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GOP 2012 Update – “Top Tier Candidates” skip Fox South Carolina Debate, follow 1999 Examples

Out of the Pack of "Top Tier" candidates: Huckabee, Palin and Trump (not pictured) yet to commit to run - image:

Fox News held the first GOP debate last evening in South Carolina – the debate featured Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty – absent the field of “GOP Potential Candidates: Huckabee, Romney, Palin, Bachman, Trump and Gingrich. The prevailing theory is that the Fox hosted debate was more of a loss for Fox News, rather than the GOP field, as those Top Tier “Candidates” have not yet announced. The question remains, when will these much ballyhooed candidates decide? The answer obviously is when they are ready pending current obligations and strategy.

From Politico: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee told a group of freshman congressional representations this past week that he had not yet decided one way or the other and would make his decision this summer. The prevailing theory is that with Huckabee, Palin and Trump particularly, there are media contracts in place which would prevent them from announcing sooner, unless these contracts were dissolved.
What’s the rush? The debate process a mere decade ago began in the later end of 1999 - George Bush, who went on to win the GOP nomination, skipped the first two debates which begin in October 1999, and although he announced an exploratory committee in March of that year, did not firmly commit until the summer. Bush went on to win the nomination, after announcing later than McCain, and skipping two of the first debates – he had to work harder on the ground in the primary states, but was able to raise funds and observe the other candidates, plain strategy. The early debates and announcements began in 2007 with the emergence of Barack Obama as a candidate for the Presidency, prior to that, the announcement, exploratory and debate process got off to a later start.

Does it really matter when Huckabee, Palin or Trump decide to run and formally announce? Not in the grander scheme of things. A question asked at the Fox debate of the attending candidates was (Paraphrasing): There are certain (people, groups) who feel that Barack Obama is unbeatable, do you feel that he is vulnerable in any way? The answers, resoundingly from those present were – yes, and the main reason, the economy.

It will be the economy, the lack of transparency, the appearance of indecisiveness and the inability of the administration to get any story straight, regardless of the import, or lack thereof, that has both left and right thinking American’s thinking strongly about the alternatives. There are polls which show the President’s job approval rating at all time lows, polls that contradict whether or not he got a “bounce” from the Bin Laden incident, and polls that indicate the birth certificate issue is still alive. The fact that so many are now questioning whether or not the demise of the Al Queda leader, Bin Laden was “staged” is, in a word, stunning. Therefore, it does not really matter if one announces in March or in August, it really does not matter if they have the “billions” the President is hoping to have in his “war chest” for reelection – what will matter is that the individual who breaks from the “pack” by September or October of this year, is one who is decisive, has a clear understanding of the economy and who is less “Washington” - being able to convince the general public, not just the Republican’s and Republican leaning Independents, that they are capable and additionally willing (key word) to take on the task of running the nation as the top CEO. It will be someone who comes across as Decisive, and that is, if nothing else at this point, any one of the ten or so individuals announced and unannounced.

The fact that the news organizations,ABC, CBS, CNN and Fox included, are pushing so hard for the sake of ratings, has little to do with the final choices made by the candidates and those who support them – It may be Donald Trump who ends up leading the field (he appears, despite the naysayers to be a serious candidate), it may be Mike Huckabee, or Sarah Palin, or it may be a soft-spoken, decisive Governor from Minnesota, one Tim Pawlenty, or a perennial presidential candidate Ron Paul, who takes the lead. It will, in this opinion, however, be a candidate who is decidedly not connected to Washington – which has become synonymous with greed, indecision and a quest for power, not service. Therefore, when the field of contenders finally forms this summer (and that is when all will know for certain who is in and who is out), then the debates will draw ratings, the speculation and dirt will fly, and the 2012 election season will get underway. What is hoped is that should Trump, Palin, Romney and Huckabee all enter the race, that this debate season, equal time will be given to those who, although considered by the “pollsters” to be less likely to win a nomination, be heard.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Minnesota Senate Passes SF509 – Voter ID Requirements – Offers Free ID’s – The Quest for the Pure Election.

Previous Ohio Voters - image and article Sandusky

The Minnesota Senate passed SF 509 (see page 16 PDF for text), a bill requiring voters present a valid photo id prior to casting a ballot in the State of Minnesota. There was a party line vote, followed by the usual hue and cry regarding “disenfranchisement of voter”, by the mere act of asking someone to identify themselves prior to casting a ballot. The argument that many voters do not have photo identification cards has been made moot by the bill, which also requires that those without a photo id be issued one “free of charge” .

U.S. Citizens, one would think, who are of an age to vote, would have some sort of photo identification, which is required for almost everything, from high school and college ids to ids required at amusement parks, drivers licenses, and photo id’s issued for those who do not have a desire to drive or passports. Most are based on: a social security number, which, granted, can be stolen or forged, however, this may definitely be a step in the direction of fraud at the voter booth when it comes to charges of “deceased or ineligible voters (those who have moved out of state), somehow voting in certain state elections (See 116,000 plus voters on Massachusetts roles, which apparently does not concern the MA Secretary of State, Democrat William Galvin – nationwide over 16 million voters in 2010 were either deceased or had fled high tax states (editorial), with Massachusetts continuing to hold a large number on the rolls. The refusal to clear these rolls by the MA Secretary of State, is part and parcel of the “course” in the “Bluest State” (or a contender for that moniker with California, etc.), where no photo ID is required to vote, one must merely state one’s address and name, and get granted a ballot.

The fact of the matter is that when one votes, it is a right and a privilege as a citizen, and when one votes fraudulently or casts a fraudulent ballot, it makes a mockery of the system, and disenfranchises those who are actually eligible to vote. In States where political parties trump rules and the rights of the individual, regardless of party, are cast aside for the maintenance of “power”, it is a crime (literally) and, at the same time, shows no confidence in that political party by those who are in power. If one believes in their base or political ideology as perfect, then it follows that one would believe that their fellow citizens would be inclined to agree and vote a straight party ticket. That is of course, if those who have the ability to leave the dead to vote, and oppose voter id, had faith that their party would survive with an honest voting system.

Therefore, Kudos to the Minnesota House and Senate for putting together a bill that requires each vote count, while ensuring those who are said to be “disenfranchised” (or too poor to buy an identification card) receive a voter ID card, free of charge. This should be the rule in each and every one of the fifty states and those territories (Guam and Puerto Rico) which vote in general elections.

Currently out of 50 states, only 4 (previously 3) require a photo id when voting , (Pew), however, those who cannot show photo ID are allowed to cast a “provisional ballot”, which is then judged eligible or ineligible by either a board, a town clerk, or other method. It appears that Minnesota would have few “provisional ballots cast, if any, given that Free Voter Id cards would be available. This further cuts the potential for fraud.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Oh Canada! Conservative Pro-Business, Anti-Tax Party Takes the Helm, Largest Supplier of Oil to U.S. will Not Block Northern Gateway Tanker Traffic.

Why both nations have the ability to stimulate economies quickly...

Canadians held elections on Tuesday, putting the conservative Tories Party firmly in control of the government. According to Reuter’s, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, now has a Party majority in the Canadian Parliament, and plans on moving forward with a pro-business agenda, starting with oil.

Canada’s oil industry should benefit – The oil sands industry has “massive resources” in Alberta, and has realized a “surge in income” with rising crude prices (Globe and Mail).

Canada, according to the Reuters report, is the largest exported of oil to the U.S., and interestingly, there are seven provinces where oil and natural gas are produced.
U.S. Domestic Production in Alaska, has been stalled by the EPA, and although the U.S. has imposed bans on drilling, an article form Institute for Energy notes that other oil producing countries are not following suit – including Mexico, China and Cuba, with the later drilling within 40 miles of the U.S. Coast.

The largest Oil Producing States in the U.S. are Texas, North Dakota (who’s recent surge in crude production places is bound to overtake production in both) Alaska and California (Alaska Daily News).

Understanding that between the Canadian and the hampered U.S. oil Industry, (which is capable of being self-sustaining), the need for importing crude from the Middle East is questionable. Should the U.S. bans on drilling (offshore, shale fields etc.) be lifted or modified to allow for production, and should the U.S. invest in more refineries, the price per barrel would fall dramatically. Referring to the pre-2008 election in the U.S. when oil prices had skyrocketed (not as severely as today) several Texas Republican House Members stayed in session while the Democrats under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership, shut down the house, and literally shut off the lights, as the days then weeks went on, the Speaker called the house back into session, and began discussions on lifting of oil drilling bans. The result, within a week, prices has fallen, based on the speculation that oil would be flowing through the U.S.

What the Canadian’s apparently understand is business and national survival are part and parcel, while the United States is, at the present time, apparently less concerned about the price of gasoline pushing past $5.00. Although Canadians do pay more for gasoline, it is, one would suggest, a lack of refineries in both nations that presents the biggest problem. Though one can hardly blame those in the oil industry who would build more refineries, as the ability to drill for oil, and then refine and shore up supplies of gasoline (driving down the cost at the pump), may not be in their financial best interest given the fickle nature of the governments ban on drilling, when the mood suits - the fact remains we need more refineries online.

As the U.S. focuses on “Green Businesses”which are yet proven to be capable of meeting consumer demands, We currently have 137 oil refineries online (, and the only new refinery planned (or funded by the U.S. Government) is in Columbia (the nation to our south) Apparently, no new refineries have been built in the U.S. Since 1976 and without the ability to refine the oil into gasoline and other products, the prices will remain sky high.

Canada, however is not standing still, with the latest planned refinery in Edmonton approve this year, as they have far fewer refineries than the U.S. at 10 total,one would think that between the two nations oil supplies, it would behoove both to boost refinery capacity in order to really stimulate the economies – instead of laying off refineries and exporting the oil elsewhere: as of 2008, the U.S. was exporting 1.8 million barrels ad day.

More drilling, more refineries, less exports, more domestic stimulus – Perhaps our Northern Neighbors will get it right, and in some perfect universe where the EPA and the minds of the Congress and a pro-economy Executive branch meet, so will the U.S.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Trump 2012 Update: Trump Offers Congratulations to Obama via Facebook, Cancels Letterman, Obama caught in Conundrum

Donald Trump Offers Presidentialesque Statement on Osama Bin Laden - image

Donald Trump, 2012 GOP “potential” Presidential Candidate offered the following gracious statement via his public Donald Trump Facebook page

Donald J. Trump

"I want to personally congratulate President Obama and the men women of the Armed Forces for a job very well done. I am so proud to see Americans standing shoulder to shoulder, waving the American flag in celebration of this great victory.
We should spend the next several days not debating party politics, but in remembrance of those who lost their lives on 9/11 and those fighting for our freedom. God Bless America.”

The statement is nothing if not measured, and given Trump’s recent treatment by the press, and those “celebrities” who have need of airtime, it is proof that Donald Trump calls them like he sees them – and when he feels it is appropriate to be more “diplomatic” he absolutely can be a great negotiator and in this case mediator.

However, it appears that when he feels one of those “celebrities” (politician’s included in that descriptive) has gone a bit too far – he gets them where it hurts the most: ratings!

Trump has cancelled an appearance on Letterman according to Trump was schedule to appear on Letterman at the end of May, (when it is expected he will announce his Presidential bid) but Letterman’s comments regarding Trump as a racist, has given Donald Trump pause – as it should, and he cancelled forthwith.

The calls of racism whenever anyone so much as dares to challenge the current President has reached new heights – apparently – it is the new slogan for the Presidents 2012 campaign – “Vote for me, or you’re a Racist!” – at least according to “Hollywood”.

Who actually doubts the capture and kill of Bin Laden, besides a growing number of individual American’s from all political parties, who have a deep distrust of the Obama administration? The rest of the world: Sky News latest headline: “Can U.S. Offer Final Proof Of Osama’s Death? is one such article. Another, which has made the Drudge Report Top Headline this morning: From Perth Australia “U.S. May Have to Release Photo of Osama Bin Laden’s Body”.

Articles and quotes such as the above, regardless of source, appear to give a vote of “no confidence” in the current administration. The fact of the matter is that Trump’s measured response was most appropriate. As to who should take the “credit” for the demise of Osama, that is, also, apparently, up for grabs.

Obviously, without the mechanisms put into place by President Bush, there would have been little to go on vis a vis, finding Osama. As to the U.S. forces who ran a mission of such danger, in order to bring Osama to justice, they deserve the highest of credit. Obama, as President and Commander in Chief, gave the order to go ahead, something one can tell by the photo of the “situation room”, horrified the man (see photo below). Yet, for the President, it was either give the order to kill the man or let Osama escape yet again. Thus taking a chance that if he knew where Osama was, and failed to pull the trigger, then it was a matter of time before WikiLeaks did and published such knowlege, in October of 2012. He was, in effect, stuck between a rock and a hard place, and having to make that tough decision he did. Therefore, to that one must give him the credit. As to what took place in between and going forward, the handling of the situation, it is yet to play out. One thing is certain, if the United States had enemies in the Middle East prior to this weekend, triple that.

Now, Pakistan is claiming violation of sovereignty and the Pakistani’s are rallying to honor Bin Laden. This too, is on the President, just as much as the decision to pull the trigger.

Situation Room Photograph Notice Obama's Expression - Horror image Drudge Report

If, as some believe, it was a well-timed, faked political stunt, then the ramifications are extreme. As Radical Islamist Clerics are waiting for the return of the 12th imam, should Osama be seen to “rise” after his “untimely death”, all Hades would break loose. However, there is, without doubt, the fact that the Navy Seals would not have involved themselves in a mission that would have failed, and a shoot to kill, not capture, Osama bin Laden took place. As to the dumping of the body at sea, it is reported that no other countries wanted the body. If by giving proof, (as in the photos’ being too graphic or the video of the burial), would satisfy those who are nay saying, then so be it, but with caution, as it would, at the very least, inflame those tensions already in place by those who have hated all infidels since 600 AD. It is truly a conundrum for the President.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Obama Gets Osama – Bin Laden Rumored to have been Buried at Sea

From Real Clear Politics: last evening, President Obama made a televised statement that he had given the order to kill Osama Bin Laden. In the Statement, delivered at approximately 11:30 Eastern, the President told the American People and the word that the infamous mastermind behind so many attacks on the U.S., specifically the attack on our nation on September 11th, had been killed in by U.S. forces in Pakistan. It was a joint venture between the Pakistani and U.S. Government. Immediately following the announcement crowds gathered in celebration accross the nation. It has been reported that the President first called Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, prior to the announcement. Bush offered a written statement:

Former President George W. Bush, who was in office on the day of the attacks, issued a written statement hailing bin Laden's death as a momentous achievement. "The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done," he said. “

President Obama spoke briefly and to the point, (after the news media (FOX, CNN, etc.) had broken the story at approx. 10:45), (paraphrasing) “Justice has been done”.

Points to Obama for having the wherewithal and guts to pull the trigger; the search for Osama Bin Laden spanned a decade, and could have, ended differently, with a capture and release which had happened in the past. Obama is to be applauded for taking the initiative on behalf of the United States.

Campaigns, partisan leanings, the economy and disagreements on policy aside, one must give credit where credit is due – Obama kept his eye on the prize, and successfully gave the orders to complete a mission, a decade after the attacks on U.S. soil.

It has also been reported that Osama bin Laden was buried at sea, as no country would want him enshrined within their boundaries, this was carried out by the United States.

A clear message was delivered on Sunday May 1, 2011: “Don’t Tread on Me”.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

2012 GOP Update: Huckabee Not Out of the 2012 Race

From Newsmax (normally consider the source, but….), Mike Huckabee has vehemently stated that the rumors of not running with the 2012 GOP Pack of GOP Presidential GOP hopeful nominees has been “greatly exaggerated”. A report coming from a “staff” member in South Carolina last week indicated they were told to shut down, as there would be no campaign. Huckabee quickly responded.

Fox News is now pressuring Huckabee to make a decision, due to the fact that if it appears he is pursuing his bid on the network, Fox would be forced to give equal time to all candidates – a meeting is apparently scheduled within the next few weeks.

One thing that is missing from every single story regarding any candidate who is “sitting on the fence” so to speak is the following: Prior to 2007, candidates rarely announced before summer, and George W. Bush in 1999, announced late in August (causing a bit of a hubbub with other candidates who had declared earlier in June) – Bush, as noted went onto win the nomination. Therefore, Huckabee is clearly in the race – and he should be:

One: Huckabee polls better than any other candidate overall, regardless of the pollster, lately he is tied with Donald Trump (who is also serious, despite the Press, of mounting a bid). Two: he knows history and politics, and has no need to do anything other than take his time and watch his competition. Huckabee is no fool when it comes to politics, and there are several factors to consider. Of the top runners: Romney simply cannot carry the nomination, neither will Gingrich or Santorum (the two who have announced) Bachman, although popular, will also not make it past the east or west coast (although it appears there are ten states there, which Obama may take in 2012, and that’s it. Therefore, for now, Huckabee is in the catbird seat.

To this blog it would be highly unusual if Huckabee does enter the race sooner than he would like, but it is apparent he will be entering the race.

Trump Booed At White House Press Correspondents Dinner – Is Anyone Surprised?

Trump at White House Correspondence Dinner, end result, the limelight, depsite press best intention - go to Donald Trump - imgae

From the Huffington Post: Donald Trump, 2012 potential GOP Presidential candidate was “booed” on the "Red Carpet" prior to the annual “White House Correspondence Dinner” by members of the press. – This even is is normally seen on C-Span each year but this year was aslo carried by MSNBC (similar ratings overall). The dinner, a nod to the correspondents (journalists?) who cover the White House for a variety of media outlets both in print and on-air, as well as a smattering of political figures and “celebrities, normally features a comedian who will lampoon the administration and or members of Congress or the Senate, plus the President of the United States who indulges in a comedy routine, which pokes fun of himself and or his administration. Each year, the Association also chooses new “board members”, a scholarship award and a journalism award.

Normally the President and or comedian does his best to lampoon both himself and administration, this year, Obama took a departure of sorts, the first to lampoon Trump, in regards to the “birth certificate issue, asking if he would next be looking into Rosewell, etc. and so forth, as well as doing a stint on himself and the much “ballyhooed teleprompter”. Obama, in the event of losing his day job, may make a fairly good stand up comic, given the performance last evening.

That said, the press corp, which is supposed to be the impartial watchdog between government and the people, apparently could not contain themselves vis a vis hiding their true feelings regarding this president any longer, and when Donald Trump arrived, he was heartily “booed” on the red carpet.

We know that the press is supposed to be impartial, but anyone alive in the last 40 years, understands that it is decidedly not, and is, if anything more biased that any left leaning devotee - that said this was a tad extreme.

And it fuels: the more distaste for anyone who is a candidate in 2012 or may be which is aimed at that individual - the press and their obvious bias towards this particular president is more then perceived by those watching the "event". Like two year olds on the playground, this morning’s offerings (see Huffington Post, or any other of the articles), it is a proud moment for those members who booed Donald Trump, and a less than proud moment for the American people who were (the small percentage) watching the dinner and or expecting nothing less from this bunch or any other journalist.

The What if’s

It does appear that every time Donald Trump is called out for Being Donald Trump, from dropping the F-Bomb (al la Dick Cheney), it is scandal for the Beltway Republicans and fodder for news organizations. Trump being booed by those who are clearly enamored of one President and have lost site of the profession they were supposed to be wedded, ,makes the general public suddenly looks harder at Trump. The average middle class man or woman who is seeing their savings depleted, the high cost of food and fuel cutting into even necessities, look at Donald Trump and the treatment he is receiving and


One thing about Donald Trump, he identifies with the regular guy – for someone who is “very smart and very rich”, his braggadocio is forgiven when he talks about saving the country and the economy. It could also be his background - being from Queens New York and all. Apparently the Press Corp. did not get that memo. Over the past weeks, the more Trump is excoriated by either the right or the left, his stock goes up with the voting public – except for one recent Fox News Poll, Trump has consistently led the pack of would be’s once his name was added to the list of potentials across the spectrum of pollsters.

One can imagine, when in 2013, should the press continue is inane assault on Trump, and should he receive the GOP nomination and go forward and beat the most beatable incumbent (and he is beatable, and growing more so every day – see gas and food), those Press members may end up in a room with Donald Trump as the sitting President. The vitriol from the press (which is, honestly, as bad if not worse than that dished out to Palin (and now Bachman), will do nothing but show the mettle of the man; if he calls them out in his usual style, or if he plays it cool, as he did with conservative columnist Charles Beltway Krauthammer, and yet preservers’, then the people, who find him so refreshing, will continue to support “The Donald” and the dinner in 2013 will be nothing but uncomfortable for that very same press (or for those left in attendance - the rest will be in therapy.)
Will they never learn?

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