Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fools!

There are more than can be imagined.

A few things have my attention:

The United States is planning to test a bunker busting bomb in Nevada. This is a big bomb, able to penetrate and destroy the enemy up to a certain depth. (They may have to figure out how to make a really big bomb that can blow a hole through the earth to make sure they reach the other side - just in case)

Meanwhile, the AP reported that Iran had tested a long range missile that is capable of evading radar!

Oh Joy in Tehran!

This was first reported from the AP yesterday on the NY times website, followed about 5 hours later by a one-liner on Fox. Perhaps the powers that be feel that this is not that big of a story, and or that credibility may be lacking (given the sources)

Ah Spring!

Of course these missiles are only able to reach limited targets; Israel and US Bases in the Middle East. One would think that this type of event would be given more ink. Give it time. Is it a stretch of the imagination to consider the possibility that Iran has the time and the capital to develop a weapon capable of reaching oh, Europe?

Meanwhile, Europe sleeps, content in the knowledge that it has enough problems trying to cope with the massive unemployment and inability to assimilate the rather large Muslim population. 1939 revisited.

The United States seems to be faced with a homegrown insurgency that has everyday American's a bit put off and our politicians in handcuffs. Apparently illegal immigrants who come here to work the farms, rape, pillage and deal drugs feel perfectly comfortable massing in the thousands and flying their flag above the flag of the United States.

The flag of Mexico (also note New York City, multiple flags flying)

Being a first generation American of Spanish decent I find this offensive and appalling. Why? My father came here from Spain, legally, applied for citizenship, and valued the ability to speak out on social issues without getting thrown into jail (sometimes). Of course, that was the 1950's. Sixty years later, we have cleaned our house, somewhat and we need to evolve. How?

First, The United States Need Border Control: Border control in the form of a rather large and forbidding fence; with the national guard to back up the border patrol. This would stop some of the influx of illegal aliens into our country. Not all Mexicans entering this country are here with bad intent, obviously, the percentage of those types of illegal individuals is relatively small. That said, a Guest Worker program is a grand idea - one we already have in place. It's called a work visa. People from other countries desiring to work in the United States routinely apply for these visas. They also renew them as needed. Did someone neglect to tell the Mexican people that these little visas were available? Enforcing existing laws would control and legitimize the guest workers in our country all in the hopes of weeding out terrorists.

So What's up with Mexico? Honestly, it all boils down to this: They are still a bit upset off that they lost a war several hundred years ago that made the southwest part of the United States of America. The property in question, therefore, does not belong to Mexico. They are in denial.

All of the above may be the reason that Newt Gingrich (no fool) is smiling so broadly these days. He understands opportunity and he understands the American people. 2006 is a grand opportunity for the Republican party and he knows it. Right now, the line is heavily favoring the Republican party to maintain and pick up seats - again.

I'd trust Vegas over the NY Times any day of the week.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

On being a Mother

Motherhood - it is not a duty or a right, rather
it is a privilege.

I am privileged.

My daughter is a beautiful soul.

Mother emotions of pride, fear, anticipation and anxiety are constant company.

Fretting about mistakes that can be made; while not knowing exactly which path to take is part and parcel of leading ones precious child through the pitfalls of childhood, into adolescence and to adulthood.

All without guidelines and hopefully the correct instinct.

There is no greater love.

I know that for a fact.

My daughter is my friend, my confidant, my pride, my joy, my gift from the Almighty for which I am eternally grateful.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Ah Spring!

Daylight savings is just around the corner and temperatures are rising in the northeast. We may even see a 50 to 60 degree Monday! Elsewhere:

The Washington Post's Blog Red America is on hiatus due to the alledged (did he or did he not) plagiarism of Ben Domenech. With a dirth of savvy conservative bloggers out there, one would assume that the Post could find someone who had original material in hand. Now it is also safe to assume that having failed miserably in trying to offer an alternative point of view, the Post will take its time replacing Mr. Domenech, or not bother replacing him at all. By exposing Mr. Domenech the Post has given many young progressives (and of course, the usual old progressives)new ammunition. They can now point to the fact that all conservatives are somewhat underhanded, or here's an original thought: George Bush did it!

Elsewhere: As massive anti-legal immigration ralley's took place across the nation, counter-protesters were assaulted in Indiana. Part of the pamphlet being handed out by the pro-illegal immigration forces reads in part: (IFIRE is the anti-illegal immigration group) "IFIRE is part of a movement in this country that includes the Minutemen, the KKK and other working class groups. They must be stopped not only for the sake of the immigrants but for the unity of the working class as a whole"

The working class - now where have we heard that before?

The year was 1917.

Russia, Revolution, Murder, Socialism, Communism

Grab a history book. (Preferably one written before 1970)

Oh! Canada!

Abdul Rhaman is set to be released. As Afghanistan's Mullahs called for his beheading on Friday; human rights activist such as Pope Benedict and Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper called for his release. Mr. Rhaman is a convert to Christianity and under Muslim Laws, that's worthy of a beheading. The defense is claiming insanity. Mr. Rhaman is not yet out of the proverbial woods. The press, of course, is either ignoring this altogether or excusing the Mullahs. Where are our leader's in congress and the White House. Either more silent than the press or offering little in the way of support for a Christian facing a beheading.

With the exception of a few conservatives in this country, blogging away with gusto, there would be little coverage.

MSNBC devoted at least 15 minutes to a cat falling out of a tree on Friday night.

Now that's news.

I'm embarrassed for both parties and the administration of this country; but especially the media. If they are true progressives, as they claim to be, where is the outrage?

This is an event that effects 85% of this country's population.

It should be worthy of a mention. Sadly, the local paper declines. I am afterall, in Western Massachusetts.

Speaking of the local paper, tough times! Representatives of the Daily Rag were seen hawking discount subscriptoins outside of the local Wal-Mart yesterday.

Since when does the all-powerful only game in town daily paper have to set up booths in every supermarket and outside Wal-Marts begging passerby's for a moment of their time? Free for 13 weeks!

They should save the manpower and do what the New York Times and the Boston Globe are doing. They are using the time tested method of telemarketing!

Clue to the DNC: Take back your seats: Come out in favor of human rights on a global scale (see man in Afganistan to lose head over choice of regligion). Where's Jimmy Carter? Al Gore? Ted Kennedy? Agree with the President on his Social Security Program (not only is the program good, but this would absoltly throw the RNC off their game!); buck The president all the way on his immigration policy. Take a tougher stance on border patrol, renounce guest worker programs and amnesty for the sham that it is - instead: put forth legislation that allows those with visas to apply for citizenship within a years time and knock the price down from approximately $800, to say, $50. There's some fairly simple math involved in this: the US wins.

If the DNC would be the party of my father (a Spanish immigrant who applied for a visa, became a union organizor, civil rights activist, DNC party member and citizen, proud American citizen) those are the steps it would take: strategically correct and morally unimpeachable.

Ah Spring!

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