Monday, February 09, 2015

Winter Thoughts on a Crowded GOP Field

Cabin Fever – when one longs to take a walk, anywhere, without seeing 10 foot snow drifts! As one wrestles with t he flight or stay and fight the snow – thoughts turn to spring, and well, with that comes more of 2016. Announcement pending early to late spring s to who is serious about running for the GOP nomination.

One would understand that the GOP is rather crowded now, with those who have hinted but not yet announced, while the Democrat side of the equation has three or four at best, with one crowned early as the foregone conclusion –in other words, nothing could be more boring on that side. On the GOP side however, there is an added advantage to a crowded field, that being an exchange of ideas, as well as a winnowing of those who might not withstand the rigors of a good competition.

Therefore, when one ears oh, the field is a mess, it is too crowded, and they are in disarray – that translates into a better primary with lots of choices for those who would prefer to have choices.

Paul, Rubio, Walker, Bush, Perry, to name a half handful, all diverse and all bringing something to the table, which makes for a lively 2016 contest. Personally, I’d rather the crowded field to a foregone conclusion. The one who weathers best, makes the most sense should be better suited to taking on a campaign against those who are not prepared. Not prepared by being pre-selected, and pre-vetted by their own, rather than by the public.

Makes life more interesting.

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