Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Massachuetts Senate Race 2008

Jeff Beatty and Jim Ogonowski challenge John Kerry

The Question Remains: Where do these candidates stand on Values Issues

There are two candidates running against incumbent John Kerry for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. Jeff Beatty, , who is a former Army Delta Force Officer and founder of TotalSecurity.US an anti-terrorism consulting firm. Jeff lists the following issues on his website: The War on Terror, Taxes and the Economy, Education, The Second Amendment and Immigration (no mention of border control).

Jim Ogonowski, is a farmer from Dracut who is a retired lieutenant colonel from the Air Force and Air National Guard. (John Adams anyone?) Jim’s stand on the issues are not listed on his website, however, a mailing lists energy independence, fiscal responsibility (ending earmarks and lowering taxes), and illegal immigration (border control, first).

Neither candidate addresses value issues; specifically marriage and life. Understanding that in Massachusetts, taking a strong stand on either or both of these issues may be political suicide, it does give this family values, no tax, border control, conservative Catholic pause. (Jim gets points on border control and taxation) Both campaigns have been contacted regarding these issues, in the communication it was noted that although Massachusetts might not be the best environment to take a strong policy stand on either issues, a note on a personal perspective (i.e. I am personally opposed to or I personally support.) would allow voters that choose their representatives based upon character, a realistic option this November when making a choice between one of them and John Kerry. This voter would prefer to write-in a cartoon character rather than vote for a candidate that will not address these issues. It is hoped that one or both of these candidates will respond to the questions posed, allowing conservatives in the state a strong values candidate to support.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jeff Beatty on the issues.
Illegal immigration -- no amnesty, enforce the laws, secure the border.
Life -- Jeff was given up for adoption when he was four days old. He is the only pro-life candidate running for Senate.
Please contact me at james@jeffbeatty.com to discuss Jeff and the issues.

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