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2012 GOP Update, Thanksgiving Family Forum, Gingrich, Cain, Paul,Perry, Bachmann, Santorum - No Romney

A Thanksgiving Family Forum, hosted by Focus on the Family, with 2012 GOP Republican Candidates was held today at 5 PM, the moderator Frank Luntz,did an excellent job in keeping on topic - the topic social issues. A complete video is available at:

This is well worth the watch - regardless of one's religious leanings, this forum, in an Iowa Faith Based setting, gives an insight into both the integrity as well as the character of each candidate - topics ranged from personal introspection to What one would consider a "just war". It was not so much a debate, rather than a round table discussion, however, it was difficult to choose one candidate over another as to a "right" answer - to a man and a woman, they are all admirable. It was unfortunate that the Romney campaign was either unable or chose not to attend this particular event.

A Portion is shown below

Gingrich, as always, is stellar in any forum, debate or otherwise.

The next debate will be held on November 22nd, on CNN, and co-sponsored by the Heritage Foundation - The Topic - National Security.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Obama Brokering Deals for U.S. Companies in Asia – Boeing to Benefit, Reuters also points to G.E. , the company paid $0 taxes on Billions in Profit.

Best Buddies: President Obama and Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of G.E. tax excempt corpration - photo c-span)

From Reuters: The President, Barack Obama has been heavily vested in a nine –day Asian economic tour, during which time, he brokered a deal between and Indonesian Airline and Boeing.

"This is an example of how we are going to achieve the long-term goals I set of doubling our exports over the next several years," Obama said after executives from Boeing and Lion Air, Indonesia's largest private carrier, signed a commitment for the jet orders.
Their provisional agreement for the sale of 230 short-haul 737 jets, worth $21.7 billion at list prices, sets up the largest commercial order in Boeing's history, toppling a previous record set just days ago as the industry taps into relentless demand in emerging economies.

It is unclear by the article, if the President also brokered deals for General Electric and United Technologies Research Centers (Sikorsky Air), two major corporations that will be selling jet engines and black hawk helicopters to Indonesia and Brunei respectively, as credit is not specifically given to the President, rather they are mentioned.
Understanding that ours is a global economy, one would hope that our corporations would be manufacturing inside the U.S., and exporting goods. Trade agreements are the job of the President; however, one might recoil a bit when one reads of individual deals brokered by the President for individual companies.

This due to the rising tide of businesses given loans by the Federal Government which are tied directly to a campaign donation to the Obama camping (Granted Green Industries).
What one has to wonder is if the G.E. deal will result in increased tax revenue for the United States, however, that is doubtful. Consider that General Electric Corporation, headed by Jeffery Immelt (Adviser to President Obama) paid zero taxes on 14 Billion dollars in profit in 2010. If Immelt had managed to avoid the loopholes and participated in the “spread the wealth” plan put forth by Obama, the administration would have collected (under the corporate tax rate which is roughly 27 percent, and one of, if not the highest globally (Tax Foundation) 3.8 Billion in taxes (sans loopholes), that’s in Federal Taxes. In the case that GE’s corporate offices are located in Fairfield CT, they are also subject to Connecticut Taxes. According to the (The Tax Foundation) Connecticut Corporate tax at a measly 7.5% on income. If, playing devil’s advocate, General Electric’s State Tax Liability was based on taxable net profits (after Federal Taxes were paid), then they would have given the very needy state of Connecticut an addition eight million plus in revenue.

Therefore, one has to ponder, while our President is out brokering deals on behalf of U.S. companies, why certain companies (specifically G.E.) are not paying one dime of taxes to the U.S.?

Understanding this is an election year, and regardless, that the President should be working on job creation, brokering trade agreements are one way to go about that business, but more broad based, and less specific to companies that are virtually on the Obama campaign donor list. (See Open To be fair to Immelt, he personally gave to both political parties - full disclosure here Open

Although the words “crony capitalism” are bandied about the capital and those states holding early Republican primaries, and has grown a bit old – none-the –less, it is apparent that an atmosphere of extreme moral economic chicanery exists between the administration and corporate friends of the administration, be they so called “green start-ups” that go belly-up, or Corporate Giants that evade paying taxes (though what one must assume are perfectly legal tax loopholes). What is most astonishing is that those who sit on the helm of the largest Corporations and are most vocal about Corporations paying more in taxes, end up paying none at all (See Buffett particularly). There is a reason why these corporations, specifically GE, who owns MSNBC, and NBC, are not purloined daily in the press (which, in most common terms, is seen to be “in the tank” for the president), rather held up as examples for the President’s accomplishments in an attempt at job creation.

Simply put, Obama should gather around his corporate buddies, cut a few deals for them (again, said deal cutting for individual companies rather than a competitive arena, where companies are invited to bid after a trade agreement is reached), in exchange for these titans of industry ponying up taxes sans loopholes –given the sheer number of corporate donors to the Presidents campaign, one can well imagine these revenues would go a long way towards mending the deficit.

Just a thought, as one gathers all their receipts, and insures all is in order In preparation of paying income taxes for 2011 – on earnings that are not excessive, but below the “free pass” level on paying taxes and are wildly cramming every available dollar in accounts in order to meet tax obligations due on the 15th of April 2011, might just resent the fact that certain corporations tied to a certain administration pay nothing in taxes, similar to say, those taking an earned income credit. Those would be the middle class, or what is left of the middle class. In addition, one might think the same for all small businesses, as well as corporations who may have not been as generous to a certain campaign, are faced with paying exorbitant taxes, or in the case of Gibson Guitar, completely decimated by a federal raid and shutdown. (See Gibson under travesty of justice). The aforementioned create jobs on U.S. Soil and pay taxes, while…others, not so much. This is why a fair tax, flat tax, 9-9-9 tax, or any equitable tax plan and permanent overhaul of the system needs to be instituted.

Caveat: It is not to say that these types of corporate tax “incentives” have not taken place in other administrations (although not as blatantly), it is to say that tax reform is necessary – across the board.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

2012 GOP Update – Herman Cain – Guilty Until Proven Innocent? Chicago CBS 2 Anchor, Bill Kurtis, Debunks Cain Accuser Bialek – Audio from WLS-AM

From the windy city: a local anchor, who has more credentials than most of today’s journalist, one Bill Kurtis (biography here at, was a recent guest on Chicago’s WLS-AM’s “The Roe Conn Show”, and has plenty to say about Bialek (who worked for a short time at CBS), along with Cain’s ability to ride out what he appears to note as a manufactured scandal, apparently more to the story on several levels. There is a brief note below from Media Bistro:

Citing what he heard “in the elevator at work,” legendary WBBM anchor Bill Kurtis discredited Herman Cain accuser Sharon Bialek in a conversation last week on WLS-AM.
Speaking as a guest on WLS’s “The Roe Conn Show,” Kurtis said that Bialek, who worked for CBS in Chicago from 2006-2007, “has a history.”
“There’s a lot more to this story,” Kurtis said of Bialek’s account of sexual harrassment. “I ride in the elevator at work and I hear very quickly a different kind of story.”
“Let’s put Herman and Sharon in the car at the same time,” Kurtis said, “and the roles may even have been reversed, given [her] track record here.” Here’s the audio…

Video appears below (audio)

What is most interesting is the amount of conjecture on the subject, given the fact that guilty until proven innocent has been tossed out the window – however, here’s several scenario’s in which this blog has been given over the past few days, most of which, although “hearsay”, may make more sense in the long-run given the team of Bialek and Allred’s lack of credibility.

In an attempt to push Cain out of the way, as his climb to the top was gaining momentum and he represented a threat to other candidates in the GOP (some of whom have been known to play a dirty trick or two in Presidential Primary politics), but more so to the Obama campaign, given the fact that Cain’s message might resound with both Democrats as well as Independents – the best way to get rid of a Republican is to throw a scandal against the wall and hope it sticks (similar to cooking pasta), and, logic follows, that candidate would immediately withdraw from the race, or resign from Congress, or the Senate, or the local post as dog-catcher. Apparently, what they did not count on, should this be the case, is the fact that Cain is not a politician, as and such, when accused did not act like a politician, rather like a novice, which, instead of being the kiss of death, lent more credence to Cain’s innocence.

With fewer Conservatives and moderates for that matter, not trusting news sources to be as “truthful “as say a blog, or alternative source of news, Cain’s poll numbers, although in a slight decline (due more to one debate performance than any scandal), the majority of Republican Voters in (pick any poll) would prefer that Cain stay in the race (a little poll fact that is often left out of those news stories, noting the has dropped in the polls (by a few points mind you ), because of the allegations of sexual harassment (based on conjecture not fact). Those in the media, and the Obama campaign, appear to have run up against a dead horse.

Should Cain survive (and this appears to be the case at the moment) and go on to win the nomination (or be on the ticket at all), the fact that he has had allegations against him, has been made moot by the same party who has, for decades, lived by scandal and the fact that a sexual scandal is no reason for a candidate or sitting Congressman or sitting President, to leave office (See: Barney Frank and Bill Clinton, and an entire cast of characters). Therefore, they have created a scenario by which, in protecting their own (the DNC and Democrat Political Operatives); they have made it the “norm” for their constituents to look upon this type of scandal as “no big deal”. Fast forward to March (after super Tuesday), and should Cain be in the lead, or say Gingrich, and one or the other look to be heading hand in hand towards a solidified ticket, then Cain would appeal to Democrats across the board who may have had trouble voting for a “typical white man” (sorry Newt), but not for the affable, African-American, Cain.

This particular ticket, (which could, again, go either way), would solidify the
Conservatives, and surprising Democrats desperately seeking an alternative to Obama.
Also of note, the Republican Establishment and their pundits, continue to push Mitt Romney as the front runner, and, with no offense meant to the former Govenor of Massachustts, nothing short of a miracle will get that man past Super Tuesday with enough primary points to seriously continue the campaign.

This means that the Republican Party has more than one front runner, who is totally unacceptable to the Beltway, and totally acceptable to those Conservatives in the party, as well as those outside the Party.

This is not to say it would be a landslide, and that the fight would not get even dirtier (surely David Axelrod’s building must be full of Sharon Bielaks’ or someone else just as horrifying to voters that could be attached to either Newt or Cain.), but most likely to win this general, there will have to be a third party candidate, one that can peal enough votes away from the Republican, and allow the current occupant to win by even 1 point (See Massachusetts, David Axelrod’s testing grounds and the last Governors race). Therefore, a 5 point lead over an incumbent with a third party candidate in play will hardly be enough – that said, a healthy 10 point lead in polls like, for example a Gallup, would indicate that, although a tight race, more than winnable for team GOP. Of course, that all depends on how the candidate’s fortunes turn out – at the moment, in Iowa, the latest poll shows: Cain, Paul, Romney and Gingrich in a virtual tie for 1st.
The interview is worth a listen in its entirety.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shoot-out in DC – Bullets Bounce of White House – National Drive-By Nightmare – Solutions: Education, Chain Gangs, and Pest Control in the Keys

Dillinger, one of the most notorious criminals to come out of the Depression - did not shoot at White House - image: wikipedia

Satire: Possibly

From the Boston Globe: The Secret Service reported that a bullet hit a window of the White House and a round of ammunition was found on the White House grounds, there were two speeding cars involved and an AK 47 “recovered” . The Agency that protects the President noted that these events were not necessarily connected – yet there is an arrest warrant out for one Oscar Ortega-Hernandez.

Welcome to the land of gratuitous violence – and the increasing law enforcement problem with criminals who shoot with abandon, with or without “cause”, using weaponry that is “off the grid”, stolen, or bought illegally. The victims are often unintended – someone sitting in a living room, on a porch, and the apparent abandon with which these wanna bee mobsters conduct their “business” is well chronicled in Massachusetts cities: take Springfield for example.

The City, nestled in the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts has recently racked up its20th murder of the year, which also was the 5th “gun” casualty in 5 weeks. In the last instance, the victim was the target, however, in many instances; it happens to be someone just caught in the line of fire. In fact, if one visits and searches for the key words “shooting victim”, 15,300 articles are returned. The City with a population of roughly 150,000, has recently been ranked using the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report Data from 2010, as the 12th most dangerous city in the U.S.. That places Springfield, MA above DC and Philly on the places one is most likely to get shot, assaulted and or raped.

Crime and the inner city has always gone hand in hand, and as populations shift, the nature of the crimes and the victims change – from the Wild West, to the Unionization of the Gangs of New York (which led to riots which would only embarrasses those who “occupy” Wall Street”), to Chicago’s Red Scare, to the legendary figures: Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde. The rise and fall of the “mafia”, is well chronicled (See Crime Bosses of New England - with all of the aforementioned, one might not find one instance in which a capital building, either state or national, was the unintentional target, in fact there were few unintentional targets.

Map outlining gang activity in U.S. - photo

Today, that is simply not the case, going over the list of articles in the Springfield MA Republican (, one notices more unintended victims than not – and moving to D.C. and the White House – one can almost bet the house that these “criminals” had no clue – they were driving, trying to kill each other, at the same time, there happened to be a large White House, and they most likely did not even know which house it was, let alone the fact that the House holds the President of the United States, his wife and his two daughters. The man for whom the warrant was issued is one Oscar Ortega, a 21 year old, whose family owns a Mexican Restaurant in Idaho Falls – he apparently was in the vicinity of D.C., and has a history of convictions mostly misdemeanors. So what connects this 21 year old, and in some reports, mentally challenged, Iowan to two speeding cars and an AK 47? (Which resulted in shots at the House that Holds the President?) Perhaps he owns a gun, perhaps he was in D.C., and perhaps he was a passenger in one of the two cars that were involved in the incident.

That said, perhaps if Civics were taught along with the archaic study of U.S. History, those driving by the White House, might have known whom it contained. On the other hand, maybe they did.

However, if this is a prevalent practice in D.C. as it is in Springfield MA, and these gangs or say the basic hot head, are bent on shooting someone who as “wronged them”, lacking experience and skill (a basic NRA course, say), chances are – they’ll miss and hit, say the President, or a Senator or a Congressional Representative. All without fully understanding the implications of such an action - because they are educationally challenged when it comes to civics. If one shoots the President, one is then left with the Vice President in Charge – If they understood the implications, they would know that Biden would be at the helm. Not for nothing, and no offense to the Vice President, but if one believes Obama does not instill confidence…..Biden at the helm opens a whole new can of worms. (Writing from a pragmatic, not partisan point of view) This later day “Gang that couldn’t shoot straight”, would have to drive by Congress, and the Senate, before the nation would see the Iron Lady feared so greatly by those in the Middle East, one Hillary Clinton who is fifth in line to the “throne”.)

It is doubtful, however, that there is nothing more to this than typical gratuitous violence run amok. Which brings up the question of how to control this type of behavior – it is obvious that most of the members of these gangs are undereducated (not unlike most students in the U.S.), lack any morals, (given the fact that death and shooting someone apparently are the norm – see any given TV drama), and when caught are sent to a prison, perhaps, perhaps not (depending upon the judge), and once they arrive at prison, are given room, board, televisions, lawyers and the like.

What is needed is reform on multiple levels, from border control (to keep out the gangs of Mexico and Latin America), education reform, and prison reform (from cushy to Devil’s Island) – there’s a growing problem in the South with certain species of reptiles that are not indigenous to the area, and some which are - With budget cuts, and a growing wild life population, one finds that the situation is out of hand. Just watch any number of shows on Animal Planet or National Geographic on those who capture snakes and gators, on a daily basis. They need help. Would not chain gangs, imported form prisons across the land, made up specifically of gang criminals who have shot at a passerby, or the President, not go a long way towards solving two problems?

One - keeping Floridian’s safe from these vermin while two, ridding the nation of a few bad apples? In addition, word would surely spread, and the glamorous life of a gang member who goes to cushy prison, might look a lot less appealing. Of course, this would have to fly with both the ACLU, (who would rush to the defense of said non-straight shooters), and PETA (who would rush to the defense of the reptiles eating both joggers, and the family dog.)

On a serious note; in the past when such “gangs” have formed, or individual criminals that rose to an almost “star” quality (Dillinger for Instance), it was during times when the economy was less than stellar, and those lacking the necessary skills to find gainful employment turned to crime (and yes, there were psychopaths). However, with the economy in tatters, and inflation on the rise, even those of modest means (on welfare, with an EBT card) are finding that they can afford less, and therefore, may resort to less legal, more violent crimes in order to put food on the table. These individuals are also glorified in today’s music, literature and film, which, somehow translates into an excuse.

To Recap: Shut down the borders, teach Civics, mandatory NRA safety classes, fix the economy, or institute workfare (See FDR), and if that fails, those caught in a life of crime, institute environmental pest control chain gangs in the Everglades. Above all: Protect the President – the odds are entirely against these criminals shooting the right 4 individuals before Hillary Clinton could take charge.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gloria Cain Speaks Out – Herman Cain’s Wife - Gracious, Strong and Able

Gloria and Herman Cain - photo

Last night Gloria Cain gave a first interview to Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren – the interview, rather in-depth and probing of Mrs. Cain’s personal life, gave the viewer insight into how strong both the marital and family ties are in the Cain household. What was stressed and came across most clearly is that Mrs. Cain is “no dummy”, and should her husband, Candidate Herman Cain, have given her any indication that he was “guilty” of the slightest allegation, he would have been standing by himself. Although she appeared nervous, this being her first national interview, she also appeared to recover quickly and one can understand, given her answers, why Herman Cain adores his wife and should consider her an asset to his campaign. The third segment introduced the Cain’s children, and their strong attachment to family.

The Video’s appear below:

Part I

Part II

Part III

2012 GOP Update: Newt Gingrich At the Top of the Charts – Latest Poll: Gingrich, Cain, Romney

The brilliant and affiable New Gingrich Tops the GOP Charts - image Letsgetrealblog

From Public Policy Polling: (PDF), latest national poll consisting of 576 Republican Primary Voters (4% very liberal, 3% somewhat liberal, 18% moderate, 39% somewhat conservative and 36% conservative, shows New Gingrich in the lead with 28%, Cain at 25%, and Romney at 18%. The balance of the field in this poll in order of %: Perry (6%), Bachmann, Paul (tied 5%), Huntsman (3%), Johnson and Santorum (tied 1%) and not yet sure rounding out the field at 9%.

A good majority of the questions focused on the fact that Cain has been accused of sexual harassment; the results, a majority believe the allegations are false, and that Cain should stay in the race. Newt Gingrich, who has made what, is touted in the accompanying article by Public Policy Polling, a remarkable gain in a short period. While Romney remains stagnant and/or in this case has lost poll numbers. Perry, despite a solid performance in the last debate, ended up losing % points in this PPP poll.

Although in this point in the game, with approximately 8 weeks before the Iowa Caucus, the polls show a candidates strength (advancing or maintaining % in the polls) or their weaknesses (losing points, or under double digits). That said, this is a very fluid field where a candidate all but given up for “politically dead”, is able to rise to the occasion, by a win in Iowa, or South Carolina, propelling that candidate forward through the South and Midwest come Super Tuesday. From this perspective of the current field, at this time and with this poll, the outcome would be either Gingrich/Cain at the top come Super Tuesday. This is probable should the polling remain the same in regards to the allegations against Cain (plus positive for Cain).

With Newt Gingrich on the top of the polls, one can expect a media assault to begin on the former Speaker, any second. This will be the most highly vetted GOP field in history, given the media’s penchant for the current President, and an obvious distaste for any GOP Candidate (see CNN Reporter asking Obama if the GOP candidates are uninformed, out of touch or just irresponsible (Real Clear Politics video).

Depending upon which side of the political aisle one sits, there is good and bad news - trust in the media (both print and broadcast) is at an all time low according to a recent Gallup “Trust in Institutions” poll, with only 25% trusting Newspapers or TV News.

2012 Massachusetts 6th District – John Tierney (D) Incumbent will Face Challenger - Richard Tisei (R) Announces Candidacy

Richard Tisei to Run for MA6 Congressional District - image Wicked

Massachusetts 6th District Congressional Representative, Democrat, John Tierney, an 8th term incumbent, will face a challenger in the 2012 General election. Richard Tisie, popular former State Representative, and 2010 candidate for Lieutenant Governor, will challenge Tierney. Tisie will announce his candidacy today in Wakefield, MA.

Tisie will face a primary challenge from Bill Hudak, who ran against Tierney in 2010, coming within 35,000 votes of upsetting Tierney with 195 of 204 districts reporting - a margin of 57 to 43% Although a loss, this is significant because Hudak was a newcomer to the political scene running against an entrenched incumbent who was projected to win by a 75% margin. This underscores the fact that Tierney, among other Congressional incumbents in Massachusetts are vulnerable, and as little has changed in the attitude of the electorate since that time, the winner of the primary will have a significant advantage against Tierney in 2012. This is especially true due to the fact that the sixth district is essentially unchanged under the new redistricting plan. The Massachusetts Congressional Delegation was reduced by one, due to heavy population loss, and ten districts were condensed into nine.

The biggest beneficiary of the redistricting effort appears to be incumbent Richard Neal (formerly D-MA2, now D-MA1), and the biggest loser appears to be incumbent, Barney Frank (D-MA4), who lost reliable Democrat centered New Bedford, and gained conservative cities in Worcester County. In 2010 nine of ten Congressional representatives faced a challenger, with four showing similar margins and vote totals(the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 7th district), with the 10th District within only 5 points of an upset. The 10th District, now the 9th District, was given Fall River (precincts), and specifically New Bedford which will make that district ‘s incumbent less vulnerable in 2012.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bachmann and Paul shut out at CBS Debate: CBS Goofs – sends Email to Bachmann Staffers noting Limited Time during Debate

CBS News Debate Moderate Scott Pelley intentional slight of GOP Candidates

From The San Francisco Chronicle article “CBS' 'oops' moment in GOP debate”: Apparently, CBS intended to limit the time allotted to Michelle Bachmann in the debate arena this past Saturday. CBS News’s Political Director sent an email, by mistake, to the Bachmann Campaign detailing the intended slight on the candidate. The reasoning given was Ms. Bachmann’s current standing in the national polls. The format, which was, perhaps the worst in televised debate history, aired the first hour on broadcast, with the last half hour online (obviously not prepared for the traffic, the site crashed.) In addition, during the debate, the CBS moderator, refused to acknowledge or allow a rebuttal to Ms. Bachmann on several occasions, that was seen during the televised debate. At the time, one just assumed that the moderator was just arrogant,or sexist, shutting down Ms. Bachmann who, as a tax attorney, who sits on the Intelligence Committee is more than qualified to answer and pose an articulate response.

Where a candidate may stand in any polls, (see article here on poll methodology used by Marist.) at this point in time is moot, considering that fortunes can and do change in any general election between November and January (General election history proves that the fluidity of political fortunes at this stage, might see a candidate thought to be beyond survival, go on to win the nomination of their party). More time was afforded John Huntsman in this debate, who, with all due respect to the candidate, has a lower standing in the polls than Bachmann.

One must also question, CBS News decision to allow Ron Paul only (89) eighty-nine seconds in the debate on foreign policy. Paul's standing in the polls, according to Real Clear Politics places him 5th, with Bachmann 6th, and Santorum and Huntsman in 7th and 8th respectively. Real Clear Politics combines and averages all polls taken to date in any given election cycle.

It is getting to the point, where a Public Apology by CBS (among other so-called “news” organizations) is due both the campaigns and the general public.

2012 GOP Update – Media on Herman Cain – Bias – Gloria Cain Interview Article - Post Misquotes Own Article on Cain Allegations

In an article on Gloria Cain’s Interview tonight on Fox News’s “On The Record”, The Washington Post noted the following:

In acknowledging that one woman reached a settlement agreement with the National Restaurant Association, where he served as president in the 1990s, Cain said he mentioned to one of his accusers that she was about the same height as his wife, a comment that made it into the sexual harassment complaint, Cain said.

The first sentence, which notes that Cain acknowledged a “settlement agreement” with one of his “accusers”: The words “Settlement Agreement” and the implications implicit legally in “settlement”, as guilt of the accusations, is blatantly misleading, and links to an article published in the Post on November 8th with a quote from Cain that contradicts this statement.

From the Washington Post November 8, 2012:

Cain denied Kraushaar’s allegations at a news conference in Arizona.
“To the best of my recollection, that is the one that I recall that filed a complaint that was found to be baseless,” Cain said. “The accusations made of sexual harassment. They were found to be baseless. There was no legal settlement. There was an agreement between that lady and the National Restaurant Association and it was treated as a personnel matter because there was no basis to her accusations.”

In the statement made on the 8th, Cain does not “acknowledge a settlement”, rather states clearly “There was no Legal Settlement” - there was an agreement. It was, in fact a “severance”, an agreement of separation between employer and employee normally given an employee when there is a “lay-off”.

What is most egregious is the manner in which the media continues to insinuate, insulting (slandering) not only Herman Cain, but the reader (intelligence), who is clearly able to access the original article – with the apparent arrogance of the progressive stance that the “masses” are not smart enough to recall an earlier article, or to have watched a video, listened to a broadcast or read elsewhere the fact that Cain has denied any legal settlement was made.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2012 GOP Debate: CBS News National Journal: Perry, Cain, Gingrich – Dominate Foreign Policy Debate Analysis

GOP 2012 CBS Debate Team - image

The CBS/National Journal debate held last night at Wolford College, in Spartanburg, SC, was a showcase of the eight GOP Presidential Contenders knowledge of foreign policy. CBS News ran the first hour of the debate live on broadcast television, opting for reruns of a popular series rather than run the last thirty minutes on air – instead they moved to an online streaming format, which was choppy, at best. Apparently, they (CBS) did not anticipate the numbers of interested parties trying to watch the last half hour – National Journal’s website temporarily crashed, and it was, to be blunt, torture to watch. The compete video, via Ron Paul's You Tube channel, is shown below.

Newt Gingrich dominated the foreign policy aspect of the debate, he came across as steady and commanding – and, as usual, let the moderator have it when asked about a statement he had made about Romney the day before on a talk show – which had nothing to do with the debate. This “natural Newt Gingrich” is gaining ground, knowledgeable, forthright and taking no prisoners when it comes to the media. This was as expected.
Romney also did well, specifically when it came to speaking about American Exceptionalism and the economy as it relates to national defense.

Herman Cain, was perhaps one of the biggest surprises, he not only held his own, but gave reasonable answers to each question, previewing the quest in with an overview of the topic at hand, then outlining steps he would take. Although the media is calling this weak, the fact that Cain would assemble a top notch team, then look at all the options for a specific issue, makes one comfortable with the fact that he would not go “rogue” and blindly make a decision that would affect the nation. Cain also would “hire” the best and the brightest, those who have actual experience on the job. He more than mastered this portion of the debate and one can bet the house, will be studying foreign policy and those who are experts in the field prior to the next debate.

Rick Perry gave an amazing performance – so much so one had to at first wonder if he sent in a “stunt” double – not one gaffe, strong and commanding, with perhaps the best option regarding foreign aid – proposing that nations all start at zero, and then the U.S. would decide how much to give, depending upon the benefit to the U.S. He apparently has more than recovered from the gaffe made and discussed in the video below from CBS – where he showed an outstanding sense of humor and the ability to switch from jokester to serious politic in a matter of seconds. It remains to be seen if Perry will benefit from the performance in the polls, but one would hazard to guess, the field will now contain 4 top contenders: Cain, Gingrich, Perry and Romney.

The balance of the candidates, Bachmann, Santorum, Paul and Huntsman were also on their game, and at one point, one of the candidates noted that any one of the individuals on the state would make a better president vis a vis foreign policy that the current occupant of the white house (seriously paraphrased). The winners of the debate noted above were based on technical aspects as well as the ability to hold their own in this arena, and keep to the format.

The next two debates will be held as follows:

November 19th (online only) – from Des Moine Iowa, Thanksgiving Family Forum - the family Moderator is pollster, Frank Luntz. The only candidate not confirmed for this debate is Mitt Romney; John Huntsman is also not listed. The time 5 pm Eastern.

November 22 – CNN with The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. The Debate, on National Security will be broadcast on CNN, CNN en EspaƱol, and worldwide on CNN International, CNN Radio and and begin at 8 PM EST.

One can bet the house that CNN will not cut the debate short, and go to a rerun.

Best line of the night: Rick Perry to CBS News Anchor Scott Pelley (Truncated by CBS News):

Entire Video

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