Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"It's about Time, It's about Space"

"About Strange People in the strangest Place"
(Gerald Fried & Sherwood Schwartz)

Might be talking about the rep-rehensible John Murtha (D. PA). As all are aware, Murtha has made continual derogatory statements regarding the conduct of our troops as well as their ability to fight a war. He supposedly speaks from experience, being a veteran himself, however, one is hard-pressed to find many veterans of any wars (specifically in said Murtha's district) who would endorse his statements.

Which may work out well for the young Marine who is now suing Murtha for libel. Apparently, Murtha's statement and sources are not protected under any constitutional privledge because a) they were made out of the scope of his job description and b) he's missing a press pass.

Finally an opportunity to take to task those who sensationalize and lie outright in order to make a political point and/or gain power in Congress or their party.

See Washington Post Story here.

Speaking of the Press, the New York Times is being called (or hauled) into court for the treacherous behavior of certain journalist and once again "sources within our government" as relates to their aid and abetment of those who would do harm to everyday citizens. Breibert reports

Fitzgerald (special prosecutor) apparently is interested in getting to the bottom of why a New York Times Reporter felt it was necessary to call an Islamic Terrorist Cell (i.e. charity) prior to an FBI raid. "Do you have any comment on the fact that the FBI is about to raid your building?" (paraphrased) quipped the Reporter.
To the amazement of the FBI, no one was about when they came calling.

Gives one pause.

But only for a moment.

The Times, will of course, appeal, but to whom? Readership is already in a spiral. Enough said.

Lastly, to snap oneself back to reality, watch and listen to Kevin Cosgroves 911 call from the 102 floor of the World Trade Center the morning of September 11th, 2001. Watch video here It is a heart-wrenching, chilling reminder that everyday American's are subject to acts of terrorism. Perhaps this event was missed by those over at the NY Times building?

Peace, strength and victory to Israel as they defend themselves as well as our way of life.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Quick Thinking

Having never been the most graceful of individuals, it appears that I should be equipped with a warning label: "Likely to cause harm to self in simple situations."

In the blazing heat of the weekend and in a cookout setting, using less than perfect wisdom, a neighbor offered a carona, and against, better judgment (as I rarely, if ever, drink), I drank that beer. It was good.

Until, while attempting to remove a packet of foil wrapped ribs from the grill (a hazard under any circumstance), the packet slipped and my foot was covered in extremely hot barbecue sauce!

For what seemed like 30 seconds.

Until an orange slurpee (7-Eleven, best brand) froze my foot on the spot! My quick thinking friend gave up her drink of choice to douse the burn on my foot.

Those things are cold!

As the northeast braces for a week of extreme temperatures, and the fighting continues worldwide, it is a comfort to know that there are still individuals out there that will make what appear to be small sacrifices (I know how valuable those slurpees are) to help a friend or neighbor.

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