Friday, May 23, 2008

Jeff Beatty
In Support of His Candidacy for U.S. Senate, Massachusetts

Jeff Beatty, candidate for U.S.Senate, MA against incumbent John Kerry, outlined his positions on domestic and foreign policy issues last evening on Blog Talk Radio (Program available in Archives). In the very beginning of the broadcast, Beatty spoke about the way in which we should measure a candidates worth – not by the money that a particular candidate has raised, rather by the candidates relevant experience. That one statement should be the mantra for each and every citizen who has the ability to vote. It is those grassroots candidates that hold the most appeal and make the most sense to those who closely follow each and every race from the perspective of the middle-class – not from the lofty perch of elitism. To date, Jeff Beatty has successfully raised money for his campaign through thousands of individual contributions – but more importantly, he had garnered thousands more signatures than necessary to secure his place on the ballot. His opponent, Jim Ogonowski, has the backing of the state’s Romney camp (see article on the Mass GOP and this race on Human Events by Katie O’Malley here), yet is struggling to collect the necessary signatures to place him on the ballot. One has to question the why the party is not stepping back and allowing nature to take its course.

Beatty, in this broadcast, spoke about the working relationship between Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil, and how he would strive to build such working relationships if elected to the Senate. Hurrah. It is time for the Republican Party to go back to its original intent, a party by and for the people. It is with the emergence of politician’s who are not the usual “Beltway Brand”, and the support of the party base, that will help this party and the nation succeed. It is time for the nation to stop voting for the almighty dollar and wake up to the fact that this nation is a Republic, not a Dynasty built upon special interests, elitism and wealth. Recommended read: 2003: A National Party No More: The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat, by Zell Miller. Although written from the perspective of the Democrat party, one should understand it aptly applies across the aisle; neither party appears to be for the people, or willing to work together in order to better the nation’s interest.

In speaking about energy, and the current situation with the high price of fuel, Beatty suggested that during the first 6 years of the current administration, the economy in this regard was fairly stable and consistent, but within a two year span, there have been no solutions and the situation has spiraled out of control. Anyone with an ounce of brains can understand that it is the party in control of the legislature that is responsible for moving the nation forward, and in order to do so, that party must work in concert with, not against their political opponents to better the nation. The current majority in the house and senate has done nothing to better the nation; rather they have looked to their own self-interest and hung the rest of us out to dry. In all fairness, there has been little coming from the minority in respect to bringing attention to this fiasco and instead of joining in the ridiculous dialogue, change course, and put the people not the party first.

To learn more about Jeff Beatty visit Jeff , to learn more about conservative candidates around the country who are true conservatives with the peoples interest in mind, visit Mike Huckabee’s, HuckPac .

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