Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Politics and Print - What is misunderstood or denied out of hand.

A local daily paper, the Springfield Republican, announced layoffs today citing declining economic conditions in the region as the main cause. The reason noted: the fact that advertising has declined due to the loss of large retailers in the area. Apparently, no-one mentioned to the Republican that although Ames Department Stores, Lord and Taylor's and Caldor did leave the area or close entirely, they were replaced by larger forces and greater numbers in retail. Larger chains such as Wal-mart and Target are most prevalent. Higher end boutique and department stores are prolific in the local mall,such as Guess, Gap, Macy's just to name a few.

What is not noted is that the newspaper's subscription rate has also declined. Without subscribers, few print publications can survive.

So, what does politics have to do with it? With the nation polarized into "camps" of left and right, a constant drumbeat of editorials aimed at one particular party and and cause, as in the case of the Republican, disenfranchises loyal readers, who then seek alternate sources for their news, namely community newspapers, the internet, talk radio, cable news.

As finger pointing is quite prevalent in the case of a certain political party, one can easily draw the conclusion that editors who lean towards the left, will ultimately suffer the consequences.

The intense dislike between media, i.e. mainstream versus Fox News, talk radio, is based upon a combination of ideology and jealousy. If one publishing house took a hard look at what really works for Fox and Rupert Murdoch and implemented the same playbook, it is without a doubt that readership would increase. Although the risk would be that the core or base of the papers readership might be affected, the opportunity to woo back the disenfranchised moderates as well as the conservatives in any region would far outweigh the risks. Therefore, the rewards would be realized in increased subscriptions as well as advertising.

In the case of the Republican, a visit to their website quickly gives the reader a feel for the publication and it's editorial point of view. During the Israeli - Hezbollah conflict, a local businessman was caught in Beirut. The paper noted that the reason the man was in this horrid situation was the fact that Israel had started a war with Hezbollah. Did that one sentence go unnoticed? No. This was not an editorial either, this was a front page news article. Other editorial-news favorites: the plight of the Palestinians, the support of the ACLU and support of the gay-marriage amendment.

If the editor wised up, removed the editorials from the front page and presented a pro and con editorial, correctly placed on the editorial pages, it would win back the hearts and minds of those long lost and disenfranchised subscribers.

Leading the list of newspapers that have experienced layoffs, declining stock worth, and more in the past few years is the venerable "The New York Times". They blame the internet and again the ecomomy. However, would the fact that this particular organiation delights in printing classified information that many feel is critical to our nation's well-being have anything to do with their downward turn? Captains of certain Industry should remove the rose colored glasses, do what is best for their business, and take their opinions off the front page.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The United Nations, the Press and Israel

It is no wonder, and comes as no surprise, that continued reports of subversion within the UN, specifically peacekeeping forces, come to light. Most recently the fact that UN peacekeeping forces installed in southern Lebanon since 1978, contributed to HezbollahĂ‚’s military campaign prior to and during the conflict with Israel. It is now known that real-time Israeli troop movements were broadcast via internet to the world (Hezbollah) in the time up to and during the Hezbollah attack on Israel.

Whether UN peacekeepers are installed in the Middle East or Africa, the behavior and blatant disregard for peace and human life is apparent. Rwanda's President Paul Kagame, has been most outspoken against the UN for its ineffectual policies towards genocide that is prevalent in African nations. (BBC)
It is no doubt that prejudice and financial interest,s fuel decisions made by countries that hold vital roles within the UN. Be it finance, (Oil for Food), Anti-Semitism (rampant in Europe) pro-Islam policy (most recently aiding Hezbollah), the continual funding of this most criminal organization by taxpayers in the United States must come under scrutiny.

The press has taken shots at Israel as well; Reuters doctored photographs colored world perspective against Israel. Israel shot back recently, granted by mistake when it fired upon a Reuters press vehicle A.P.

Perhaps the press should be less anti-Semitic and criminal in its coverage of middle-eastern affairs, otherwise, individuals might end up being forced to convert to Islam as in the case of two Fox News Journalists kidnapped in Gaza Perhaps Hezbollah and Hamas should grab a few journalist from the A.P.,Reuters and the BBC and give them the same treatment Fox journalist receive. This would not occur due to the fact that Islamic Fascists know which news organizations will give them aid and comfort in the continued battle against Jews, the West and Civilization in General.

As has been done in prior centuries, Europe has it's head buried neatly in the sand. History channel is running a program on the Ottoman Empire. For those without background or interest in History, this Islamic empire conquered Europe by employing pirates (criminals) to accomplish their goals. Therefore, parallels can be drawn today between the Islamic Fascists and the United Nations. Recent comparisons between the government of Iran and Nazi Germany are far off the mark. Iran's brand of Islamic Extremism will render Nazi Germany a minor bump in the road. Those that do not study History are bound to repeat it.

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