Friday, April 18, 2014

The 2016 Speculated Packed Republican Field versus the Speculated Democrat Field of One (?)

Senators Bernie Sanders, VT, and Rand Paul (KY)Presidential Hopefuls - image from Politico

So much is now being bandied about regarding the individuals who are “front-runners”, denigrating and complementary, depending upon which media one prefers it becomes a bit tired. What is somewhat as musing is that this is a pattern that occurs every four years, yet, somehow those pontificators (including this one) continue to spout the good and the bad of potential candidates for two respective parties. There are those who accuse the party establishments of colluding against the populace (sounds about right), and those who are so wedded to an ideology (either right or left) that should their favorite candidate not jump into the race, they need therapy. It is nothing new really, but more of the same and this is where that same old jargon takes a twist and gives one side of the “two-party” system a little bit more depth.

An opinion piece in Bloomberg states the obvious - Winnowing The Republican Presidential Field - which goes into a place few dare to tread – some will drop out, some will show up late to the dance, and eventually there will be a winner. As of this moment the polls are indicating that Hillary Clinton, the lone Democrat who has yet to announce, leads the field, but recall 2006, when there was no mention of one “up and coming” Democrat from the State of Illinois, who most of the nation never heard of – Barack Obama. Therefore, one can bet, Democrats being Democrats, that the nominee will not be Hillary Clinton, chances are better than average that a little knows Senator from MA, who hails from Oklahoma, will be in the limelight as this year wears on.

On the Republican side, much to the dismay of many, the front runners, Chris Christie, Rand Paul and another Bush, lead the field, with Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and several others vying for spots, and that depends on the pollster. Straw polls being what they are should be taken with a grain of salt – yet, they offer insight into who the political activists favor. Having a crowded field, in the end, offers choices, which is a bonus to those who are in the political cheap seats, and normally have little to no say as to the nominee, given the Party’s ability to choose long before the positioning begins. However, times are changing, and there is always hope for a little rebellion and resurrection taking place in both parties, going even so far as to form a third party – which for some would be the Holy Grail of political gains.

The aforementioned terrifies the powerbrokers as one would imagine, as that’s hard cash splitting three ways rather than two – which is why the Tea Party is so frowned upon and vilified.

This is the time of the season when those of us in the trenches choose favorites (plural) as one should know, the field will narrow, and like any gambling, with the stakes much higher, betting everything on one horse is not the best way to play –unless of course, things stay the course and one knows the Party Elite. However, if there is a crack in the wall of power that is DC, then all bets are off. Confusing to say the least, but, as it should be.

Current favorites: Senator Rand Paul and Senator Bernie Sanders. If one were to pick two, one for each ticket, they represent politics the way it should be in this nation. Paul, who is a Libertarian Republican (Jeffersonian) is representative of the middle and the left with some right thrown in for good measure, he calls them like he sees them, and that doesn’t sit well with lapdogs like Rep. Peter King. Sanders, for being the Independent Democrat who suggests he really is a Communist – which, frankly, someone not hiding their true political bent behinds a blanket Party Logo, is refreshing!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Reflections on Rwanda and the Desire to Prevent further Atrocities

The genocide in Rwanda - image from

Rwanda, the horrors of the genocide that took place two decades ago, is now at the forefront of the UN – an organization that barely mentioned the slaughter of three-quarters of a million people. (Time Magazine) The fact that so few of those outside of the media are only peripherally aware of this event, is a testament to the ages of mans lack of knowledge or avoidance of such, when horrific events spurred on by power, greed, and corruption take place. It was in correspondence with a friend that this subject came up, and understanding a lack of understanding was saddening. Those that look to cast blame, for example blaming the Catholic Church for its failure at the time (the Guardian), are seeking any and all who may have intervened, or even, in cases had employees or members who were complicit as they were in the country. When incomprehensible acts take place, there is a need to explain it away, by placing blame, rather than looking at the roots of all evil.

Suggesting that there are roots of evil, greed, power, corruption, lack of oil (the excuse as to why the U.S. did not intervene), apathy, lack of knowledge, and an aversion to looking at hard facts, is, unfortunately a constant in our world.

Armenian Genocide - Iraq - from

When Hitler murdered the Jews in the Holocaust, it was not so much that other governments were not aware, it was a similar situation, wars, internal, regardless of the type, are to be avoided. They simply make politicians look bad, or there is no taste for conflict in a nation’s people. It is man’s inhumanity to man, a trite phrase that is mostly true that allows such events to unfold and take place. Inhumanity, either through direct involvement or a lack of involvement, is the root cause, not a single organization or a single country is to blame – all are to blame.

In life’s lessons, God would suggest following a simple dictate (commandment) that would solve all problems, and lead to world peace – “love thy neighbor as thyself”. Perhaps loving one’s neighbor and thereby stopping horrific crimes against innocents is improbable given the nature of the beast, but not impossible given a root in faith, which, is sadly lacking in so many.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Washington Post Reports Rand Paul Jest re: Fencing Off Massachusetts – Elite Lack sense of Humor grounded in Truth – Why MA is largely ignored in General Elections

An piece in the Washington Post – entitled “In the Loop” reported that Rand Paul jested about fencing off Massachusetts from New Hampshire whilst Paul was in the Live Free or Die state (Washington Post).

Also noted in the same article is the fact that former MA senator, Scott Brown recently announced his intent to run for the Senate in New Hampshire, where he now resides.

Massachusetts has lost a good deal of its population to New Hampshire in recent years, a rather snarky article from the Concord Monitor regarding the differences between the two states from 2013, suggested that Massachusetts residents move to New Hampshire for a better life. Also that they would never have a Senator that posed nude for Cosmopolitan (as a difference), which, may in the long run, come back to haunt those writers. It is all in good fun, this back and forth between two states, in some respects, however, the loss of population to the northern neighbor, most likely resulted in the loss of a congressional seat for Massachusetts in 2011-2012 - People flee Massachusetts for a less – taxing time.

New Hampshire reacts to the tax state (MA) by suggesting that excessive taxes in Massachusetts should stay in Massachusetts –and that from a State, thanks to those refugees from Boston, that now sports a Democrat Governor.

Naturally, Rand Paul (R-KY) is a lightning rod for the left and the right – given his current “front-runner” standing in the pre-presidential candidate sweepstakes. The Wall Street Journal, which is most likely to support a Bush (inside the beltway) candidacy, opines that should Rand Paul be the nominee, the White House will remain shuttered to Republicans. Of course, that’s opinion, however, not opinion laced with reality.

One would hope that as Senator Paul is keen on going where Republican’s don’t normally tread, he might rally in Massachusetts should he campaign in earnest in 2015-2016. He might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the Bay State is chock full of colleges, as well as sporting an electorate that is 50% unenrolled (meaning independent), and Republicans, such as they are, refer (in low voices) to themselves as “Jeffersonian Republicans” which is code for “Libertarian”.

Of course, it’s difficult to shake of the mantle of “Bluest State”, one where State House speakers are most likely to retire to Federal Prison, and the dead rise in record numbers each election cycle, which may be why no-one really bothers to campaign in Massachusetts in a general election – even Mitt Romney barely set foot in the state he once governed. Yet, those who are contemplating a run, perhaps could find it in their hearts to give those long-suffering Massachusetts “unenrolled”, “Jeffersonian Republicans, and straight up Libertarians a break this time and grace us with a visit or two. Although the fence might dissuade them from dropping in, some in the Bay State still maintain a sense of humor!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Harry Reid (D-NV) – Meets the Resistance – BLM (Bureau of Land Management) vs. The Ranchers - Ranchers 1 – Federal Government – 0

Although news reports of the standoff at the Nevada ranch, owned by one Clive Bundy, vary, yet suggest that Bundy “won” the range war with the Federal Rangers (i.e. Bureau of Land Management). ABC News. The snapshot: Bundy’s family had been don that ranch for generation – the Federal government stepped in when a certain tortuous was found to be in danger of extinction. However, once the government had the land, that managing the land with the tortoise, suggested there was no way to handle them, and abruptly killed the tortoises. That should have been the end of it, as the BLM no longer had an excuse to hold these lands as Federal. Bundy refused to pay grazing fees in this instance, yet continues to pay Nevada and County taxes. It was odd that given the fact that there was no longer any need for the Federal Government to be on the land extracting grazing fees from Bundy as well as the other ranchers, yet they continued to persist.

Then a story broke, and make front page of the Drudge Report News Aggregator. This after there was a standoff of sorts between 200 federal bureau of land management employees (note: NOAA is also armed to the teeth, among other Federal Agencies that have no need of firearms.) and thousands of militia and ranchers who came to Bundy’s defense under a States’ rights banner (10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution – the pesky document that keeps getting in the way of the current Federal Administration.

The story, complete with emails implicating Harry Reid, broke on infowars, three hours later the Feds were pulling back. Call it coincidence, or call it covering the butt of Harry Reid – who apparently, in collusion with the Chinese Government was helping to “grab lands” in order to build some green energy ventured. Who was to benefit from this land grab? Harry’s son. – Reed the full text here at infowars, including emails.

So it’s no surprise that the MSM, including Fox News, neglected to take the bigger story (Reid, breaking all sorts of rules, ethical and criminal), and bury it.

Also of no surprise is that, in order to shut this down quickly – the rancher’s cows were returned and all was going back to business as usual, charges dropped except – now the Feds, who are greedy, and figure it’s no longer front page news, (as in ABC, CBS, and the like) are going back after Bundy again – (see Infowars)

Herein lays the problem, there are multiple other land grabs taking place by the federal government across the nation – and there is a rising sentiment among those identified as Militia (or right-wing) consisting of ranchers, farmers, former military, that the Government has no right to trample on the properties of regular Jo Citizen – it is after all, in the Constitution.

One might suggest should another of these incidences occur, those groups – From Massachusetts to California, will mobilize and the result may end up proving somewhat difficult to control.

Perhaps, though, the larger story is why there is not one bit of suggestion that Senator Reid should be investigated? Those that love power, no matter which side of the aisle, apparently intends to keep it. What better way than to ignore any criminal act, and let sleeping dogs lay.

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