Monday, January 11, 2016

What do Ted Cruz, Barack Obama and John McCain have in common?

Barack Obama, John McCain and Ted Cruz have all come under scrutiny over their right to be or become the President of the United States under the Constitution vis a vis where they were born. Under the Constitution it states one must be a natural born citizen, however, that clause includes the roles of one’s parents. Therefore if one’s mother or father is a citizen, they are considered natural born.

When Ted Cruz recently released his mother’s birth certificate the document clearly states his mother was a citizen of the United States, therefore Cruz is indeed a natural born citizen. (CBS News)

John McCain, who ran the unsuccessful campaign in 2008 against then Senator Barack Obama, had his birth origins challenged, being born in Panama, but having parents that were U.S. citizens. McCain, has forgotten that jab, however, as he is now questioning Senator Cruz’s eligibility (Daily Kos)

Finally, unless on has been living under a rock, our President, Barack Obama had his citizenship questioned, as his father was not a US citizen and he spent some of his childhood outside of the US – however his mother was clearly a US Citizen. . (Politico).

It is the season of campaigns, and of course, if one is chasing a front runner or is not liked by those who live in glass houses, one has to prove themselves.

All three men, and there were others, have been questioned on their ability to run for the highest office in the land based solely on their birth.

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