Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Cruz and the Simpson Audition – Having a Sense of Humor Trumps!

Ted Cruz, 2016 GOP Presidential candidate has auditioned for the Simpsons the LA times has the video here in case you missed it. In this clip, Cruz shows his humble side – able to poke fun at himself and be contemporary at the same time – smart and actually quite funny.

It is a different side of Cruz, one that makes him more likable than not (unless one is a party progressive purist, then Ted Cruz could walk on water, and it would not be worth their time). In the 24/7 news cycle, with Isis possibly attacking on the 4th of July, Greece about to collapse the Euro, and Puerto Rico also going bankrupt, the horror stories one here’s, murder, etc. every day, regardless of where one lives, it is as if the entire world has gone insane, and yet, for a minute at least, a man who one knows is the smartest guy in the room, takes time out to be entertaining.

For a take no prisoners Cruz, look to his interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper (here) where he is comfortable in any setting and runs the interview rather well, considering that Tapper tries, and fails to get a rise out of Cruz. He stands up for who he is, and that is refreshing.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Benefits of a Walk in the Wood

A Washington Post article onthe mental health and wellbeing achieved by a nature walk, is rather interesting. Researchers found that a walk in the park, rather than a walk along a crowded highway produced different results in the brains of test subjects! (Washington Post) Seriously, imagine walking down a crowded highway – one’s mind might not be on any beauty around, rather, more on keeping one’s life. Walking in a lovely park, on the other hand, might produce a feeling a peace, and well-being, what with the beauty of the songbird, and or bubbling brook.

Yet a study had to be conducted to determine exactly that. Boggles the mind a bit – Getting away from it all, even for a short break, allows one to really look hard at their surroundings, a lovely garden, a child at play, or if allowed the time, the beauty of a large pine, or oak, the majesty of the sun and sky overhead breaking rays of sun through the crowded fields. It is walking in God’s world and viewing nature as undefiled as possible, that offers a human time to think or not think at all, rather look at explore. It is the ultimate mental health break.

As often as possible, a trip to a local park with ample trails allowing off-leash hounds, is as close to perfection as one can find – an hour or two in the wood offers both peace of mind as well as exercise. The added bonus of not beige tied to a computer or smart phone during this time allows for the brain to rid itself of the jumble of the day or the week ad just breath.

Now, of course, it’s confirmed by science.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Ted Cruz Righteous Against Karl Rove – Meanwhile in Greece and Puerto Rico...

The morning papers are having some fun with the “spat” between Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Karl Rove (the architect of the Bush brigade) over Cruz’s assertion in his new book, that Rove told him to back off an endorsement by President H. Bush, given the man’s age, and a current race tied to donations to the Presidential library. Rove said Cruz flat out lied, Cruz pulled the emails from 2009. (Dallas Morning News) Score Cruz 1 – Rove 0 – Cruz is turning out to be one of the most interesting contenders for the 2016 prize –the other, Bernie Sanders, VT-Democrat Socialist or Socialist Democrat – is giving Clinton a run for her money – and best bet is he surpasses her in the polls and stays there.

Over the weekend, the nation of Greece decided to close its financial institutions for six days given it’s ongoing battle with those who hold the purse strings to a nation that has no ability to stop guaranteeing work, vacation and pensions to one and all – the system is a house of cards when that nation also has little in the way of exports. This affects all global markets. (The Guardian UK)

Next up on the possible default list – Puerto Rico - whose Governor announced they simply cannot pay their debts, many of which are tied to municipal bonds (hello – 401k’s) – His suggestion that “creditors must now “share the sacrifices” that he has imposed on the island’s residents.” Is par for the Democrat Padilla – to read more on this on- see article in the New York Time (New York Times)

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