Saturday, February 04, 2006

Personal Recommendations

Current Reading List

Battle Cry of Freedom, James M. McPherson
(History is doomed to repeat itself)
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams
(All 5 books in the trilogy)
The Truth about Hillary, Edward Klein
(I disliked her intensely, now I don’t dislike her and feel I understand her)
The Plague, Camus
(Fiction replays history, repeating itself)
Unhinged:Exposing Liberals Gone Wild, Michelle Malkin
(The cover alone is worth the price of the book)
The Federalist Papers, Hamilton, Madison, Jay
(Must read for understanding U.S. Constitution)

Current Music

The Notorious B.I.G., Duets, The Final Chapter

Robert Nighthawk, Life on Maxwell Street 1964

Please Warm My Weiner, Old Time Hokum Blues

Eminem, Slim Shady

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, Cecile Licad
Brahms, Sonata No 2 in A, Franck, Sonata in A

Alberta Hunter, Amtrack Blues

Memory Lane (1980-1990)

Am i trying too hard
to satisfy you
in this new role
that i have taken on?
or is it my perception
of what i am supposed to be
to please me
to please you?

So, what will happen
when this June and Harriet facade
falls away
and i become
myself again?
Or is this really who i am?

I was not so very surprised
when you telephoned last night
it was one of those nights
when i was feeling lonely for
my past while living in my present
and hoping for my future.

You were so very precise
while you read your latest
pieces of prose
i could have sworn
i saw you standing
on the backporch
dressed in black
while the snow swirled around
your ankles
and the smoke from your cigarette
trailed into the night sky.

Child of the darkness
and I was matron of the pitch.
What a bitch it was

still is
that i spent so much of my time
with Ronnie in the shack
in the back of the house
with the snow swirling
and the dark girl
about her soul
heaven knows

it was you all along
who brought me
to the awareness
of pain and constant
We could have been sisters
if we hadn't been
from separate solar systems
leaving trails of words written
like so many comets!
we pass each others worlds
every few years.

And you know me
And i know you!
And we both have our mirrors
to bring us joy and horror
at what we could be
and what we are
For one so young
you have taught me
so much
Your wisdom shines
in the madness
that we breath
every day
of our lives.

I hurt you
you hurt me
and then
we make love
or fuck!
or whatever you call it
and i love you even more.

This is so hard to get used to.,
living with you and role defining.

For crying out loud
do you think i enjoy my current state of mind?

i breath you
i hold you
i touch you,
and i am wild with and without you
so what do i do now?

love has never
tasted so sweet
the sweat
of compassion
of passion
to the point
i swoon
in your embrace
and i lie powerless
under your prowess
the lion
has tamed
i lick
my paw
in contentment

you have
removed a thorn
with patience
so steady
i cannot balance


why is it
that everytime
i desire quiet
that i cannot
quell the yelling
and i create
more around me
by being who
what is the use
of screaming
when you can
a raging
and burn
all the
in anger
and frustration
the drain

In my dream
I felt you
Holding me - the way you do
Touching me - the way you do
Watching me - the way you do
Making me a part of you
Possession of my body
Possession of my mind
Possession of my love

In my dream
I felt my thighs clench
My stomach tighten
My breast ache
In anticipation of you.
The scent, surrounds us, heady, sweet sweat
I lick the droplets from your chin,
stubble nicking my lips
A liquor, if you will,
I thirst
a thirst only you can quench

In my dream
You are sustaining me
Until the touch of your fingers
Across my brow
Wakes me from our parting.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Prisoner of Technology

No place to run,
No place to hide
the noise creeps
into my dreams
sleep leads to a chaotic
morning rush.

what does it mean
to read a letter
to write a letter
takes some time doesn't it?

or can we truly be satisfied
with abbreviated
techno conversations
that are normally filled
with weather announcements
pronoucements of boredom

how convenient
how sad
that we have allowed
a convenience
to replace an art form

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Who’s in charge of the asylum?

The series of newspaper website forum internet posts shown below is but a sampling of the decline of debate in this nation. These posts come from a political forum; from a small newspaper in a small state in a large union of states. Of course, this is the small state that gives new meaning to the words progressive, liberal and radical - Naming names, therefore, is simply unnecessary.

What is of some surprise is that after having recently read books by conservative authors Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin, one comes to a conclusion that these women have a point. When thinking far left or far right; a grain of salt is in order. One notes that the lack of civility is not reserved for any particular political party however, the lunacy and lack of depth of debate is owned by those identifying themselves as “left”. References given are normally internet based or completely baseless (unless quoting the AP). What is also extremely surprising is the fact that an increasing percentage of the posters identify themselves as conservative; this is alarming given the state of the union we’re in.

Granted this is one small thread from one small forum; brevity’s sake and all that rot, but the reader will understand that the nasty, baseless, “Bush Did It” mentality is no myth. It is true therefore, “The Sky Is Falling!”

35398. Proverb OU812... by LeftTurnOnly, 1/30/06 21:16 ET Re: Wake up Leftists by CrispyAttux1/30/06
"Give ye your Oxycontin to thine bloated, right wing blow hard, so that he might spew his superfluous, Bush-azz-kissing, Faux news coddling, spunk to thine masses of ignorant pubes who spittle and drool over facist radio"
---The gospel according to LTO

Hey, CrispyCheeseButt... by LeftTurnOnly Wake up Leftists by CrispyAttux did the meds wear off already?
Perhaps Rush or Clarence can front you a hit until your supplier can be located?

35398.3. But Coco Crispy the Motorola walkie talkie picture phones by USMule1
1/30/06 21:19 ET Re:
Wake up Leftists by CrispyAttux
were not around in 1978 when the F.I.S.A. laws were created even the internet was not in home like now and no lap tops! and fiber optics and satellite dish's now they are in homes.

Left & right by CrispyAttux 1/30/06 22:46 ET Re: Wake up Leftists by CrispyAttux, 1/30/06
liberals & conservatives - twins fighting each other.
no wonder this country is damned.

35394. Ladies and Gentlemen, the WORST President to by PlanetLLeft 1/30/06 19:58 ET
ever walk the Earth. I give you..BUSHBOY!!A ROADSIDE bomb that seriously wounded an American TV news anchor pushed the daily carnage in Iraq back to the top of the agenda yesterday, 24 hours before President Bush was due to give his State of the Union address.Surgeons removed shrapnel from the head and neck of Bob Woodruff, the 44-year-old co-anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight, after the explosion 12 miles (20km) north of Baghdad on Sunday.
Woodruff and his cameraman, Doug Vogt, who also suffered head injuries, were standing in the open hatch of an Iraqi military vehicle when the bomb detonated. They underwent surgery in Iraq before being flown to a US military base in Germany for further treatment. Doctors said that both men were in a serious but stable condition, adding that body armour had probably saved their lives.
The attack was leading American news bulletins yesterday as the President put the final touches to an address that was being billed as a relaunch for his beleaguered second term.
There was further unwelcome news for Mr Bush as al-Jazeera television showed a new video of American journalist Jill Carroll, who was taken hostage in Iraq on January 7. She was seen wearing a headscarf and crying. Mr Bush was also labelled a “butcher” in a tape believed to be from Ayman al-Zawahri, al-Qaeda’s deputy leader, shown on al-Jazeera yesterday. He said that recent airstrikes targeting him had killed only innocent people and threatened new terror attacks in return.
Opinion polls show that Mr Bush’s approval ratings are stuck between 40 and 43 per cent after a year in which his Administration has been beset by concerns about Iraq, the economy and the poor handling of Hurricane Katrina, as well as a growing scandal over the Republican lobbyist, Jack Abramoff.
The White House has promised that the speech will be more thematic than last year, when it focused on detailed, but ill-starred, plans for social security reform.

35394.1. You want the story,You get the dangers also.. by repubexpress, 1/30/06 20:03 ET Re: Ladies and Gentlemen, the WORST President to by PlanetLLeft, 1/30/06
I hope they make it ok. The terroristdid this! W didn't put that roadsidebomb there.

35394.1.1. the insurgents by fofinger, 1/30/06 20:05 ET Re: Ladies and Gentlemen, the WORST President to by PlanetLLeft, 1/30/06
did this....Iraq is in the middle of a religious civil war that has nothing to do with us or our War on Terror

35394.2. Hatred or responsibility? by TrbldVoter, 1/30/06 20:03 ET Re: Ladies and Gentlemen, the WORST President to by PlanetLLeft, 1/30/06
Did George Bush personally tell them to go with Iraqi troops? Did he tell them to ride in the open area of the hmmvee?

#35394.2.1. You know, Bushboy makes me miss Nixon. by PlanetLLeft, 1/30/06 20:17 ET Re:
Ladies and Gentlemen, the WORST President to by PlanetLLeft, 1/30/06
by nutdetector, 1/30/06 20:03 ET Re: Ladies and Gentlemen, the WORST President to by PlanetLLeft 1/30/06
Another leftist who revels in death and destruction because he thinks it makes Bush look bad. Bad news for America is GOOD NEWS for liberals; proven time and time again......

35394.3.1. And 60% of America thinks your BushBoy is bad by PlanetLLeft
, 1/30/06 20:07 ET Re: Ladies and Gentlemen, the WORST President to by PlanetLLeft, 1/30/06
news. Now, THAT makes me happy

35394.3.1.1. Izzat so? by nutdetector
Re: Ladies and Gentlemen, the WORST President to by PlanetLLeft
Polls, polls, polls. You must remember, PL, Clinton is no longer in office. 35394. Zat so. 60% hate BushBoy. Sweet! by PlanetLLeft
Ladies and Gentlemen, the WORST President to by PlanetLLeft 1/30/06

35394. And yet, by redwave 1/30/06 22:59 ET Re: Ladies and Gentlemen, the WORST President to by PlanetLLeft, 1/30/06
the clear majority of people in this country are conservative, and vote for conservative values. You must be misinterpreting the data.

35394.3.1.2. 60%? by TrbldVoter, 1/30/06 20:40 ET Re:
Ladies and Gentlemen, the WORST President to by
PlanetLLeft, 1/30/06
When was that poll taken? Rasmussen, Zogby and others seem to disagree with you. How was Clinton's ratings at this time in his second term?

DON'T CARE. by Ladies and Gentlemen, the WORST President to by PlanetLLeft, 1/30/06
BUSHboy is prez NOW and this country is dying daily. Focus, Voter, focus!

35394. Ahhhh.. by TrbldVoter, 1/30/06 20:47 ET Re: Ladies and Gentlemen, the WORST President to by PlanetLLeft 1/30/06
Once again the facts get in the way of a liberals blind hatred of all that is American and just.....
don't comprehend all that byPlanetLLeft

Ladies and Gentlemen, the WORST President to by PlanetLLeft 1/30/06
is the English language. We hate Bush. True, he is an American (God help us), but he is never, ever just. He's just a moron. If we were as blind as you, then, we would leave MoronBush alone to trash this country further. But we see clearly. But you go right ahead and follow him off the cliff. Happy landing!

Monday, January 30, 2006

What is it about Monday?

"Monday's child is full of grace", or is it fair of face?

Either way, neither applies to this Saturday's child on any given Monday, or other day of the week for that matter.

One would think the day would give the opportunity to begin the week anew, blotting out all the petty misdemeanors or felonies of the past week (let us not discuss the weekend). Sadly, it is the one day in each week that one has to pick up all of those pieces of last weeks criminal intent, file them or deal with them in whatever manner necessary and begin an entire new drama or God forbid, mini-series to boot.

"Never buy a car or an appliance built on a Monday" - Now, there's a frightening adage.
That may apply to Friday's as well.
How does one go about finding out the exact day of the week that Ford or Maytag was born?"

Just Another Manic Monday",
Song title implying that Monday's are the opposite of depressive.

Perhaps it is all the caffeine imbibed on the way to and from the crime and the drama which inspired that line.

Where'd the bad rap come from anyhow and does lip syncing apply?

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