Friday, September 27, 2013

Another Step in the Direction of National Health Care at the Hands of the GOP – What is a Government Shutdown? – CA Unions Funding Republicans!

Today is another emotional day for the millions of American’s who are hoping against hope that their erstwhile elected officials in the Senate, will once again, vote “Nay” on Cloture to give them breathing from furthering the start of the Affordable Health Care Act. The tweets at #MakeDCListen are no longer trending on Twitter, yet, they are active, and they are desperate. It is a question of how many people who are not on “twitter” who are silently and sadly waiting for the other shoe to drop – they are neither partisan one way or the other, merely afraid of their own government and what it will do to their health care.

The fault, according to the GOP Senators on the Floor is all Ted Cruz’s, the Senator from Texas who dared to buck the system in an attempt to tell the world for as long as he could, the reasons why Obama care should be brought back to the table and amended (fixed) – but the House Majority Leader Harry Reid, refused and has the unlimited power to do so. Those railing against Obama, as the President, should choose another, more culpable individual – that would be Harry Reid, who is in more powerful position than the President. One might guess that there will be a challenge to Reid in the next election cycle he faces. One might also guess that with his support of this bill, he will join Tom Daschle. He and McCain and those colleges of Cruz, Lee and whoever dared to step on the toes of the Washington ruling class.

Those might think it is just the “crazy tea-party” that is concerned over this ridiculous bill – not so:

The open letter from Jimmy Hoffa, Teamsters Union President, (click here to read), sound word for word, as if it were taken from part of Senator Cruz’s 22 hour and 19 minute call to his Senate Colleges to stop this bill in its Tracks. Those are strange bedfellows one might think.

What is even more startling is what some might see as an upheaval of sorts. The Unions looking towards Republican’s to bail them out of the muck and mire of the economy that this present course of action by the Democrats has wrought. From the Sacramento Bee – the headline screams Teachers union, SEIU open wallets to California Republican Party - , the article godson to point out that both unions (local to CA and that specific area), are donating heavily to the CA Republican Party.

What so many Republican’s have done is the past is despicable – they have railed against the unions, or played down endorsement requests, to their detriment. There is a broad divide in all unions between the national office (which is hard line progressive) and those many field chapters who are the “regular folk”, working class, suffering just like those non-union members. On a local level they may want to endorse a rising national Republican figure, or a local figure yet, add yet, those have, to a majority refused the invitation to “walk “with the local members – This is a symbolic gesture that cements a relationship between the candidate and the local –one that shows the individual by walking with the members, is in solidarity with them, and understand their needs.

How foolish of so many candidates – so fearful of the wrath of the GOP, that they would deny the members and themselves a benefit of mutual understanding – the GOP and the DNC would be reversed.

A source, in the SEIU, (ok, a relative) suggested that the one-time Presidential Candidate, Mike Huckabee, when asked to walk with a union (SEIU local) in the Pacific Northwest, declined, so they endorsed the Democrats. What a shame – Huckabee, in 2008, could have save the GOP from the embarrassment of John McCain.

Now, those union members are giving to Republican Parties in CA, and one wonders if there are any candidates on the horizon on the Republican ticket that would get off their behinds and go to that local and show support – and then ask for more –in every state, at every level, at every local.

They might find more support than they bargained for – regardless of the fact that the unions are in decline.

Today, the defeatist in the GOP will undoubtedly do exactly what the people are afraid they will, roll over.

To avoid a “Government Shutdown” that isn’t a Government shutdown at all – They are voting on a bill or continuing resolution which only applies to discretionary funding – not the funding of the Federal Government that is set in stone in the budget. Yet they use that as a means and way to vote to get along and the heck with the constituents.

Ironcially - it was those very same Senators, slamming Cruz, Lee, and all who support them, that wanted to shut down the Government in 2009. Short memories – while those who insulted Cruz, like his fellow Senator, Cornyn, are sending out fundraising letters based on their ability to STOP Obama care – really? – They don’t intend to stop anything. The article from Red State, entitled lies, dam lies and republican senators is worth the read.

Also, if so inclined, call your senator and give them a tip on the job at hand and whether or not you want Obama care to go through – pro or con, it allows you to actively participate in the process – the call is free for most of us: the capitol switchboard: (202) 224-3121 – just ask to be connected to your Senators office.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What is a Libertarian and What Does the “Tea Party” Mean to the Current Political Parties? Why Not become Unaffiliated!

There’s been a dust-up and a battle brewing these past few years, put the date the real awakening began circa 2009, possibly before. This divide as some call it, wrongly, is the difference of political ideology between those “Tea Party” groups and the GOP. The reason it is not a divide is that the Tea Party and the GOP or standard Republican Party are not one in the same and never have been. The Tea Party is comprised of people of all political ideologies, most of which could be categorized as Libertarian in nature. The Libertarian is a stalwart defender of the Constitution, generally anti-war, and non-interventionist, a self-made philosophy when it comes to free-markets, and the true purpose of the Federal versus the State Governments as outlined by the Constitution of these United States. Some Republicans, lately, have referred to themselves as Jeffersonian Republican’s or, in essence, Libertarians who are working on the Republican side, mainly as the two-party political system has left, in the past, little room for the formation of a larger, robust and politically competitive Libertarian Party.

The Tea Party, which, again comprised of so many variances, is an anomaly as it is not yet, emphasis on yet, a true, separate political party, but more of a movement born of frustration and the lack of disconnect between Washington DC (the Elite) and the people they represent. It began over the growing tax burden and national debt in 2009, and with nationalized health care on the table in the House and Senate, the movement exploded. The reaction from the Political Class and the Media was one of instant hostility on one political side, and the other saw an opportunity to “cash-in” on similarities. That would be the GOP, but there was and still exists a deep schism between the two.

The question is why? The standard GOP politicians is not that much different than the standard Democrat – while going about the day to day business of Washington B.S., in the end, they tend to agree on most everything. Case in point – Obamacare.

Ted Cruz, the Senator from Texas is being much maligned in the media and by member of the GOP, especially John McCain of AZ, simply because he wanted to bring attention to the multiple issues. One might read about how the Senator is positioning himself with the “base” or the “extreme right wing” base of the Republican Party – or the “Tea Party”. Now recall, the Tea Party is not the Republican Party, and never has been. That “Tea Party” label attached to Cruz and other politicians and the Party is meant to be a warning bell for the potential voter to “stay away” – It is synonymous with “crazy”, but is that truly the case? It is the same as calling Ted Cruz an opportunist for standing 22 plus hours on the well of the Senate Floor, passionately asking his fellow Senators to do their job. He railed against Obamacare, which will, in the end, lead to socialized medicine and will destroy the economy. That is an opinion based upon some research on the Bill, and its continued growth, both lack of freedom to choose and economics.

Cruz, for his part, is appreciated by members of the Tea Party movement, he is also, one would easily guess, appreciated by Libertarians, and by voters who, may not care for the way Politician’s have risen to a “royalty” status, whiel the people mainly pay the various “Lords” their dues through taxes – with little return. A bit of a feudal system has developed. There are few Knights and no round table. What happens next with Obamacare? It goes into effect, with the help of John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham and those Republican’s where, without the GOP label, one might think they were Progressive Democrats. John McCain and others of his ilk, feel that there is simply no hope – the Best thing to do is to let the bill start, and when the people are so much more oppressed economically, they will turn around and love the Republican Party, the bill will self-destruct and all will be well – That is what is called, in most circles – gutless.

Men and Women, like Ted Cruz, believe that one might have fought to stop the process known as “cloture” – which allows a vote to go forward on a piece of law as is. The reasoning: he wanted to have a debate, and possibly add amendments to the Affordable Health Care Act. That Act might be salvageable, but not in its present form, and not without debate.

Yes, John McCain, spoke of the many Republican Amendments to the bill and how they worked to smooth it out, a bill a large percent of the American People did not want – in other words, John McCain and those GOP Senators in the 2009 Senate, were responsible for Obamacare, just as much or if not more than the Democrats.

What Cruz was pointing out was that with a bit of debate, and some quick fixes (of which many have been suggested in the house that make sense, but were summarily kicked to the curb), that would have benefitted the public and the government as a whole, but due to his brassy attack on members of his “own party”, he was maligned, by both those members and the media, and especially the democrats.

Therefore the lesson this sends is that no one individual who has been sent to Washington to represent their state, or district, should step outside the boundaries of their Political Party, and do what their conscious dictates – abide by what the individuals who sent them to Washington ask of that Senator or Congressional Representative.

That, in essence is why our founders were so dead set against the formation of political parties. They felt that the political parties would cause a divide in the people, and allow a very few to rule over the “masses”, in grand style.

That is what has happened, unfortunately. If one thinks about the political party they are affiliated with for a moment – it that party truly a membership. To be a Democrat or Republican is nothing more than a label, and guarantees on no special privileges than any other citizen. If one is a Democrat, does one even know his or her representative, and how they are working in Washington on their behalf, or a Republican? The same would apply.

There is an option for those who are fed up with the two-party systems that is choking the life out of this nation – become an unaffiliated voter. By doing so, one is liberated from the label, and one is not bound (mentally) to vote for someone based solely on a party membership that has zero value in the real world.

Listen to what the individual is attempting to say – not the slogans, but where they stand on the issues, and if one agrees, regardless of whether the candidate is a Democrat, Republican or – shock, Tea Party, Libertarian, or otherwise, then vote for that individual.

Don’t’ send a dime, red cent, or nickel to any political party. If one has a candidate one likes, give to that candidate directly.

What Cruz was doing was begging his colleagues of all political affiliates to-do their job. He was disgusted with the disconnect between those who rule over us in Washington, and what we, as a nation, truly need.

What this nation needs is 400 more Ted Cruz’s, Democrat, Republican, Unaffiliated, Libertarian (especially Libertarian), Green Party, etc. Take the social issues out of the equation. One has to understand that the social issues are thrown into the political mix purely for emotional effect – and have little to do with what happens either pro or con on any social issue once those two political parties meet in D.C. After the dust has settled, there is still abortion, there are still injustices and there will always be until – the parties are not two, but three or four or five, with the capital of this Republic filled with the voices of the people it represents. That is what the founders envisioned, and the plan was a fine one, it is the law of the land in its truest sense. It would allow true representation, rather than a ruling class.

Those members of the Tea Party get this concept. This is why there is a divide in the GOP – which again, truly does not exist – as these are two separate political entities, one is a party (GOP) one is a movement (TEA) and they are not simpatico.

It is true that members of the Tea Party have run on the Republican Ticket – mainly became it is a simpler way to gain access to party funds and to find a way to break the barrier against alternative ideologies. This is also true of the Progressive Socialists, who run as Democrats and are now in the Political Class. There is little written or discussed on that scope, but it exists. The lines between the two parties are so blurred, that one has to step back a moment and think now about the individual. Unaffilate. There is no membership in any party that is worth the cheap paper card one’s name is printed on.

Imagine in the message it would send, if the nations voters shed the political party image and actually voted for the individual who made sense, to them personally, it would be chaos – for the political class.

Note: if you read it on the internet, or in the paper or hear it on the evening news, unless it’s a train wreck, with 8 X 10 color glosses and live video providing proof, have a bit of skepticism, its healthily. Who to believe? Attend a meeting, a political meeting – either a Democrat Party Meeting, or a Republican Party Meeting, or better yet, find a Tea Party Meeting or Libertarian meeting and see which one of those groups most closely align with your own personal beliefs. The experience might surprise you.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where Are Your Senators? Ted Cruz – Still Standing On Senate Floor- #MakeDCListen – Trending Twitter 13 Hours After Start of Filibuster – Why Cruz is doing His Job

Some may call the epic Filibuster of Ted Cruz against voting for Cloture on the Continuing Resolution without the one amendment to that bill, put forth by the Congress to Defund Obamacare grandstanding on the part of this Senator from Texas, but they, themselves are confused, or arrogant to believe that the only purpose of a member of the Senate or the Congress for that matter, is to tow a “party line”, or to put themselves and their political futures above the people who sent them.

Senator Cruz, still making sense after standing for a ridiculous and painful 13 hours, is battling for the Texans who sent him to the Senate. He is battling for the “lost generation” – those 18-25 year olds who are working part time, at lower wages, without the hope of having a home of their own, or an ability to move forward, get a better job, pay off their student loans, and participates in what once was referred to as the American Dream. He is fighting against the ability of one man, Harry Reid, the Senator from Utah and Majority Leader of the Senate, to run roughshod over the American people, time and time, by refusing to allow discussions on the subject of the monstrous bill made law – The Affordable Health Care Act.

Senator Cruz does not, at this point, appear to give a whit about what the media, or care about his political future, he is speaking from the mind and heart about the rights granted under the Constitution, for all citizens, both Democrats and Republicans. He is speaking of the reality of the economics of the Affordable Health Care Act, which some in the GOP and the DNC are politically avoiding voting against, as it does not apply to them personally – as they are the Political Class. He is speaking as a Patriot of the first order. Having read the Federalist Papers, and the biographies of the founders, Hamilton, Madison, Jefferson, and their peers, as a history geek who learned to love the nuances of historical and political poetry at the feet of a grandmother who had emigrated to this great nation as a sixteen year old, following her dreams of prosperity and rights not available in an increasingly volatile Europe, it is difficult to imagine in today’s America, the fact that there are not more Ted Cruz’s to defend each and every citizen in this nation.

Those who rail against the establishment of a political class, so wealthy and powerful that the divide between the have’ s and have not’s is palpable, are considered by those who are part of that political class or wish to be, to be either “dangerous” or mentally less understanding than they are, or simply ill-informed and less educated. They are both Democrats and Republicans or Unaffiliated politically, they are educated or not, they may or may not have Ivy League degrees, they may or may not have wealth or jobs or careers that are tied to Washington’s largesse, they are simply put, in disagreement with the policies, and the bureaucracy and the Political Party System (so loathed by our founders), running roughshod over the Constitution of the United States and not giving a whit about the individual and the liberties granted under the Document that grants each and every one that is privileged enough to be a citizen of this nation, the rights contained therein.

Senator Cruz, and his peer, Senator Mike Lee of Utah, standing alone in the well of the Senate, speaking after hours and hours into the dawn of the day that the Senate must take up a vote of Cloture, begging, daring those absent colleagues to vote No on Cloture – they are asking for an up or down vote on the Legislation of the Act known as “Obama Care” – the Affordable Health Care Act. They understand, clearly, they are railing against the “system”, and it is not for political gain, it is for the people who sent them.

There is a reason that the founders felt that the formation of political parties, who might grow and obtain so much power that they would, in deed and in purpose, outstrip the values of a free Republic, and undermining the liberties granted under the Constitution.

These two Senators standing are impressive, historically, they are not stalwart followers of a Political Party nor a political class, they are, in words and in actions, following the paths of those long buried and most often forgotten founders of this nation.

Whether or not one would agree, politically, those who are avoiding this debate, those who the people from their State sent them to the Capitol to do their bidding, should be debating these gentlemen, and doing the job that, according to the Constitution and the laws upon which this nation has been founded, bound to take up.

The American citizens of these United States of America deserve to have those they sent, regardless of whether they are Democrats, Republicans, Socialist, Libertarians, or simply unaffiliated, stand up and fight, not for their political party, or their own political futures, but for the citizens of their given state; with honesty and integrity for their deeply held belief, one way or the other on this issue of the Funding of the Affordable Health Care Act, or any piece of legislation put before them.

It is true, that the odds of the aforementioned behavior happening are slim to nothing, given the sad State of this Union and the elected political class, but what a fine day it would be for all of the United States citizens and those hoping to become citizens, if that very scenario would occur. We all, regardless of political affiliation owe a debt of gratitude for the Senator’s Cruz and Lee, who are doing what their colleges should be doing. A few of them did, notably, Sessions, Rubio, Rand, and Durban, and they deserve the credit, not those who have done nothing, regardless of which “party “to which they subscribe.

These Senators standing make this individual, first generation, American year for a day when this call for debate is a norm, not an anomaly.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ted Cruz Battle for Self Gain – Doubtful – The Big What if – He Is the Rare Sincere Politico? – The Real Risk-Takers of the GOP are the McCain’s and the Reid’s.

Ted Cruz, the newsworthy Senator from the State of Texas is coming under fire this week from certain arenas – specially the GOP Leadership, the Democrat Leadership and the Media. His crime is his attempt to defund the Obama Care legislation – by any means he can find. Does anyone really want this bill to continue as it was written? Yes, those on the extreme left, the politicians who signed onto the bill to appease the Administration, and the Administration – the rest of the nation, not so much – and that includes union groups such as the AFLCIO, better known as a bunch of Democrats, who termed the legislation as “disruptive” to their health care plans. Kaiser Health Foundation is screaming from the rooftops the fact that the plan, meant to cover the poor and middle class, is going to leave up to 500,000 children without coverage due to a snippet in the legislation that notes the employee must be covered, but not the family – who will also not be eligible for the exchanges – and will also most likely be eligible for the fines, as they will not be covered as mandated. That will mean each family that must be insured and find insurance – if they can – as private insurance companies are no longer offering health care plans that are remotely affordable. USA Today

Even the exchanges are pricey – take the State of Massachusetts for example – if one is earning a mean salary of $40,000 per year, after deductions they are living off more than the average SNAP recipient in the state. If they are seeking coverage though the States Health Portal, for a family or individual plan, they must be inside the open enrollment period(MA Health Connector), and if they do qualify the lowest level plans for families are not cheap. A family of 3 seeking coverage has a choice of 8 plans, the Bronze Plan being the least expensive at $609 per month for a family of 3, or unaffordable to most average working Massachusetts families.(Mass Health Care)

Therefore it should be deemed the “unaffordable health care Act” – yet, Cruz is taking heat for wanting to defund the program, thereby delaying its start – and shockingly the ones that are most against his attempt are the “Greybeards (Cruz term) of the Senate –or those most comfortable with their positions of power – for now.

So what’s a bunch of irate GOP insiders to do? Hammer Senator Cruz as a over-reaching smart guy, who knows he’s lost the battle before it began, and is in the fight for his own gain – i.e. the popularity of the base. (Washington Times)

Although that might just be a side effect, this popularity, it is most doubtful that this is the root cause. It appears that Senator Cruz is one of those rare birds who arrives in Washington, stays a year, and continues to have their integrity intact. If he wishes to debate and use procedural means against Harry Reid, the most likely to be the next Ted Daschle, and holder of the key to the Senate, so be it. It is the job that Cruz was sent there to accomplish. It is going to pay dividends. Although Cruz might not be popular with the media (including those Fox News personalities and their counterparts on MSNBC and CNN), he is with the people who sent him – which is all that count. He is also popular with those that have read the constitution and understand that Mr. Smiths in Washington, are now to be found only in a select group of Conservatives and Libertarians, the rest of those holding office appear to be there for personal gain.

How important is the Tea Party? One might want to ask Lois Lerner the IRS official who “resigned” after targeting Tea Party Groups through 2010 and 2012 - some believe at the behest of the administration. (ABC News). The Tea Party, much maligned as it is, has a value that is more viable than the Republican Party or the Democrat Party – one might just want to ask the members who are former members of both parties, as well as libertarians, Green Party, etc. This targeting began after the strumping taken by both parties in 2010 - and one would hazard to guess, Lois got her directives from the both Political Parties.

What they all have in common is their desire to return to a more constitutionally based government where one’s self-reliance is applauded not derided and the federal government is less wieldy.

Cruz, although associated with the Tea Party, has a pedigree that is suitable to appoint to the Supremes (as in Court), while John McCain and the rest of the Rank and File GOP are suitable for the country clubs, and not a great deal more. There are those political animals, one sees them at the local and state level, that just reek of self-serving platitudes – constantly on stage, and not a wee bit humble about it, then there are the public servants – who are a tad more humble, yet fight battles as if they were in a fight for the very freedom of the nation.

That’s Cruz, whether he enters the 2016 presidential sweepstakes (otherwise known as the primaries) is not at issue, what one might want to watch for, is Cruz building blocks of integrity, and kicking that leadership that is so out of touch with the people and the Constitution to the curb, by grass roots measures - becoming elevated to a loftier position in the Senate.

Remember Ted Daschle – the untouchable?

It is time, historically, for a shift in the political power base, specifically in the political party power base, which has not occurred since the formation of the Republican Party in the 1800’s – Now is the time, and as more people shift away from the regular party politics – they may find three or four, or five Republicans and Democrats whoa aren’t acting like the “rest of them” – those are the leaders that deserve a second look.

This is why, those in the media and the power brokers in Washington are seething – the upstarts with integrity just might upend their lofty positions and just might win. Those who vote against defunding Obama Care or attempt to block Cruz within his own Party – will still be popular with the media and may even become pundits after they are no longer in the position to call themselves peers. – The do, after all, hold elected positions. It might behoove those who are political animals to smell the changing winds and understand that there very political lives for which they worked so hard to protect, are now hanging on a balance – it won’t be Senators Cruz, or Paul or Lee, it will be their constituents and the most Cruz/Lee/Paul like candidate that challenges them in their home states that sends the reeling into retirement.

Meanwhile, Cruz will be in the Cat Seat in the Senate, or wherever he chose to be.

Just a thought - should one be of a mind to truly fight the battle - one might consider defunding their national party, until and unless it brings their senior players in line with principals. Putting the extra $5.00 or $10 into "trust" for those who are most likely to fight for one's rights.

Monday, September 23, 2013

A March Towards the Mainstream – Liberty Minded Candidates Scaring Both Major Political Party Establishments.

A Cartoon worthwhile - from the site The Rightly Guided

Watching the debate in the House and the Senate over debt ceiling and defunding the Behemoth Obamacare that, frankly bothers both Democrats and Republicans of reasonable minds, one begins to find not a legislative battle as one would suppose, but a battle for the minds and hearts of the general public, rather than those who would stay the status quo for the sake of “Good press”.

To wit, speaking of that rascally Senator from the State of Texas who has the Republican Main Guard (otherwise known as pundits from the Bush Administration and multi-term Senators who prefer to retain, a go along to get along, ergo, reelected, positions, in an uproar.

When it was mentioned that Cruz was to appear on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, those stalwart defenders of their own best interest within the GOP sent opposition research on Cruz to Wallace, the host – who then deferred to Karl Rove for an explanation! Apparently Rove has suggested that both Cruz and fellow Senator Mike Lee, did not consult the McCain’s of the world, before going about the business of the people. (Politico). When one thinks rationally about the situation, what it boils down to is simply: Cruz is doing what he promised to do – uphold the constitution, and vote and defend in the Senate what his constituents asked. McCain and his ilk –whom Cruz refers to as greybeards, are doing their upmost to sabotage this type of Libertarian behavior, as it disturbs their balance between the “gentlemen’s club” of the Senate that is in favor of whatever the polls are suggesting one week to the next, rather than take one for the American public. Not so Cruz. McCain, most likely to retire shortly, might not have read the Tucson Citizen who are lauding Cruz for keeping up the good fight.

The gist, Cruz wants to gather the likeminded Senators, in an effort to pass a spending measure that funds everything but – Obamacare – a bill that was written so badly, it needs time to tweak – if it was such a wonderful bill, Congress would be the first in line to sign-up –but they granted themselves waivers, the AFLCIO, also wanted out – along with a variety of states, both Republican and Democrat, who understand that fewer individuals will be covered, and the cost to employer will result in unemployment – one Democrat referred to it as a “train-wreck”. Therefore, on a bi-partisan basis, not many support the bill, but, the power play that Cruz is making is upending the get along to go along playbook.

Therefore, everyone is screaming about (media and congress) the looming government shutdown. The Whitehouse is scaring the elderly regarding a loss of income – as no social security checks will be mailed, the essential services of the federal government will shut down, ad nasueam – The Republicans are looking at decades old polling and worrying out the public point of view – so they cast aspersions on those that would defund the program.

Enter the shock of it all as explained is good measure by the AP via the Detroit News and Free Press - there simply is no truth to a government shutdown- actually shutting down the government. – The article goes on to describe the variety of shutdowns, especially during the Carter Era, followed by the Reagan Era, and so on – before popularity was the main objective of those erstwhile senator like McCain, and co. – Senators and Congressional reps behaved like – Ted Cruz!

The big problem with a shutdown is the “Debt Ceiling” – which they need to raise yet again, or face default.

That’s the gist of it – Should the forces of sanity – Cruz, Lee and company, succeed in forcing their hands, and the president refuses to sign off – or the House (which holds the purse strings), then the only thing that is threatened – is Wall Street – Therefore, Cruz, Lee and those of like mind are interested in helping the people, and the McCain’s, and stalwarts such as Harry Reid, are worried about the return on their investments.

On another Liberty Minded note- “Blow me over with a feather” – The New York Magazine, with Frank Rich, of all left of center trumpeters – has lauded, with a caveat, (the word Republican), none other than Rand Paul, the Senator from Kentucky – the title of the article: ”It’s Hard to Hate Rand Paul” is worth the read –(New York Magazine), not because it approves of Paul’s stance, but because it shows that there is grudging admiration for those of Libertarian bent in both parties and the middle.

Should Cruz hold fast, regardless of what the Senate does in the end, and the disaster he is suggesting strikes (and it will), those holding the blame will be those Republican Senators and those Democrats who let this monstrosity go on as scheduled (which it is not ready to be implemented) – imagine the backlash by the voting public in 2014-and 2016 – It will not be against Cruz, or Paul or Lee or any others who were thoughtful enough to fight on the basis of the Constitution and their constituent – it will fall on the heads of those Greybeards, and that is from both parties –those Clintons, and Biden’s and Pelosi’s, and McCain’s and Grahams. In either scenario the future of American political parties hangs in the balance – there may well be a third, more independent and liberty minded party that ends up besting them both – or at the very least, those who hold those same principles, holding sway neither of the

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