Friday, May 23, 2008

Jeff Beatty
In Support of His Candidacy for U.S. Senate, Massachusetts

Jeff Beatty, candidate for U.S.Senate, MA against incumbent John Kerry, outlined his positions on domestic and foreign policy issues last evening on Blog Talk Radio (Program available in Archives). In the very beginning of the broadcast, Beatty spoke about the way in which we should measure a candidates worth – not by the money that a particular candidate has raised, rather by the candidates relevant experience. That one statement should be the mantra for each and every citizen who has the ability to vote. It is those grassroots candidates that hold the most appeal and make the most sense to those who closely follow each and every race from the perspective of the middle-class – not from the lofty perch of elitism. To date, Jeff Beatty has successfully raised money for his campaign through thousands of individual contributions – but more importantly, he had garnered thousands more signatures than necessary to secure his place on the ballot. His opponent, Jim Ogonowski, has the backing of the state’s Romney camp (see article on the Mass GOP and this race on Human Events by Katie O’Malley here), yet is struggling to collect the necessary signatures to place him on the ballot. One has to question the why the party is not stepping back and allowing nature to take its course.

Beatty, in this broadcast, spoke about the working relationship between Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil, and how he would strive to build such working relationships if elected to the Senate. Hurrah. It is time for the Republican Party to go back to its original intent, a party by and for the people. It is with the emergence of politician’s who are not the usual “Beltway Brand”, and the support of the party base, that will help this party and the nation succeed. It is time for the nation to stop voting for the almighty dollar and wake up to the fact that this nation is a Republic, not a Dynasty built upon special interests, elitism and wealth. Recommended read: 2003: A National Party No More: The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat, by Zell Miller. Although written from the perspective of the Democrat party, one should understand it aptly applies across the aisle; neither party appears to be for the people, or willing to work together in order to better the nation’s interest.

In speaking about energy, and the current situation with the high price of fuel, Beatty suggested that during the first 6 years of the current administration, the economy in this regard was fairly stable and consistent, but within a two year span, there have been no solutions and the situation has spiraled out of control. Anyone with an ounce of brains can understand that it is the party in control of the legislature that is responsible for moving the nation forward, and in order to do so, that party must work in concert with, not against their political opponents to better the nation. The current majority in the house and senate has done nothing to better the nation; rather they have looked to their own self-interest and hung the rest of us out to dry. In all fairness, there has been little coming from the minority in respect to bringing attention to this fiasco and instead of joining in the ridiculous dialogue, change course, and put the people not the party first.

To learn more about Jeff Beatty visit Jeff , to learn more about conservative candidates around the country who are true conservatives with the peoples interest in mind, visit Mike Huckabee’s, HuckPac .

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Massachusetts - the Opportunity For Positive Change

Jeff Beatty,
Candidate for U.S. Senate Seat Currently Held by John Kerry (D)

Jeff Beatty

Massachusetts, dubbed the “Bluest State”, has long been the bastion of Progressive political think, with the rare exception; the Democrat party has held control of the majority of state seats as well as U.S. congressional and Senate seats. When one party holds a super majority, it leaves little room for political discourse and solutions that will benefit all peoples, rather it is exactly what our founding fathers feared (refer to: Federalist Papers), control by one party that leads to the destruction of the Constitution and changes to the Republic of the United States. Massachusetts, of all places, has become a model to the rest of the nation – of exactly those issues that so worried Hamilton and Jay.

In light of recent events, those who hold more conservative political points of view are in a unique position. There exists the opportunity to promote and elect conservative candidates to one or possibly both U.S. Senate seats long held by Democrats. With the question raised regarding the eventual replacement of Ted Kennedy (D MA) by the media it is being suggested that the Kennedy Dynasty remain intact. (Yahoo News Service) To those of us who have lived under the Kennedy reign for all of their lives, that scenario is unthinkable. A political dynasty is not in keeping with the principles of the Republic. It is one thing for a father and then a son to hold the same office within a span of years, but should a single family to hold sway over a state government with national influence for over 50 continuous years it smacks of monarchy.

Therefore, It is the hope of this resident that John Kerry will go the way of Progressive Democrat, Tom Daschle and that when Senator Kennedy’s seat is vacated, it will not remain in the “hands of yet another Kennedy”. Massachusetts can send a clear message of change to the rest of the nation. Yes we can – provide positive, conservative, middle-class, non-elitist, fiscally conservative, and yes moral, governing.

Jeff Beatty is running for the U.S. Senate seat long-held by John Kerry. Jeff Beatty is retired Army, serving as an officer with the elite Delta Force, he was wounded in the first Blackhawk shot down, for which he earned a Purple Heart. He also earned a Combat Infantry Badge while helping to rescue hundreds of Americans. Jeff is also a former FBI agent, advising the National Hostage Rescue Team and a former CIA counter-terrorism officer with service in Europe and the Middle East. His background puts him in a unique position to understand the very real and serious external threats to our country that can affect Americans both at home and abroad. Jeff is now a businessman - running a successful security consulting firm. James McDonnell, campaign Chief of Staff for Jeff Beatty notes: “He knows what it is like to meet a payroll, support a company, and be part of the middle class. In short, he’s one of us and has the relevant experience that is required of a U.S. Senator.”

James took the time to answer some of my questions on how Jeff Beatty stands on the issues. (Those positions and background provided by James McDonnell directly are noted in quotations.)

Jeff Beatty is pro-life. “He was given up for adoption at four days of age and knows how precious life can be.”

“Jeff believes that a marriage should be between a man and a woman.”

He takes a strong stand on illegal immigration. No amnesty, current laws should be enforced, and the borders secured.

Taxation: he is in favor of repealing the death tax and wants to eliminate the requirement for businesses to pay tax on projected earrings.

Earmarks: Jeff holds that the earmark process has been corrupted over time. He feels that to eliminate them entirely would limit a Senator’s discretion in funding certain requirements.

National Defense, Jeff’s background speaks for itself, yet, he is not blind to the mismanagement of the Iraq war, and rather “he understands the need to win the war.”

To learn more about Jeff Beatty and to offer support for an anti-elite, conservative candidate opposing John Kerry, visit Jeff

I am of the opinion that in his service to his country, his experience in the private sector and his stand on important values, and immigration issues, makes Jeff an excellent candidate fill the seat currently held by John Kerry.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2004 Revisited
California Supreme Court Overturns Gay Marriage Ban

Map of 2004 General Election

From the New York Times, May 16th: The ban on same-sex marriage that was imposed by a state ballot initiative in 2002 was overturned by the California Supreme Court, in a decision not unlike that made in Massachusetts. The difference is that the people in Massachusetts were not allowed by their legislature, to vote on a ban. Would a people’s vote on a ban make any difference – apparently not?

In 2004 the hot topic in several key battleground states was the placement on the ballot of initiatives to keep the term marriage limited to those couples that were male and female. In those states that placed that question on the ballot, George W. Bush won handily.

The Washington Post article notes that “A nationwide Gallup Poll taken last week shows opposition to same-sex unions has not eased, and the voters most likely to say it could affect their vote are almost all opposed to gay marriage.”
The fact that the term marriage carries religious connotations brings up constitutional questions. Is there not a separation of church and state? Would it not be better to acknowledge a “domestic partnership” as opposed to using the term marriage, when these partnerships would hold the same legal privileges?

In 2004 John Kerry first supported the actions of his states supreme court and later re-thought his position, but to no avail. Activist judges are seen by many in this country as tied to the Democratic party.

Laws are, of course, subject to debate and reform, but those that are touched by the constitution, specifically when religion is at the core of a subject, should not have been brought before or acted upon by any state supreme court, and these rulings should be brought before the Federal Supreme court and overturned.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Massachuetts Senate Race 2008

Jeff Beatty and Jim Ogonowski challenge John Kerry

The Question Remains: Where do these candidates stand on Values Issues

There are two candidates running against incumbent John Kerry for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. Jeff Beatty, , who is a former Army Delta Force Officer and founder of TotalSecurity.US an anti-terrorism consulting firm. Jeff lists the following issues on his website: The War on Terror, Taxes and the Economy, Education, The Second Amendment and Immigration (no mention of border control).

Jim Ogonowski, is a farmer from Dracut who is a retired lieutenant colonel from the Air Force and Air National Guard. (John Adams anyone?) Jim’s stand on the issues are not listed on his website, however, a mailing lists energy independence, fiscal responsibility (ending earmarks and lowering taxes), and illegal immigration (border control, first).

Neither candidate addresses value issues; specifically marriage and life. Understanding that in Massachusetts, taking a strong stand on either or both of these issues may be political suicide, it does give this family values, no tax, border control, conservative Catholic pause. (Jim gets points on border control and taxation) Both campaigns have been contacted regarding these issues, in the communication it was noted that although Massachusetts might not be the best environment to take a strong policy stand on either issues, a note on a personal perspective (i.e. I am personally opposed to or I personally support.) would allow voters that choose their representatives based upon character, a realistic option this November when making a choice between one of them and John Kerry. This voter would prefer to write-in a cartoon character rather than vote for a candidate that will not address these issues. It is hoped that one or both of these candidates will respond to the questions posed, allowing conservatives in the state a strong values candidate to support.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hillary Clinton – DNC Lost Opportunity

ABC’s political blog is reporting on a comment made by Hillary Clinton regarding the inability of Barack Obama to win in the fall against McCain – and the fact that the race between her and the Illinois Senator is not yet over. What one can’t fail to notice is that the DNC, with Howard Dean at the helm, radio pundits, talk show hosts and analyst, and the media in general, have consistently called for an early end to this race – insisting that Obama has the nomination. They may get what they wish for – eventually – especially of note: those conservative personalities that dominate talk-radio. Barrack Obama has a clear following: college students, those who have never voted, and the upper middle class. He has won handily in states where a general election has never been decided. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, appeals to the old-model democrats, working-class, union voters who consistently show up at the polls. Additionally, she has won every single major battleground state in the primary field. The thinking that a disenfranchised group of democrats will automatically step in line behind the DNC nominee this year is a bit naive. With the media constantly calling any Republican candidate dead-in-the-water before an election (based on the losses of 3 congressional seats in special elections and the presidents approval rating), bolstering the Obama ticket, they are failing to see, in the big picture. The candidates, not the party, are who the public chooses to vote for, or, historically, vote against, or simply to not vote at all.

McCain faces the disenfranchised conservatives and those value voters who place their votes with a mind towards who will best lead the country in a fiscally responsible, moral manner. One thing about conservatives is that they have a tendency to forgive a less than conservative candidate – in favor of the important issue of judicial appointments. Failure by the media to note that George W. Bush was re-elected to a second term, after failing miserably to deliver on those issues held dear by value voters, is a mistake. Additionally, the fact that McCain is looked upon favorably by Independents and blue collar democrats who might not connect with Barrack Obama should be a factor. Hillary Clinton gets it. She has the support of those Blue Collar workers who stream to the polls, she also has the support of those older-baby-boomer women, who never miss an election, and she has also won every battleground state necessary to succeed in the general.

Although congressional and senate seats may be lost by Republicans due to their failure to try and reach across the aisle, while maintaining conservative credentials, John McCain, who is aptly described as independent minded, may appear to have an uphill battle in winning the Whitehouse, but appearances can be deceiving. Historically speaking, there have been races where the Democratic ticket should have handily beat the Republican ticket (McGovern, Dukakis - both abandonned at the polls), and vice-versa (Dole), based on media accounts at the time – however, the outcome, although shocking to some, was somewhat predictable. Prediction: After the DNC convention, should Obama win the nomination, the Vegas line, will move to the right along with the rest of the country. Hillary Clinton will then be in a position to lead the party towards 2012. Should the outcome of the DNC convention be different, then the odds will move within points and the race will be tight – with the possibility of a Clinton presidency.

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