Saturday, April 05, 2008

House Speaker Sal DiMasi with Govenor Patrick

Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick Preparing for Budget Cuts

(Read and Repeat!)

The Springfield, MA Republican (now there’s an oxymoron)headline reads: Governor Prepares for Cutting – and leaves it at that – one feels compelled to read the article to find out exactly what it is the Governor intends on cutting! Apparently, the Massachusetts Legislature is, once again, voting on a budget that includes tax increases on businesses as well as tobacco – two entities the state elite are convinced deserve to be burdened until broken. What lawmakers in the state fail to see is that businesses burdened with tax increases are most likely to do the following: cut the workforce and leave the state. Smokers are a captive audience and they will pay any price, unless of course, they are able to order by mail, or drive north to New Hampshire where prices on tobacco are much lower. This results in reduced revenue for the state, and an increased budget due to increasing unemployment claims.

What has caused this budget crisis? According to Leslie Kirwan, Massachusetts secretary of administration and finance, the states universal health care program, is crushing the budget – Originally budgeted for $470 million, the program is now estimated to go up to $650 million. In addition there are more families applying for aid through the state – Ms. Kirwan believes this is due to the “recession”.

Quick analysis:
A state mandated health care program with sky-high premiums, offers low and middle income residents subsidies. If one does not choose to take the state brokered insurance, and or an employer sponsored program, they must pay a fee to the Mass Internal Revenue Service (see tax). If one can prove that they are unemployed, or they can meet poverty wage guidelines, the state will subsidize the program. Of course, with the increase in state income tax, taxes on gasoline, taxes on air (kidding), it is no wonder that a good percentage of the states population cannot afford this mandated health care coverage?
Additionally, as employers are also burdened with this mandate, along with increased business taxes, they are also leaving the state. This is an example of state-sponsored recession. Only in Massachusetts.

One has to applaud the Governor for contemplating a budget cut, considering that he will most likely be reprimanded and overruled by the all powerful State Speaker of the House, Sal DiMasi. DiMasi has repeatedly stepped on the governors toes from the moment Patrick took office. It must amuse DiMasi no end.

The state continues to run amok and the proposed budget with taxes, fees and the like will become a Massachusetts reality.

The inexperienced Massachusetts Governor's “Yes we can” has translated to “No You Won’t” by the savvy speaker. Now, who has recently borrowed that catchphrase? (Rhetorical) One of the Governor’s close friends who happens to be running for the DNC ticket, that's who. People here in the “state of confusion” are wondering how the lieutenant governor, Murray will get along with said speaker, should Mr. “Yes We Can” go to Washington with his twin. What they should be more worried about is what will happen to our nation should this disastrous blueprint for governing (inexperienced elected official run by a legislature controlled by their own party) be exported to Washington.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The University of Massachusetts and Communist China
(A marragie made in Amherst)
A Fee, A Tax, A gallon of Gas - Giving to go Green in L.A. County
It's a Man's World (the New DNC or Disney's next thrill ride)

Tuesday Tidbits

UMass becomes the first “foreign” university to offer classes in a communist country (from the Boston Globe) Is it any wonder that a university centered in the heart of Amherst, MA has struck such an accord with a communist country? Locals refer to this section of the state as “the People’s Republic of Amherst”. Although, one might argue, offering China’s students an opportunity to learn and communicate with a free society would be a service to the global community. On the other hand, the proponents of Communism and Socialism (closely linked to Fascism), that are often found teaching at America’s colleges and universities must be elated to have this opportunity to form young minds that have already been so indoctrinated in the Communist/Socialist world, or is it old hat and just another day at the office – see: Social Studies replaces history, civics, geography in most US schools.

From the “other left coast” – Green fees proposed on gasoline in L.A. county (from the Los Angeles Times). It often boggles the mind states and municipalities will attempt to pull the wool over the public’s eyes by calling a tax a fee. A suggested .09 cents per gallon fee (tax) has been proposed to aid motorists in the fight against global warming. Considering that California has some of the highest per gallon gas prices in the country, adding a feel-good fee (tax) makes perfect sense – in Los Angeles.

Did She or Didn’t She? Hillary Clinton compares Patrick Leahy and cronies to “Bully Boys” (from ABC News). Although Mrs. Clinton is denying that she called the left of left Senator from the State of Vermont (the other Massachusetts), does it really matter in the greater scheme of things. She could have and probably should have called him names that are unfit to print. One thing is certain, telling a strong-willed woman to step-down from a life-goal, in order to make way for man, seems a bit – unrealistic. DNC party infighting aside, Hillary Clinton has every right to stay in the race and bring it to the convention. Other things to consider when suggesting Clinton stay in until the bitter end: she may be the most moderate/conservative candidate on any ticket, who isn’t completely boring. As the media salivates over details of conservations and quotes she made or didn’t make to prove that she might have stretched a truth her or there, or in order to comment on her laugh, hair, outfit (all critical in a presidential race), it goes without saying that some might prefer to have a ditzy female in the head office, rather than the lackluster McCain or the Messianic Obama. For all intents and purposes, she is the most down-to-earth candidate left on the field. That alone should give everyone, regardless of party affiliation - pause.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Vogue - Fashion, Fanfare and Racial Profiling

(Where is this leading? – The 2008 Presidential Race!)

In the media rush to make all things racist, the latest victim appears to be one of fashion – Vogue, the magazine known for its coverage of the fashion industry, has apparently chosen the wrong cover shot (according to those who knows the face of racism). In a country where race, gender, ethnicity, et al, ad nausea, should no longer be an issue, some extremely sensitive individuals are continuing to hammer home the message that American’s are generally biased, racists. Vogue’s April issue depicts two athletes on the cover, one male and one female – when first looking at the cover, one can appreciate the athletic overtone – regardless of race – however, Samir Husni, a magazine analyst (a what?) – considered the photo to be deliberately insensitive and then went on in the ap article (here at CBS3 Springfield, MA on the web) to go into his analysis with details that are: racists.

Apparently, with Barack Obama in the race for the presidency – Race is an issue, not because it truly is an issue, it is being made into an issue: from the left – from the progressives and the elite who hold themselves above the rest of the little people, comes a daily reminder that: “yes, you are”, a racist. This includes a remark made during a speech by the candidate Obama decrying: racism by “Typical White People”

You tube video:

Does this racism truly exist? Most assuredly, along with gender bias and, in this particular 2008 contest, ageism! (John McCain, older than dirt!)

Those in the media, that are looking for stories that are on the salacious side, have found race to be an issue that can be milked for all its worth. American’s should be offended, deeply offended by anyone today who brings race to the forefront with any type of blanket statement. This is not the 1960’s – that decade has come and gone. Does racism, gender bias and ageism, along with a host of other isms, exists? Most assuredly. Those prejudices will be manifested in the voting booth, in private, but by many or merely by a few, that is the question. The current crop of presidential contenders should not be assessed by race, gender or age, but by how progressive or conservative they claim to be. Joe and Jane America could care less if one is black, female or older than Methuselah, they care about issues, or they vote a straight party ticket. This constant drumbeat by those that would set our nation back to an era of division, by creating division in blanket statements is unconscionable.

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