Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Extreme Right, The Extreme Left and the Extreme Idiots

I've left off commenting on this article or that due to the deluge of possible topics leaving me somewhat confused. That said, one must wonder why North Korea pounds away at its nuclear program every time Iran is faced with an inspection and or sanction. Allies help each other out as much as possible and as eyes are turned towards Asia, the Middle East is given a pass (so to speak).

Meanwhile, the press is hot and heavy into election year trauma and drama. Luckily in Massachusetts there is an eccentric Independent running against the two-party machine. Christy Mihos, love him or other, is producing some of the most amusing political ads. The rest of the negative and negative advertising is beginning to wear thin.

The local newspaper, the Springfield republican, is calling the race for Deval Patrick two weeks prior to anyone casting a ballot. Frankly, polls being as unreliable as they are, it is far too early - the fat lady hasn't sung yet.
Kerry Healey, the Republican candidate is not overly appealing; Deval Patrick, the Democrat, is just as lackluster and both come with enough luggage to take a long vacation. Enter Mihos, who, although a bit of a loon, is a breath of fresh air in this otherwise noxious arena. With a majority of voters in Massachusetts registered as Democrats and Republicans just about outnumbering Independents or Unenrolled voters; it is far to early to call. In the last presidential election, the numbers indicated that many Democrats voted, gasp, Republican in the state; therefore giving them a more independent status. As Republicans have been known to support independent candidates (see Connecticut and Joe Liebermans support), then Mr. Mihos, it stands to reason, may make a huge difference either way; the logic that a third party, semi-conservative will take votes from only Republican's is ludicrous.
Predicting the outcome of the Massachusetts governors race at this point in time, is useless.

Speaking of useless, the personal attacks on candidates that are running rampant on air in every single race across the country has hit a new low. The most recent regarding Hillary Clinton, is...sexist. Why is it that when a woman is in the political arena (and Ms. Clinton is not alone in being maligned), the opponents invariably point out bad makeup, bad hair, bad choice of clothing, etc., Meow!
Is it that there is nothing else about the candidate that cannot be said, say, a negative comment regarding policy? Decidedly yes. How sad it is that women have come so far only to take 10 steps backward, and are doing it to themselves.

That is the October surprise. The increasing new lows on the political landscape.

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