Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Clinton – Obama Transition – Spitting Into the Winds of Hate and Division

The Washington Post has an interesting article regarding the transition of power from President Obama to Hillary Clinton entitled: “The tricky Obama-Clinton handoff begins”. The gist in a nutshell: How Hillary Clinton can assume power from Obama and maintain the same policies as he has in place now, while driving a wedge between the American Public and the newly minted Republican Congress, and at the same time keeping a massive distance between herself and the President. (Washington Post)

Perhaps more aggravating than any concept of a dynasty of political elite assuming they are going to just take the power, pre-election, are the comments made within the article by those in “power” in the DNC.

“President Obama’s legacy is now entirely dependent on the election of a Democratic successor as president who will protect and extend it, not demolish it,” said David Brock, a Clinton ally and chairman of the pro-Democratic super PAC American Bridge. “Should she run, they both now have a common enemy in a Republican Congress that will define politics through 2016.”
(Washington Post)

Common enemy – here we go again, years of backbiting and accusations of us vs. them in a never ending quagmire that is Washington DC and those that believe they “own” the people.

Frankly, whether it be a dynastic figure from the Republicans (think Bush 1, Bush II, the Return of Bush), or a dinosaur from the Democrats, those types of elitists no longer should hold sway with the general public. Those would the people who have hired them.

Should there be political disagreements with sound discourse? Absolutely, but slogans and premeditated malaise is not going to be a welcome respite for the citizens- rather, it was this type of partisan division and the sense of entitlement and ownership among the political elite, that led to more individuals staying home due to sheer depressions, and those voting, having had enough.

They never learn.

Favorite part of this entire article is the point made that no matter who follows Obama as the next Democrat President, rest assured, they will be in lockstep with his policies.

Political Party annihilation for Dummies – should be a new “how to” for those who feel they are above it all.

Monday, November 10, 2014

2016 GOP Update – Ricky Perry in NH, Rand Paul – Mitch McConnell Will Support, Ben Carson to Air Introductory Video

Outgoing Texas Governor, Rick Perrywas in New Hampshire over the weekend, the kickoff of his 2016 “campaign” (not yet announced) – the Real Clear Politics article quotes a NH College republican suggesting they required extra seats, as the interest is intense. Perry is the longest serving Texas governor, and he did not seek re-election this year in favor of a 2016 bid. (US Today)

Meanwhile in Kentucky Mitch McConnell, poised to be the most power man in the Senate, has pledged his support for a Rand Paul 2016 Presidential bid, (or to quote the article) anything Rand Paul has in mind. (Bloomberg)

Lastly, Dr. Ben Carsonwill be airing an hour long (almost) video introducing himself to the American People (Washington Post). The famous pediatric neurosurgeon will tell his story to people is 22 states and the D.C. Dr. Carson has suggested he might run, but has not yet officially announced a campaign for 2016. (ABC News)

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