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Another School Shooting on the Books – Yet NRA Membership explodes, Gun Sales Up – Common Sense, the Constitution, Medication and Politics.

Is it the guns or the non-moderated use of prescription drugs? Image from

There was another school shooting, this time in a small town in California – a “bullied” student grabbed a “gun” that used “pellets” and went to school intent on killing those who bullied him. In the report from a local CBS affiliate, one finds a tell-tale clue: “But people in the small San Joaquin Valley town who know his identity say he was teased for his small stature.

They describe him as smart but say he sometimes said irreverent things that brought scorn from classmates.

Neighbor Trish Montes says her son used to work at the school and tutored the student last year. She says her son felt sorry for him and would sometimes walk with him between classes.

This begs the question, who is watching over the students that are hampered by mental illness, yet under most modern school policy are “included” in the main student body – inclusion is designed to insure that students with disabilities are viewed as “normal”.

There are myriad articles linking the rash of school shootings over the years (and increasing) with the use of prescritpon drugs, such as antidepressants, and those given to students with ADD. (Health Impact News) The common thread between all of the cases of mass shootings and or attacks is the fact that in each instance, the individual perpetrator is also both mentally disabled and on some form of medication, or has used that medication in the past. The fact that prescription drugs are given to these students with no ongoing monitoring by a physician combined with counseling leaves that individual (and their family and the community) at risk. For an interesting take on the link between mental illness and the rise in mass shootings/murders in the U.S., read ”Madness, Deinstitutionalization and Murder written in March of 2012. (Federalist Society)

Yet, despite the constant drumbeat for regulation of guns owned by individuals in the U.S., specifically after the shooting at Sandy Hook school in CT in December of 2012, there has been an increase in both gun sales (Kansas City Star) as well as a spike in memberships to the National Rifle Association.(Newsmax) The later is puzzling those on the left who, as is normally the case, cannot understand or refuse to understand that there is opposition to gun control – therefore, they ponder why , in the wake of horrific mass murders by those with guns, anyone would be against taking guns away from everyone except perhaps for the police and military? They look for conspiracies to explain the rise in memberships to the NRA such as a link between the NRA and the fire arm industry (Huffington Post) that turns a business, lobbying arrangement into some sort of black conspiracy.

Yet, they fail to see the political impact and that fact that gun sales started to rise immediately following the reelection of the President (See Kansas City Star). They also fail to hear that the White House (Obama Administration) is suggesting that they out-organize the NRA (they refers to the government) (Politico)

What they fail to see if the fear, and there is real fear in this nation that the Constitution upon which we rely is being trampled upon daily, and that rights under said document are being ignored entirely. One might be reminded that the President upon his first speech when election results were known in 2008, noted his favorite President as Abraham Lincoln. Those who are familiar with history also know that a study of Lincoln reveals a President who trampled upon the Constitution like no other before or up to the current President.

There are those on both sides of this argument that are vested in conspiracy theories, with grains of truth to both, yet are failing to see the forest through the trees. It is not legal gun ownership that is the problem. Yes, there may be the occasional hunting accident, or crime of passion (those are most often committed not with a gun, but with a knife or other means), yet overall, gun violence and deaths are generally committed by those who do not legally obtain a gun. (See Fast and Furious for a contradiction in Government policy – swept under a rug). Therefore, as the Administration goes to war with legal gun owners, there are millions of unsupervised, medicated, students who are capable of murder or suicide, and left without treatment other than the drugs that may cause the feelings of homicide and or suicide.

Therefore, to recap:

School shooting and other mass murders are historically tied to mental illness and prescription drug use, not gun use, take away a gun, and that individual may use a machete. The NRA membership rise is not a conspiracy as suggested by the left, rather fear of Obama. (See Hitler and Gun Control rising quickly as a search on Google). The administration sees nether the fear of themselves, or the tie to mental illness, and drugs, rather a political opportunity. There is zero help for those children, young adults, and adults who suffer from a variety of mental illnesses, their families, and the community, other than doling out drugs that are going to cause them to kill. There are also, sadly, those that , despite the proper care, are going to kill anyway, yet, the only way that person would be treated and the community kept safe, would be imprisonment, which is why a larger than average percentage of our prison population is deemed mentally ill. (Read Deinstitutionalization). Sadly, no one is talking about legislation that might demand that once diagnosed with any form of mental illness, a child should not be prescribed medication without ongoing counseling and monitoring of that individuals progress and health. The problem with that tactic is it would solve the problem, not offer a grand stage for politicians, who would be looking more towards a personal legacy than the health and safety of all Americans.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cute Article on Dog Mistaken for Lion in Norfolk, VA Underscores the Dummying Down of America

Pictured, the Dog, the Dog and Owner, an actual lion - image from

A shop owner, in Norfolk, VA has a pet, the breed is usually known as a “Labradoodle” – or one of the breeds designated as a designer dog. They are mainly affable, energetic and make a great family pet. The owner, also a college sports fan, had his dog, Charles the Monarch, groomed with a lion cut. The dog looks adorable (see photo). The lion cut is also common grooming for a variety of breeds – a fact not lost on most dog owners or those who have watched a bit of programming on a variety of networks – for example: The Animal Planet. Charles has become an overnight sensation, since those living in Norfolk called the police to report a lion sighting. There were several calls made, using the 911 system, where individuals reported seeing a “baby lion” which, these individuals deduced, must have escaped from a local zoo. It’s a cute and funny story, until…one realizes that adults who have been through the education system cannot recognize the difference between two common animals. Obviously, something went missing along their elementary and secondary school careers - science and geography.

One would imagine that most people would be able to tell the difference between a dog and a cat, or a dog and a lion – but, perhaps not. There was a time, long ago, when schools taught basic geography, and the sciences included a segment on the variety of life that exists on this planet. In addition to the general class studies, there were also the occasional assemblies, where a student required written parental approval, to watch a “movie” that depicted – life in the wild. Generally, these films were regarding animal behavior and culture that existed in other countries. One was given the opportunity to learn how a lion behaved in the wild. Every student was expected to attend, unless of course, there might have been a proclivity to avoid violence (thus the parental approval required). The violence was in the form of the given animal portrayed in a film, ability to catch and kill their lunch. Gruesome, but a life’s lesson. Few missed the assembly, or any classes for that matter, and came away knowing the difference between a domestic animal and a wild animal. Those students understood the difference between a horse and a zebra. The United States of America has a world-class educational system.

Fast forward several decades and one finds a curriculum in most schools that does not include history or geography, or culture, rather a combined overview entitled “Social Studies”. This mainly covers indigenous tribes that were murdered upon the arrival of Columbus, the rain forests and global warming, the isms (Sexism, Ageism), social justice, and economic justice and so on. There is little room in that curriculum to teach children about basics. Which, said basics, allow individuals to be able to tell the difference between a lion and a dog.

Call it old fashioned, call it “Conservative”, call it unnecessary - seriously, how many people will ever really need to know the difference between a lion and a dog? That’s the same argument used for decades when it came to learning – Algebra. Really, who uses this stuff in the “real world” - until.

One who is familiar with dogs might not expect the average person, not to appear shocked when they walk up to an adorable beagle, and the beagle bays! “I thought that was a beagle, but what kind of dog is that?!!! – One has to explain that the “bay” is the Beagle’s “voice”. That they do not “bark” like other dogs. That’s a detail, but at the least, they recognize that the Beagle is a dog. Perhaps that is why, for eons, Massachusetts has been known for having a grand educational system in comparison to the rest of the nation. When one looks at the stats from the State’s 4 year graduation rate, Massachusetts does fairly well, with only 50 or so districts showing a rate under 70% - out of approximately 320 someone districts. One might suggest that those statistics should look more like 98% of all districts – which, apparently is a statistic from the past, along with the ability to tell a lion from a dog.

That said watching late night NBC Network’s, Jay Leno and the segment entitled “Jay-Walking” one understands that perhaps this is the new norm. Although done in jest, the questions posed are easy enough for a child to know, however, the teachers, students, and others who participate, clearly have no clue. We, as a nation, celebrate the fact that we as a nation, know more about a given celebrity of the week, than about who the Vice President of the United might be(in the later case, immediately following the process of voting. Therefore, knowing the difference between a dog and a lion – well, how important is that in the grander scheme of things?

Read the comments section from the article: Norfolk 911 calls for 'baby lion' turn up a coiffed dog” - This really is a funny story – in a very sad way.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Want to grow your own vegetables – better check with City Hall – Growers of Illegal Vegetable Gardens face Fine and Imprisonment!

The Patriot Garden - from the Helverston's

Jason & Jennifer Helvenston of Orlando are facing fines for growing a vegetable garden in their front yard – the complete story here on Apparently the City of Orlando and this family have been at odds over the vegetable garden for months – flowers are ok, so are shrubs, but tomato plants and other vegetables are simply not appropriate. Go figure. They are facing fines of up to $500 a day until the garden is removed. Another case in Michigan’s Oak Park where in July of 2011, a woman faced criminal charges and jail time for growing vegetables in her front yard(ABC News). The situation arose when the woman decided to plant a garden of vegetables, rather than peonies, the city ordinance prohibits gardens that are, by definition, not suitable. In that case it was a question of what one might consider suitable another might not.

There are laws on city books across the nation that governs how a property owner uses the land which they own. These laws are generally put on the “books” by city or town council in order to maintain a particular “look” about the area – a beatification effort of sorts. The problem lays in the perception of what may or may not be beautiful to the eyes of the beholder – especially in the two cases mentioned above One might also point to that pesky document – the U.S. Constitution, but that’s not normally consulted when thinking of what might enhance property values.

It sounds a bit ridiculous to those on the outside looking in – frankly, if one wants to grow roses or tomatoes, it should not matter, except that in today’s economy the tomatoes might be the better choice- given one can eat the tomatoes!

The couple in Florida have set up a website where one learn how to set up their own Vegetable Garden, one that is environmentally sound and fiscally sane – one might also sign-up on the site, and receive a packet of seeds and a lawn sign to show support for the couple, who rightly feel their Constitutional rights have been trampled upon.

From this perspective, one can purchase patio tomatoes and other vegetables, plant any type of garden one wishes, and if one can produce a plant that actually bears fruit, good for them and good for the neighbors (sharing). Although this blogger lacks a green thumb, a growing season does not begin when the attempt at growing both flowers, shrubs and yes, fruits and vegetables is made – the outcome is normally dismal, however, there is something very satisfying in eating that one tomatoes that appears on the vine. In all seriousness – it does offer families the ability to save money on grocery bills, those items that are not generally included in inflation reports. We know, from news reports that the cost of food is going to be raising substantially in the coming months – from meat to wheat – we will all be paying more at the grocery store. What better way to supplement than by growing one’s own food?

Consider visiting to learn a little bit more and show some support (Like them on Facebook) When the snow thaws – plant a vegetable garden in your yard – be prepared to check your City or Town laws to insure that your prepared for any backlash, fines or the possibility of imprisonment. Imagine that – facing a fine for growing a vegetable garden in the United States of America?

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2016 Prospects - Rick Perry, Governor of Texas – Media Looks at Perry as Possible 2016 GOP Candidate

Governor Rick Perry with a puppy, known dog lover - photo used to lampoon Perry by

The Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, has picked up a bit of national news as of late, as the media begins an early look at who may or may not run for President in 2016. Politico’s article “Rick Perry’s Second Chance” suggests that the Governor’s prospects for a Presidential run, given the damaged brand of the GOP, and his poor showing in the last 2012 primary, are non-existent. Perry, who is the longest serving Governor in the State of Texas, yet, Politico points to the “talented field of current GOP prospects”. The article also highlights the facts that most candidates have lost a primary before attaining a nomination, included are Ronald Reagan, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.

That said, the media is not taking any chances – the Hartford Courant, on January 4th, published an op-ed titled “Texas, Perry Ramp Up War On Women” referencing the suit brought against Texas by Planned Parenthood for state funding (i.e. forcing Texas to pay for Planned Parenthood’s inclusion into the State Health Plan via a restraining order which a Federal Judge swiftly denied). Thus the “war on women”, which really is a rejection of Planned Parenthood. Perry, on his part, issued a press release, “Gov. Rick Perry released the following statement on the Travis County court's decision to deny Planned Parenthood's temporary restraining order attempting to force inclusion of the organization in the Texas Women's Health Program:

"Today's ruling finally clears the way for thousands of low-income Texas women to access much-needed care, while at the same time respecting the values and laws of our state. I applaud all those who stand ready to help these women live healthy lives without sending taxpayer money to abortion providers and their affiliates."
(State of Texas, Governor’s office)

Although it’s fairly early in the 2012 political game, and the chance that any of those who are now on the media watch list as potentials, won’t even run in 2016 is more probable, Governor Rick Perry would be a solid candidate, guns, religion and the ten gallon hat, but there is a better chance he’ll remain Govenor of Texas. Or President of the Republic of Texas, , should things go south with Harry Reid’s mad power grabs (see Harry Reid’s attempt to do away with the filibuster, his refusal to pass a budget, or let a budget from Congress even go to the floor - since 2009), and what’s left of the Federal Government become a one-party nightmare. (Granted this is far-flung, but just about as far flung as the Democrat Controlled Senate passing a budget), That said, most likely Govenor Perry, as an Austin resident, formerly from Massachusetts, formerly a Democrat speaks to the appeal of Rick Perry – “He can be Govenor for Life if he wants”, begs the question – How can a portrayed super right wing, religious zealot, have the support of former Massachustts Democrats along with former Progressives fleeing California in droves?

He gets the job done, he owns up if he thinks there’s been a mistake, (which is rare), he does what he does for the State of Texas – which is a destination or those who are not enamored of being over-taxed, or out of work. Or- maybe it’s the water or the air in Texas.

Yet the negative and imaginary political issues (and policy issues) with the Govenor are now being placed in the public arena, just in case he does decide to try again in 2016. Go figure. He is certainly not the type of leader that would satisfy those in the bubble that is Washington or the progressive press –in fact, he horrifies all of the aforementioned because he’s the “real deal” - bet on a moderate taking the helm of the GOP in 2016, because someone who has real convictions, regardless of the fact that they may governor legislate in a bi-partisan manner, is certainly a danger to the status quo.

Favorite Rick Perry Article – the Washington Post"Rick Perry Fatally Shoots Coyote". After laughing at “fatally shoots coyote”, the fact that the Governor, shot a wild animal that was attacking his dog, give him creds with those who might own – dogs.

Monday, January 07, 2013

He’s Back! Barney Frank Wants Appointment to Kerry’s Senate Seat – To Raise Debt Ceiling!

A Younger Barney Frank - now has the "experience" to be "appointed to the U.S. Senate!! -image

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has seen enough political characters in the past few decades to supplant the balance of the 49 states, from the Kennedy’s, to Kerry to Dukakis and of course, the former 4th Congressional District Congressman – Barney Frank. Frank, now known for the Dodd-Frank bill, also oversaw the demise of the housing industry with his cavalier attitude towards Freddy and Fannie, that resulted in a meltdown and a recession and one could go on. Frank was one of the key figures of featured on most anti-tax signs, along with Pelosi, and Reid, the perfect triumvirate. In 2010, Frank narrowly won reelection – it was a nail-bitter for the 30 year Congressman who was normally a shoe-in- having to actually campaign for his seat. Some might think that a 10 point lead in the final analysis is not a nail biter, but…this is Massachusetts, and finding enough dead and missing to come up with those 10 points, is not an easy task.

In 2012, with redistricting on the agenda, Frank suddenly retired, rather than face the prospects of another rugged campaign. This desire to retire was due to the Democrats in charge carving out a new district for Frank that was, to say the least, less friendly. Now, Frank, who’s been retired only briefly, sees an opportunity to return to the Federal Government –that rascally old public servant. The reason Frank wants to return?

On January 4th, 2013 Frank appeared on an MSNBC showand spoke with the host about having already asked Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, to appoint him to the seat. The reason, there’s going to be an important vote in the coming months, and Frank would like to be a part of that.

What vote one might ask? Given the state of the U.S. government’s fiscal house, and the fact that they have raised taxes on those “billionaires and millionaires (unless they had hired good lobbyists- then they got tax breaks), as well as those $30,000 airs, and $40,000 airs, and so on, who will be slapped with tax increase s in order to keep the government growing. That money won’t be enough for the ever expanding Federal Government and its lack of backbone when it comes to cutting out one duplicate program or reigning in frivolous spending, let alone pork! What to do – raise the debt ceiling, again. Frank wants to be sure that the debt ceiling gets that hike, so that the nation can go future into debt.

What are the odds?

One might almost bet the house on a Frank Interim Appointment.

There are few other options, as the Democrats are having a hard enough time finding warm bodies to even run for the seat in the special election, let alone take the appointment as an interim. It is the common logic that Scott Brown would run again for the Special Election Senate Seat, but...that may also be off the table, as Brown's talents may lay in going to the corner office in Boston as Governor. To add to Democrat woes, popular ex –Governor – Republican William Weld, may also be looking at that Senate Seat. On the one hand you have two little known Congressional reps from Eastern Mass, Markey and Lynch, who are no name recognition in their own districts let alone statewide. Newly elected Obama Clone, Sen. Lizzie Warren, will not even endorse a candidate from among the Massachusetts pack– of course given the fact that she’s from Oklahoma, assessing a fellow Democrat from Massachusetts may be above her pay grade.

The Media is kicking in – right behind Frank: Western Massachusetts, Springfield Republican website, suggests that Barney Frank has “experience”. That’s the keyword for you need to vote for someone because they’ve been there since before your mother was born. Frank also noted that he would not “run for the Senate Seat – but take the appointment – famous last words.

Over at the Boston Herald - a call for Frank to actually take the appointment then run outright for the seat in 2014.

Overall, one might suggest that the electorate is doing the usual – not paying attention - which is what got us in this mess in the first place.

Frank sure does have experience. It’s his experience that should bother most people. On the flip side, if there was ever a poster-boy that would move conservatives to action, that would be Frank. One might call a Frank appointment to the Senate a lose-win situation. A loss for the General Public, as Frank may mean well, but one wonders if his lack of ability to remember telling members of congress that Freddie and Fannie were doing “just fine” a few months before the entire bubble burst, might lead some to believe he’s either criminally left, or just a little bit like Joe Biden. He will as stated, do everything in his power to vote that debt ceiling upwards while also “yeahing” for any new entitlements available, while cutting defense as far back as possible. He may even suggests raising taxes again on those Millionaires and Billionaires (except those Corporations that have given to the White House or hired lobbyists in August to ensure they were exempt from taxes – have a rum and coke. On the other hand, a Frank in the Senate would give some who might think it yet another last straw as an opportunity to replace those Fiscal Deal Republicans and Democrats who might be up for reelection in 2014.

Of course it remains to be seen if Governor Deval Patrick will appoint Frank, or find someone who’s less infamous to fill the vacant seat as our own John Kerry moves to the position of Secretary of State. (Seriously – one cannot even begin to opine on that situation.) , even if he has to grab Joe Progressive off a Cambridge Street. However, again, the “party line” of more experience, and a call for the usual Massachusetts tax and spend Democrats to have an opportunity to raise the debt ceiling nationwide, would be difficult to pass up.

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