Thursday, September 07, 2006

Who's Zooming Who?
(Aretha Franklin)

Interested in knowing where politicians campaign contributions come from? Visit Open Interesting: (besides Nancy Palosi) Ted Kennedy receives the majority of his loot from trial lawyers and corporate contributors such as Microsoft. There actually exists a Massachusetts Republican candidate for Senate, however, Kennedy has raised and outspent him by 90%. This begs the question: why does Ted Kennedy need to spend $6 million dollars to keep himself in office? This is a reasonable question considering the Republican candidate receives little to no press and little to no support from the RNC. What makes the Republican candidate, Ken Chase, somewhat interesting is his biography -- Classical French chef, educator, entrepreneur -- classical French chef? Only in Massachusetts. More at Ken Chase for (Needless to say: He has my vote.)
The Prince of Deception

In today's edition of the Tehran Times, President Mahmud Ahmadinejad noted that Iraq's continued instability was a real threat to Iran. He offers a solution to the Iraqis - he will help them form a government similar to the one in Iran. The continued violence in Iraq, is of course, instigated by the United States.

Ahmadinejad also plans a visit to Cuba as well as a trip to New York to speak at the UN. See Drudge Report Developing from Iranian News Agency.

Why on earth would the State Department allow this terrorist to set foot on US soil?
They have done so before. Mitt Romney, Governor of Massachusetts announced yesterday that he would not provide security to the former President of Iran while visiting Harvard. Kudo's to Mitt.

The Ayatollah, Castro and the 12th Imman. Jimmy Carter's dream come true.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More of the same...

The New York Times has announced that the Republican's are abandoning immigration legislation in order to concentrate on the up-coming house elections. Apparently, the RNC believes that national security is a strong suit for the Party. Someone has neglected to tell both parties that Immigration is national security. Quotes from both Harry Reid and Pelosi abound in the Time's piece; adding fuel to the campaign funds of the RNC. What the times does or does not understand is that this party uses those two individuals (along with Dean,Kennedy, etc.) in their fund raising efforts. It's working.

The liberal support of Al Queda evidenced this past week in tapped format A.P. Adam Gadhan, an American Al Queda convert, accurately spells out what is expected of the West - convert or face the consequences. Questions: Does he hail from Palosi's district? Does it Matter?

Most certainly.

Both sides of the American political spectrum are spinning as fast as they can, pointing fingers has become the stamp of the DNC, while fingering and pointing to extremism will serve the RNC well.

It all boils down to cash.

Each time the NYTimes and like publications (Village Voice), etc. prints a positive piece on Palosi's intentions in the House; it is used to the advantage of the RNC.
Everytime a liberal, or leftist American turns traitor - they become the poster child for the entire party.

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