most effective manner."

    While the average American considers any type of documentary to be akin to watching paint dry on the wall, the fact that Bannon’s film did so well in a limited number of cities (compared to other “documentary films of a political nature”), is, in itself a story, specifically when one considers the marketing strategy employed compared to similar genres’.

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    Debt Ceiling “Crisis” Evokes Sandlot Politics – Republican Mitch McConnell plans with Reid to raise Ceiling again – e tu Brutus? A Taxing Rant

    The tax raising culprits, Mitch and Harry - image Huffington Post

    From the Heritage Foundation: House Republican’s have crafted a plan – Cut, Cap and Balance – a bill that goes to vote today, which would accomplish at least three reasonable measures: Cut unnecessary Federal Spending, Caps future Federal spending and promotes a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution – along with the ability to raise the debt ceiling – again. The measures however, would insure that there was a process in place that would lower the national debt, with no need for further increases in the debt ceiling – a political football that several economist have noted as unnecessary (see Heritage Foundation). The Bill should pass the House, it may not make it through the Senate, and if it somehow does, the President will out-of-hand Veto the bill, as it does not allow Democrats to have their cake and eat it too. At least the House is made up of somewhat “average” citizens, those members who must campaign in their own districts every two years in order to return to the City on the Hill, therefore, one can expect a range of proposals from the House: absurd to sound on any given day.

    The Senate is a different story – each Senator enjoys a six year respite from having to explain their actions to their constituents. They tend to appear more “lofty” than their lower House counterparts, and therefore “more expert” on subjects that directly affect each American Taxpayer.

    Enter Mitch McConnell, the Republican Minority Leader in the Senate who has been locked up with Harry Reid (who by some strange miracle continues to be the Majority Leader), and will remain locked up, along with all Senate members, until a deal is reached, voted on and passed. The current option on the table, worked out by Reid and McConnell, and best truncated by the Los Angeles Times

    A plan by the Senate's two top leaders to allow President Obama to raise the debt limit without congressional approval is emerging as the most likely strategy to avoid a looming federal default.
    The plan being drafted by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada would lock in about $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction over the next 10 years — a figure considerably smaller than Republican leaders and Obama had been seeking.

    There is a reason why McConnell’s plan is now being referred to in fiscally conservative arenas as “Mitch McConnell’s Pontius Pilot Act”. What is not referred to in the article by the LA Times is the establishment of a “Debt Commission” that will have a veto proof ability to raise taxes. Therefore, what the American Taxpayer can expect from this group of ivory tower elites that apparently believe the fifty percent of those people (taxpayers) that support all the programs that support the 50 percent of those who don’t pay taxes (which may come to an abrupt halt), are capable of doing more and will forget during their six year hiatus from the campaign trail, that they were actually culpable in making lives of average American’s even more miserable.

    The poor getting poorer, 5000 line up for shelter vouchers in Dallas - image newsone

    A rise in the debt ceiling immediately

    The veto of Cap, Cut and Balance, which would at least put in safeguards against yet another five or ten dollar devaluing rises in the debt ceiling.

    Cuts spread out over the course of 10 years that will do little to nothing as far as putting a dent in the deficit.

    The establishment of a Commission designed to raise taxes without permission from Congress.

    Suggested Immediate reading: Red State’s Now We See It All Mitch McConnell’s Pontius Pilate Act is A Cover for Tax Increases an eye-opener.

    As this vote goes before the Senate, one can bet the house it will not be a roll-call vote, but a vote by voice, most likely once the C-Span camera’s are shut down for the day.
    While playing to the never ending “crisis” mode of the White House and the Media, some Republicans and Democrats (not all, to be sure, in the House), are trying to at least avert a major crisis for the American Taxpayer, the Senate apparently is trying to be popular with the Press and their Peers, while completely ignoring those left paying taxes.
    Which as a reminder to those who may not be aware, taxes from individuals, corporations and in Massachusetts, dogs, is the only source of income for both the Federal and the State governments? The only source in an economy where unemployment is over 9%, the cost of food, clothing, fuel and housing is on the rise, and apparently, taxpayers are expected to pay more, to cover the costs of failed programs and programs rampant with waste and abuse.
    If the Bureau-crazy that is Washington, would clean house, literally, there would be little need for any of this circus in the first place and, not only would the deficit disappear, there would be a slush fund available even if taxes were rolled back father than the Bush Cuts.

    1. There is known waste and fraud in all entitlement programs – clean it up. We’re talking billions per program, which add up to trillions over the years.

    2. Departmental budgeting: Each year, a budget for every single office and department is awarded, at the end of the budget cycle, that department must spend like drunken sailors any monies left in order to get the same amount or more in the next budget. Imagine if each department as expected to pull a MacGyver in order to get by, and those that found ways to reduce costs, and come in under budget were rewarded (bonus), while those found to be wasting money were shown the door (this would also require getting rid of government workers unions – a known oxymoron). Each agency and department within would not be penalized by a lesser budget, but given the same budget each year adjusted for inflation. The same process would start again. Having personal knowledge of one small department, of one small agency, which, finding itself two months before budget deadlines with a paltry two million dollars, revamped an entire office – complete with kitchen areas, (new refrigerators, stoves, etc.) furniture, and the like. What happened to the new furniture from the previous budget? Tossed or taken home (a perk perhaps?).

    McConnell needs a dose of reality, as well as every single lawmaker, regardless of which side of the aisle upon which they sit, by spending six months in an “average American’s home” and seeing what someone with a gross income of $250,000 per family, two children, a few pets and debt up over their eyeballs, (plus an already hefty tax bill from both State and Federal Governments) lives. Better yet, with the Bush Tax Cuts set to expire (which will raise taxes across the board), and a Commission in Place that will do the same, spend some time with a family of exact makeup who’s gross earnings are at $60,000.
    They might take a lesson or two away from this experience and begin to cut when its painful (like so many taxpayers now do), and to take a look at waste, fraud and abuse, climb down from that ivory tower and get it right for once.

    There is a letter available here Red State – United to Oppose McConnell These lawmakers need to know how the taxpayer feels.

    Stop acting like one political party, if you are unpopular because you don’t cross the aisle, get over it, and if you for a moment think that the people will not remember, think again. Get to work fixing the programs that don’t work, cut the programs that are non-essential, and save a few bucks. Don’t put another yoke around the necks of those that supply the Governments only income. Eventually, those taxpayers will be unemployed as well, (remember, nothing being done to stimulate business here), meaning, less income and yet another raise in the debt ceiling and more taxes on those that are left.

    It is not that we don’t mind paying taxes for services that the Federal, State and Local Governments provide it is the excessive nature of the beast that is Washington which rankles.

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    2012 Round-up: Gallup Obama at 44% Approval, 58% Republican’s Have no Favorite for 2012 – Perry and Palin Decisions Pending

    Palin and Perry, once announced, field will tighten - image

    Gallup Polling, perhaps one of the most conservative pollsters in the nation (Definition: Conservative: cautious number crunching that goes neither right nor left) continues to see a stagnant job approval rating for the President. He is currently at 44% approval with 49% disapproval, a rating that, in this “late hour” of campaigning for a job one already has, appears rather daunting. In addition, the Gallup “Generic Ballot” projects any Republican bests Obama by a margin of 47 to 39% (with 15% having no opinion – yet). This is considered with all due respect to the Office, a conundrum that is difficult if not impossible to overcome at this late date. Although pooh-poohed away by most Beltway pundits, one need only look at the current state of the economy, the stalemate over raising taxes versus raising a debt ceiling, (which, contrary to the major Democrat pundits and News Agencies of like mind, is not popular with the American Public, in poll after respectable poll), the continuous, almost maniacal support for the President by, what has become to be known as the “mainstream media”, hurts rather than helps both entities, as reports abound regarding high ticket birthday bash in Chicago, and his “expertise” at fundraising for his reelection campaign where USA today reports a “record haul”, meanwhile, the fiddler is playing while the economy burns.

    This may be why the generic ballot is tilting more towards “any Republican” by the week, rather than staying stagnant, or declining like the Presidents approval rating. The question remains, however, which Republican? According to the same pollster, Gallup finds that 58% of Republican and Republican Leaning voters simply have not made up their mind as to whom they might support. A poll released July 15th, shows a field of no less than ten GOP Candidates (some of which are unannounced) plus “other” and “no decision”. In that field, Mitt Romney leads with 9%, followed by Michelle Bachmann at 9%, and two yet to announce candidates, Texas Governor Rick Perry (4%) and former Alaska Governor and 2008 VP nominee Sarah Palin (3%) hold the next highest slots in the poll. The pollster finds this puzzling because in prior years, there was a clear favorite or favorites early on, however, in prior years, there were not high profile candidates (Palin) who had yet to announce and not factored is the fact that there were simply fewer candidates for the office at this point.

    Both Perry and Palin see August or September of this year as a point where they will either enter the race or no (the latter being unlikely in either case), which, as most conservatives and conservative leaning voters tend to pay attention to their choices, and what may come down the proverbial “pipeline” in a few months, would give those 58% (plus the 7% who are considering “Other”, new options that may just fit the ticket). In other words, they are holding out, waiting to see who is really “in”, and who may end up “dropping out” as the summer ends. One can hazard to guess that by October, there will be a top five, with two to four clear front runners. How maddening that Conservatives are enjoying the choices and the opportunity to examine each and every candidate.

    Once all the announced candidates are headed into the first caucus and primary states, and the dust settles in February (Super Tuesday), one can then assume there would be a front runner or possibly two going into the spring of 2012. This will keep the Obama campaign on its toes and the media in a frenzy of “which GOP challenger to the President” need be attacked next. In other words this political season will be a circus for some and a joy for others – the others being those Republicans and Republican leaning voters who have choices.

    Looking at the poll as it now stands, with the two not yet announced (meaning not yet committed to the race by most standards) polling at the top, just under Bachmann and Romney, suggests that once announced, those four would be the top tier candidates going into the primaries. As to the focus on fundraising that has gripped the media (Washington Post candidates expense reports), one finds Mitt Romney in the same place as 2008, with the most cash. What is most interesting is that several candidates have more cash on hand in 2012 that Romney’s nemesis, former Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee did in 2008. Huckabee went on to stay in the race, while Romney dropped out in February of 2008, citing his need to “stand aside” for the “party”, while McCain took the evident lead, and Huckabee stayed in the race to keep the spotlight on the GOP and give primary voters in states beyond “Super Tuesday” a “choice” on the ballot. Therefore, money in the campaign, although important, need not be as excessive as say Mitt Romney’s cache, or for that matter, the billions in the President’s re-election purse.

    Logistically speaking, the candidate that does emerge (or candidates in this case) will need to resonate with the rank and file (not the beltway or national party), in addition, that candidate must be able to carry the south and the west, most notably those states that have gained significantly in population – Texas for example. The eventual nominee will have to move through the south, and the Midwest with a significant lead(s) in order to cinch the nomination. At this point, were the election held today, one thing is certain, one of the aforementioned would be the next President and should the trend continue (and it is probable despite the pundits and cheerleaders), by August or September one will have a clear notion of who would be able to be the nations CEO. It will be in October that Gallup should be able to breathe a little easier as the field will have narrowed and those 58% will, for the most part, choose. There is no doubt that at least 18% (approx.) will remain undecided up until the bitter end. (Historical trending), choosing only in the final days prior to the actual primary or caucus.

    Sunday, July 17, 2011

    Sarah Palin Documentary “Undefeated” Opens in Theatres this Weekend – The Left and the Right of Reviews Shows Duplicity – Time Outright Lies

    Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann - Media Targets - image Minn. Post

    The documentary, “The Undefeated”, with a focus on the early political career of Sarah Palin, former Governor of the State of Alaska and 2012 Anticipated GOP Presidential Candidate, opened in select cities this weekend. The reviews by all critics of “movies” were, as anticipated, harsh (nicely put), and whereas they compared a documentary film to the block buster released the same weekend - the epic Harry Potter Series. There is, to someone living in the real world, no possible way to compare the two film genres, however, in a fit of partisan displeasure, the critics had at the film as if it were trying to compete with the Potter series, which it wasn’t, as any sane person would note.

    The film was said to be sold out on opening night in all cities, from reports by the AP on Dallas’s opening to the Orange California show to Atlanta (Source: Associated Content), however, that did not stop Time Magazine from printing, what can only be deemed a childish and totally incorrect rant on the documentary and it’s opening:
    The article: The Undefeated Fails to Defeat the Box Office Sarah Palin Movie Debuts to Empty Audience relies on one Internet article from the Atlantic Blog – to make assumption after assumption, all of which are false. Time Magazine. Repeat: Time Magazine.

    Several of their most ardent 60 or so readers, left comments in kind for the Internet version of the news weekly, with one or two dissenters pointing out either YouTube videos of the Orange California Showing in question (which said You Tube Video appears to show a packed house), and others just left links to the AP and other articles.

    That said, a dose of reality is in order: the International Business Times projected $4 million in weekend sales, which for a 10 city opening of a Conservative Documentary speaks volumes.

    Meanwhile, as the left unravels, the more that both Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann climb in polls and/or visibility, comedian and commentator, Bill Maher, with his very own show on HBO, went on what was coined by “Gawker” as a “Tirade” against Bachmann and Palin, to include sexual innuendos. One must not wait long for the reviews by the New York Times, or Times Magazine on Maher’s “Brilliant Tirade” – and the beat goes on.

    Those that vote, those in the middle that are caught up in rising unemployment, increasing inflation on food and fuel and the usual threat of higher and higher taxes, are viewing, with skepticism every printed or broadcast piece of drivel being pumped out of the “machine” that our once news media industry puts forth as “gospel”. Consumers, used to cutting back now, and seeking the best bang for their buck, are including newscasts (broadcast, print and the web), into the bargain of what is worth the read, the listen. The last gasp of the current news media occurred in 2008 after which, the weekly “surprisingly high unemployment”, etc., etc., etc., ad naseum, began to wear thin – thus the historic upheaval in the House in 2010, and with no ability to fault themselves, one can almost with certainty predict that 2012 will either compare or overshadow 2010.
    Those that live in the bubble of protected “think”, and never step foot out of the Beltway of the Mind (journalists, pundits on the DC to NY talk circuit, and entrenched politicians) (one John McCain comes to mind, in his warning to Michelle Bachmann on her stance on the Debt Ceiling), do not for a moment understand that as a whole, the nation is watching, listening and soundly rejecting their prattle and in some instances outright lies and smears.

    Disclaimer: This blog has not viewed the “Undefeated” and yet, with the hoopla that is being created by the endless hysteria (for that is what it is), one can bet that as soon as able, it will be viewed, either in a theater, or in a living room. A documentary, is what it is, an opportunity to learn something new (although having researched the former Governor extensively, prior to her debut on the national stage, it may not be an eye opener). What a documentary is not: entertainment by the standards of the critics, (who should and do know better). It may even be the Road to the White House 2012, but chances are, Sarah Palin needs no documentary to take that road, as the economic climate becomes more challenging, as the Republican’s in the Senate go out of their way to compromise, and as the never ending spending and raising of the debt ceiling, implementation of new taxes and total misery of those on the lowest rung to the middle are pinched into obscurity, the options of Politician’s as usual, will be off the table. The people no longer want a “holier than though”, “smarter than the teleprompter”, “Beltway minded” “leader” – the people, the taxpayers are seeking an individual who will identify and, stand up for themselves and the rest of the nation, specifically someone who will prove to be impervious to the barbs from both the right and the left – that brings two to mind at present, and only two – one who has announced and one who is yet to announce. One also has to wonder if the vitriol from the Press would be less disgusting were the two not women? Is it the fact that Conservative Women are standing up and making waves (and if it were a Liberal Woman doing the same, the critiques would be there (a la Clinton) - with two Conservative women however, one can imagine that this will be more than a fair fight - as they will call out the base so called journalists and newscasters for what they are.

    Report Lays Financial Meltdown Firmly On Barney Frank (D-MA4) and Chris Dodd (D-CT Retired) – Takes Blame Away from Private Sector

    A report in the Richmond Times Dispatchplaces the blame for the “financial meltdown” on the government sponsored institution backed by both Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, Fannie Mae. An excerpt follows:

    With the publication of "Reckless Endangerment," a new book about the causes of the crisis, this story is beginning to unravel. The authors — Gretchen Morgenson, a business reporter and commentator for the New York Times, and Josh Rosner, a financial analyst — make clear that it was Fannie Mae and the government housing policies it supported, pursued and exploited that brought the financial system to a halt in 2008.
    After James A. Johnson, a Democratic political operative and former aide to Walter Mondale, became chairman of Fannie Mae in 1991, they note, it became a political powerhouse, intimidating and suborning Congress and tying itself closely to the Clinton administration's support for the low-income lending program called "affordable housing."
    This program required subprime and other risky lending, but it solidified Fannie's support among Democrats and some Republicans in Congress, and enabled the agency to resist privatization or significant regulation until 2008.
    "Under Johnson," write Morgenson and Rosner, "Fannie Mae led the way in encouraging loose lending practices among banks whose loans the company bought. . . . Johnson led both the private and public sectors down a path that led directly to the financial crisis of 2008."
    The authors are correct. Far from being a marginal player, Fannie Mae was the source of the decline in mortgage underwriting standards that eventually brought down the financial system. It led rather than followed Wall Street into risky lending.

    What is surprising is that this school of thought, based on Barney Frank’s defense of plain, old fashioned, mismanagement of a government sponsored entity (Fannie and Freddie), coupled with restraints on private banks, literally forcing them to make risky loans to individuals, taking a place not over years, but decades, was allowed to go on for so long without either a banker, or Republican, or fellow Democrat screaming from the rooftops that the sky was falling. Therefore, laying the blame on incompetent Progressive ideologist, Barney Frank, is a bit of a stretch, as there were so many hands in the pie of stupidity that Frank, although central to the whole nightmare, was, in essence a bit player.

    Dodd, the former Senator from Connecticut, retired just prior to the 2010 midterm elections, his role in the fiasco among other issues related to sweetheart deals and mortgages, would have placed him firmly in retirement either way, Frank ran again and was reelected by a less than stellar margin in the highly gerrymandered Democrat controlled 4th district of Massachusetts. The more that reads into the length and breadth of the debacle, the more one has to question why these bozo’s were allowed to continue unabated, a practice that would eventually crash the housing market and the economy? There were Republican’s that asked, and received answers from Frank and Company that all was well, nothing to see here, move along. Apparently, satisfied, they did just that. That is a failing of the inner DC beltway politics that is akin to someone setting fire to the capitol and having one ask the guy across the aisle if perhaps they should evacuate - upon learning no, they both stay to perish.

    It is noteworthy that the Dispatch published the article in the first place, considering that most press is firmly in the Progressive mindset of spreading the wealth, even if it takes down (or perhaps especially if) the financial system. The idea that banks were forced to make loans that were clearly risky, and allowed to make loans which were, in a word, predatory, makes one wonder why those mortgage lenders weren’t more vocal about the destruction of their industry – housing bubble or no – aren’t bankers more likely to be conservative when it comes to saving for the long-haul (their institution, jobs and economy), rather than risking all for a quick buck, at the say so of one Barney Frank?
    The whole debacle could have been easily avoided, had there been follow-through from all corners, and a review made that clearly showed incompetence, bad legislation and a ton of bad loans to consumers who could not pay – an immediate halt would have meant no need for bailouts (TARP), and no need for taxpayers to pick up the slack, for decades. It would not have changed the outcome of the election, however, it will impact the next election, as the hole that has been dug, and dug so deep, is now squarely in the hands of progressives, who clearly believe that higher taxes and continued spending will, somehow, right the ship – it did not work in the past, therefore, there is no reason why a failed economic policy would work in the future – as nothing in our nations makeup has changed.

    With the Bush Tax Cuts expiring, and the Health Care Act taxes beginning to kick in, those taxpayers still standing, especially in states such as Massachusetts, New York, California, Illinois, will most likely see incises in state taxes as well, and this is across the board, from the very minimal earners to those considered “wealthy” by Obama standards (couple making $250,000 annually). This lack of relief to both the individual taxpayer as well as private sector business will show a drop in retail, as well as a drop in hiring and or continued layoffs through the next year. The end result, “The Buck Stops Here”, will place the blame on one man and one man alone, the President.

    Therefore, when one is considering just how bad Barney Frank’s management might be, one must also considering thanking him for eventually ridding the government of certain like-minded Progressives, come 2012. Barney Frank, will, of course, be up for reelection in 2012, along with cohort, Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the House. It is simply the fact that Progressives truly believe that the masses (otherwise known as “we the people”) are too ignorant or busy working three jobs, if one can find a job at all, to pay attention to all of their accomplishments. Therefore, as the general election begins to take shape, and the field narrows in the spring of 2012, to challengers for the White House, Senate Seats and all Congressional Seats (they are all up for reelection), one has to suspect that there just may be changes in the beltway a la 2010.

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