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How many Government Agents Does it Take to Kill A Fawn and Why Are We Paying for It! – Agents should be Reprimanded and Suspended.

Sounds like a great place for a govenrment raid - from the St.Francis Animal Sanctuary Website

First from a humane point of view, and secondly from a fiscal point of view, a raid at a No-Killanimal shelter in Wisconsin, to capture and kill a baby deer by nine – that’s nine DNR Agents, plus the local Sherriff’s office, is the type of government waste and heavy-handedness that free-loving peoples should not endure.

The Wisconsin division of the Department of Natural Resources is busy these days with Operation Deer Watch:

Monitoring deer reproduction has always been part of our deer management program. Yearly since 1960, DNR employees have reported location, deer type and number of deer seen from dawn to dusk for the summer months. These data help to determine the fawn-to-doe ratio and ultimately deer population estimates.
In addition, if one should be at a no-kill shelter, and be sheltering a baby fawn, those aiding the DNR and watching the deer, just might report that one trying to save a deer, is illegally keeping (without a permit from the state), a deer until said deer can be brought to a wildlife reserve. Should that happen, one can fully anticipate nine of these agents and the Sheriffs department, armed to the teeth, to come to the shelter, (by stealth), round up shelter employees, find the fawn (baby deer), kill the deer, and leave.

That makes perfect sense in a sick cartoon, however, in the real world, which is so desperately separate from just about any form of government in the U.S. – it does not. First, the agents might have asked about the fawn and its condition, what the intent of the shelter was, and when told it was going to a good place for deer, helped them to transport, and perhaps, fined the shelter, or better yet, issued a warning, that they should, next time, get a permit. The fawn would be alive and happily romping in the reserve, and those who spend their lives trying to save animals, would not be traumatized. There should have been one agent, not nine, and one sheriff; they should not have been armed to the teeth. They probably should carry guns, but probably not expect a great deal of threat from a no-kill animal shelter.

How much did this commando raid cost the State of Wisconsin/Federal Government in salaries? (Each State’s DRN is partially funded or fully funded by the Federal Government)

How much is the DNR in your state ready to step in and raid your farm, house, or no-kill shelter, with guns drawn, to kill other animals one might find injured or in need of a transport to an appropriate place, if they so deiced it may or may not be against the law. Cited was the fact that the deer might have been harmful to humans. There are diseases which wild animals carry; one would think that with nine individuals, and a bag, they could have grabbed the deer for testing, before release?

Would the saving of human life not require the involvement of yet another state/federal agency?

Surely that must fall under the IRS, now that the government is fully in control of our healthcare, and has handed it off to the most vicious and incumbent government agency.

Over-the-top, heavy handed tactics, by state, federal, and local agencies, should come with reprimands and suspensions – this is one of them.

Suggest that to Scott Walker, Governor or Wisconsin: Email:

Visit: Saint Francis Animal

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Hillary Clinton – Love Her or Not – What’s a Decades Old Sex Tape Between her Husband and His Intern Have to Do with Anything at all?

Hillary Clinton - image from charles city today dot com

From the website Radaronline (via The Drudge Report), headlines blare: “Secret Sex Tape: Monica Lewinsky Caught On Explicit Recording Telling Bill Clinton, ‘I Could Take My Clothes Off…’, the article goes into some details, and suggests the “scoop” by the National Enquirer, might somehow harm Hillary Clinton’s chances should she seek the Democrat Party nomination for President in 2016. What is particularly annoying about trivial junk such as this is that it is blatantly sexist. One must assume that the wife (spouse or partner) is somehow cheapened by the antics of their other half (usually referred to as the better half). The fact that one is in a relationship, especially a marriage, with children involved, puts the onus, not on the victims (spouse, children), but the protagonists (cheating husband and his “flame”). Regardless, the personal heartbreak, and or rage felt by the “wronged” individual, especially if the event took place decades ago, has nothing to do with their ability or inability to apply for a job. The fact that this is a woman at the focus of an article that suggests Sec. of State Clinton would somehow be harmed in her career because of someone else’s actions, (a man-her husband) – suggests a sexists overtone.

Here come the critiques of hairstyle, clothing choice, and anything but where Hillary Clintons stands on the issues. The whole affair and subsequent impeachment had, at the time, and now in the present, done zip to harm the Clinton family, except privately.

These “startling revelations” may sell a few more copies of the tabloid in a grocery store, or Wal-Mart, however, what does it matter in the greater scheme of things?

There is plenty to question politically and ideologically regarding Hillary Clinton and her future plans as a Presidential contender, which would be more germane. There will be multiple candidates from both major parties, and hopefully candidates from a third party - one which will demand some attention due to the distaste for polarization directly tied to the two-party system, and the continual election of members of the political class, or in some cases political dynasties. The problems that Hillary Clinton faces will be scrutiny over decisions made while working for the Obama administration, the fact that she is a woman, unfortunately, can be a challenge, but less so than in previous elections. She is not only part of the permanent political class, but also part of a political dynasty. One might suggest a Bush-Clinton matchup in 2016 would be enough to make one look hard and long at any third party nominee.

There is, as far as one can determine, no suggestion that a royalty of sorts should have evolved from those families who serve our nation. It should be the individual, who is willing to put for their time and treasure as outlined in the U.S. Constitution.

From this perspective, a choice between Hillary Clinton, a third party candidate (with actual qualifications – someone such as Dr. Ben Carson, for instance) and Jeb Bush, would make the third party candidate appealing. The political benefit of electing a third party candidate to the highest office is multiple – it would lessen the power of the permanent two party system, bring a perspective to the Congresses that getting along and finding compromise would be beneficial, and it would devastate the special interests that pervade the nation, from the PAC’s to the lobbyists. That’s for starters.

Therefore, it is not what has happened in Clinton’s personal life past, but what her accomplishments, or failures have been in her political offices. The muddying of the waters by downright stupid reporting, whether it is what she wore, how she looks, detracts from her ability to perform as a candidate. This does a great disservice to the nation – something that the mainstream media, the major parties, and their affiliated sycophants are counting on.

An unrelated article, but a must read: From Huffington Post Black Voices, the article “A Message to Trayvon Martin Sympathizers” by contributor Romany Malco. Reach the full article at It is, without a doubt, one of the smartest articles written regarding the education system, the media, and reality that one might read this month.

I would suggest, hwoever, that a majority of what Mr. Malco is stating, is applicable not only to the African-American community, but to the entire population, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

President Pitches Tax Rates – Highest for Small Businesses – the Rock, the Hard Place, and the only way out – Tax - We the People Need a Third Party.

From the Weekly Standard reporting on a New York Times article one finds the Presidents new tax plan that may be the next great idea to find funds, involved a corporate tax rate of 28 percent, and a small business tax rate of 40%. What one wonders is why there is not a flat tax rate across the board, which would be simple, and insure that everyone had some “skin in the game”, so to speak.

The fact that, despite tax hike after tax hike, whether on a federal or state level (See Massachusetts!), it appears there is never enough at the end of the day to prevent yet another tax hike. This is despite the fraud, abuse, and blatant mismanagement of funds, regardless of the political entity involved. At this point in his tenure as President and considering there is no step up (as we don’t, as of yet, have a Supreme Leader), the President can pitch anything that sounds good to him, and to the crazy progressives, and the rest – be dammed.

If he were truly interested in the historical aspect of his legacy, perhaps a stab at doing something novel would work – instituting a no-tax-loophole, across the board business tax and an across the board individual tax – one tax, not 20 taxes, or fees, or call it what you want that takes money out of the pockets of those who work for a living, regardless of income. A reasonable tax rate that would ensure the government has a supply of money to throw away, while the balance continues to prosper and give them – more money.

Massachusetts recently passed a transportation bill which included taxes on Cigarettes, gasoline, and computer software services. One can get a grip on the Cigarette Tax, with 19% of all adults smoking (CDC) that additional $1.00 tax per pack should generate some income for the State; the gasoline tax is now one of the highest in the nation at 24 cents per gallon, the cigarette tax (an excise tax, which has been taxed, is at $3.51 per pack), and they added a computer software tax. This tax is on IT services, as far as anyone can tell. The Mass. Legislature passed the tax, without fully spelling it out, giving it to the Department of Revenue instead, so they might right the rules (Miami Herald).

The transportation bill, or yet another transportation bill, is one which is vested in the never-ending Big Dig, the upkeep of those toll-takers on the Mass. Pike, and well, allegedly a high speed rail at some point in the future.

These latest MA taxes are on top of increases in the state sales, and income taxes, as well as fee hikes on everything you can image, including telecommunications, cables, cell phones, the family dog. It’s Deval Patrick on tax-steroids, aided by a willing legislature.

Deval Patrick, if one needs to be reminded, was the “test” for Barack Obama, both were mentored by David Axelrod, which, that should speak volumes as to the level of incompetence that has been unleashed on the nation.

Of course they mean well, they just don’t have a clue as to how to actually run the country, or a state, but who does? Surely the American Public can do better than it has in the past several decades. Not since Reagan has there truly been a bi-partisan leader, who was more concerned with how things would get accomplished rather than lining the pockets of his corporate friends. It is one of those rare individuals that one is hoping comes out of the woodwork. Someone who is smart enough to hire the right people to help them.

Until then, the lunatics will continue to run the asylums and the rest of us will be in continual awe of the incompetence – well, those that are not considered low-information voters. Between the State and Federal burden, families are struggling like never before, those on fixed incomes such as pensions/social security are feeling more than a pinch- the poor got poorer, and the middle class has almost evaporated. It is, the second coming of Jimmy Carter, and what is most disturbing, is that the general public, decided to give that style of government one more term!

Go figure – one has to love this country, despite the ups, and the downs, as there is always hope that the next time, we’ll get it right – as of yet, there’s not a single individual on the horizon from either party that offers much hope. Perhaps a third party is what is truly in order, one that has no friends on K Street (lobbyists), or family at the same address, one who’s sole intent is to manage the nation, rationally. Holding one’s breath is not advised.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

“Pet Food Stamps” Program Now Available – Non-Profit Seeks to Aid Families Forced to Abandon Pets

This program may allow an elderly individual to keep best friend by their side - image

From: WWLP, NBC Affiliate, Springfield, MA: A non-profit organization has begun a new program: Pet Food Stamps. When one hears the words Welfare for Dogs, it might come as a bit of a stickler, given the overuse of entitlement systems and fraud in those systems, especially in Massachusetts, where EBT balances on receipts of over $7,000 have sparked just a bit of annoyance over the welfare system. That said, the fact that the program, run by PetFoodStamps, a New York 501c, offers those who are on any form of assistance, which falls below the poverty line, a way in which to feed pets, without abandoning them to a local shelter, where the end result is often “euthanasia”. This program suggests a blessing to those living on fixed incomes, especially social security, where the economy has take a huge toll, and losing a companion may be detrimental to both the elderly as well as their best friends.

In addition, the sign-up requires an upload of a photo identification, along with proof of eligibility to receive benefits in one’s state, or from the social security administration, (which would be a problem in say, Massachusetts). This would go a long way towards stopping the charity from being victimized by those who habitually abuse the system.

The “Pet Food Stamps” are access to shipments of chow for the family pet which is delivered through A quick review of prices on dog chow, such as Core Wellness, grain free product, enjoyed by this bloggers three allergy prone dogs, is fairly reasonable – comparable to pricing at Amazon and other major online pet retailers.

Coupons are available through which relies on donations, not government assistance.

What would be most helpful in these hard economic times, especially when individuals and families with pets who are working are struggling to make ends meet, would be a revival and passage of the Happy Act, which was proposed in Congress in 2009, by Thaddeus McCotter, Republican from Michigan and died in 2010 despite having good bi-partisanship support. The Happy Act would have allowed for deductions for expenses such as medical care for one’s pets.

For now, those with low incomes and facing the prospect of giving up their best friend due to the inability to pay for pet food may get some relief from

Monday, July 29, 2013

Feeling the Economic Pinch? - How Bad is the US Economy? – AP Reports 80% of American’s in Poverty!

Image from Politico - with Article Poverty In American New Highs - 2011

From the Associated Press comes a study on poverty in the U.S. with findings that show greater numbers of American’s living in poverty than one might imagine. The survey breaks down white versus minority groups and finds that there has been a substantial increase in whites living below the poverty line since 1983, and while minorities tend to believe that the situation will improve, whites tend not to trust the government, nor believe that their economic circumstances will change. .

What is included in their data that may skew all groups is the schematic whereby if one was ever unemployed at any time during their life, they were included. One might be unemployed in 1980, yet amass a fortune over the next few years. Additionally the data set relies heavily on the Appalachians, an area that has traditionally seen more poverty than most. That said, one can understand the growing trend toward single mothers among all demographics, given the emphasis in classrooms on safe sex, yet including day cares in many high schools, add to the decline in education, the understanding that one might achieve a free government education if one has a child, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Add a growing number of high school mothers and fathers to the welfare rolls, along with those who can no longer finds a job, or have fallen off the unemployment rolls (which extend generally in three tiers, lasting approximately one (1) year, depending upon the state in which one resides, the fraud that is rampant in the state systems (See Massachusetts EBT scandals), and the drain on the economy worsens.

Will this trend continue? One has to hold onto the fact that history does repeat itself; therefore, one can expect an economic upturn depending upon the outcome of the next election and the fortunes or misfortunes of various long-term members of the Congresses. The ideological clash between bigger government and states solutions that exists in Washington lies at the feet of those that would retain power for decades. Once the land of opportunity, the U.S. now hands college graduates enormous debt without the wherewithal to find gainful employment with income commensurate to sustain an individual with a student loan. Students are returning to their parents homes more frequently, and college is now becoming a possibility rather than a “given” upon graduation.

Additionally one has to factor in the dummying down of the American School System, which began in Philadelphia in the 1970’s with the installation of the first Teachers Union. The loss of status in global competitions in under a 14 year times span was somewhat shocking, however, as nothing has changed since the 1980’s, one must understand that the U.S. public school systems are not preparing students for the future – one can imagine that the colleges also followed suit, downgrading expectations in order to achieve grades.

Add an emphasis on welfare dependency through teen pregnancy, coupled with an education system that has sunk to third world standards, and one has the cocktail for a pervasive and long-term economic decline. That said, nothing is impossible, with the right mix of an emphasis on self-reliance, a lessening of the corporate tax burden, and a standard whereby individuals are expected to, and encouraged to achieve on their own merits, without assistance from the Federal government and that will be the painful, yet positive direction that sets the economy back on the right foot.

There will always be the poor; however, with the inclusion of the new “working poor”, those who would have the wherewithal to support charities, are not in recipe of the same, an upturn in economic security will allow less emphasis on government giving and more on the individual donations that have always been place of pride in the American citizen.

End the polarization in Washington by either electing new Congressional and Senatorial representation, especially in instances where one has made a career out of legislation, rather than the public service for which these positions were originally designed, and that will be a beginning.

No political party or platform is perfect; however, a mix of ideologies would go further than the two-party system currently in place. (Also feared by the framers of the U.S. Constitution).

Reading List: University of Washington Studies on Teacher’s Performance

The Effects of Teachers Unions, Stamford University

MASS EBT, latest scandal – Boston Herald

Teen Trends on Living at Home, Daily Iowan

The effects of single-parent households vs. nuclear households on children and educationWashington University, St. Louis.

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