Thursday, December 31, 2009

MA Senate Race Brown, Coakley, Kennedy - Where Are the Polls?

There has been more than a few bloggers that have asked why there have been no polls, as of yet, on the Mass. Senate Special Election Race, this blog included. Normally, one would expect that Suffolk University would have been polling all along - after all, they did poll the Democrat Primary back on December 7th (here). This poll indicated that Martha Coakley was basically untouchable, and the general collective think was that no further polls may have been necessary. In most instances, the seat is considered "safe Democrat" - why bother polling?

Change is good and change is constant. On good authority, a national pollster will begin polling "soon". There are several factors to consider as to why the wait, or what may have changed to prompt the first poll of the 2010 election cycle. One thought to consider, the changing political landscape, including that of the Massachusetts. How long must one wait for the poll to appear? No answer on that one, but "soon".

Massachusetts – Demands Churches Who Offer Shelter to Homeless Meet State Criteria

The Old North Church - image Marriott Hotels

New England winters are hard, temperatures often drop to below freezing for weeks at a time, and those who have no access to shelters (given the overflow), will often appeal to a local church as it offers a place to survive the night. Enter the Commonwealth of Massachusettswho feels the need to tell Churches that they must follow certain guidelines in order to offer shelter!

The separation of Church and State aside (as so much is ignored regarding the Constitution in the Commonwealth, what’s one more thing), the Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Fire Prevention has decided that guidelines are in order as follows: (from

Churches can now be used as temporary shelters for a maximum of 35 days – but for no more than seven consecutive days at any time – between Sept. 15 and June 15 each year.

A temporary certificate of occupancy must be obtained from the municipality, and no smoking is allowed in the church. In addition, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms must be installed and maintained.

Also, a plan showing occupancy capacity, a seating diagram, and the location of exits and aisles leading to exits must be posted near the main entrance, with a copy given to the Fire Department. The Fire Department must also both be notified before a church becomes a temporary shelter and know how many people will be sheltered.
While authorities are aware churches around the state have opened their doors as shelters in the past, they also want to find a balance between providing a place to sleep with fire safety concerns.

The Commonwealth has no problem using hotels as temporary shelters for the homeless and shelling out millions in taxpayer dollars – yet they do have a problem when it comes to a Church doing so for free. It boggles the mind that the Commonwealth, constantly in the red (see Mass Health Care), would want to discourage Churches (increased paperwork and regulations that possibly would cut into these non-profits budgets), who would be willing to lend a hand for free!

This situation (and many others)cannot be about control, it has to be about stupidity. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts should have a litmus test for all employees, appointees and let’s face it, elected officials, with the main criteria being “common sense”. A lack thereof would eliminate that person from the position. The millions being spent by the Department of Human Services for hotel stays could be used to actually purchase facilities (surely there must be hotels for sale?), immediately cutting costs per diem (they may even be able to grab a few properties for back taxes). Those facilities could be coordinated with a variety of departments, in order to offer a wide range of services to those living in the facility – once gainful employment could be found, rent could be applied to those who chose to remain in the building. This would serve to save taxpayer dollars, and give people a hand up, so to speak.

However, as this is the State of Denial of all things Reasonable, the concept would be to demand those places where a free night at the inn (Church), should be regulated out of existence. It simply flies in the face of reason.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MA Senate Race: Brown Strikes First - TV AD Begins Run Today

Breaking news fromThe Boston Globe - Scott Brown, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, is the first of the three candidates for the MA Vacant Senate seat, to begin to run television ads. Martha Coakley has yet to begin advertising.

The ad, shown below, entitled Different People, Same Message, speaks to the conservative values of John F. Kennedy.

Mass Senate Election: Coakley - Show Me The Money Attitude Dominates Media –Brown May Be David to Coakley’s Goliath

An article on the Hot Air Blognetwork asks why the National GOP has not pumped more into the Massachusetts Special Election: According to this article – local Republicans are “outraged” that the national GOP only donated $50,000 and a phone system to Brown’s campaign.
Over at the Herald, Hillary Chabot headlines: “GOP lets Scott Brown fend for himself, Local Republicans outraged committee not giving more in Senate battle”. (The Hot Air article quotes from the Herald.)

Interestingly, both imply that without the GOP sending millions into the State, Brown’s chances of besting Coakley are limited.
Brown’s answer to the Heralds suggestion: priceless

But even Brown has downplayed his lack of national GOP firepower in his race against Democrat Martha Coakley, saying, “We’re doing very, very well on our own, and I don’t want to be beholden to anybody at this point.”

Brown may know a thing or two about campaigning in Massachusetts that the pundits at the Herald and Hot Air do not (or the plethora of nay-sayers, pick one) It’s not always about the Cash – it’s about the issues, and Brown is on the right side (no pun intended) of the issues that are most bothersome to Massachusetts residents, whether they are Democrats, Republicans, Unenrolleds, Libertarian or Green Party affiliates.

Those disgruntled unnamed Massachusetts GOP sources that are so bent out of shape regarding the lack of cash (alleged, as the NRSCC has declined to play its hand as far as what it may or may not give to Brown within the next two weeks), should do well to remember that money does not always translate into votes. Mitt Romney is the case in point – he won the Massachusetts Governors office, not because he was exceptionally well-funded, but because his opponent, Shannon O’Brien, went over the top on the issue of abortion, especially when it came to parental consent, or her promise to lower the age of concent to 12 – as soon as she made that comment, Romney surged in the polls and the rest, as they say, is history. One need not even go into the 2008 presidential primary, where Romney’s millions we’re bested by Huckabee thousands.

What everyone is discounting is the Massachusetts electorate, and the palpable fear of Health Care Reform and the dismal state of the Economy and Jobs, regardless of political party affiliation. It is with these voters that Brown has the edge. Exactly how much of an edge, no one knows for sure – there have been no polls on the subject, either locally or nationally, it is just assumed that Coakley will best brown – and everyone should know how dangerous assumptions can be.

Notes: Watch The CNN Debate (broadcast nationally) on Sunday January 10th at 10 AM

One can volunteer to make calls for Brown (from any state in the nation) by visiting Brown for Senate Brown is asking for votes and volunteers.

Browns latest video

Alternately, one can visit Martha Coakley for Senate” and be reminded that tomorrow is the deadline for FEC filing (December 31st)– so hurry up and donate.

Martha Coakley’s Latest Video:

Monday, December 28, 2009

Iran Continues to Implode – How long will it be before Ayatollah Khamenei & Ahmadinejad Board that Plane for Paris?

Update Iran: Protests continue to erupt and the violence from the current regime appears to know no bounds – as a recent post on Twitter suggets: "This regime is much more brutal and disgusting than the shah ever was. The also are ANTI-IRANIAN! The Shah loved Iran! One has to understand that without the aid of social networking sites, the voices of seventy million Iranian people, held hostage by a tyrannical government would go unheard.
As it stands today: Protests continue to erupt through Tehran – photographs available Here show the determination of those who, although they are vastly outnumbered by the murderous regime of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, and may not have developed the wherewithal to withstand the continued onslaught by imported Hezbollah thugs that are hired by the regime to destroy their own people.

A tactic used by the brutal regime for decades, is now back in practice, (see Reading Lolita in Tehran), whereby bodies of protestors are taken (specifically if they are high profile) and disposed of - they "disappear" - this does not allow for the family to mourn – or in the case of the current regime, for the people to react. The latest body to go missing: Mousavi’s nephew. It has been confirmed by Al Jezzera that Mousavi nephew was murdered (Al Jazeera is relying on Iranian State TV).

The protests have continued into the night:

What is different at this point in time is that the Western Media is now paying more attention to the plight of those, who, although it is said they lack a particular leader, are none-the-less, a movement towards the freedom of Iran – the goal, peace, democracy and to break the yoke of tyranny.
CNN World has reported on the deaths of protestors, and even the New York Times, has a timid headline : ”Police are have said to killed 10 in Iran Protests."

It is a revolution that has been unfolding since the suspect vote that brought Ahmadinejad to the presidency for a second term, each protest (peaceful) by the people of Iran (it is no longer confined to the capitol) has been met with unspeakable violence e, arrest, torture and executions.
An excellent survey is available from The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, located in New Haven CT. The latest release “Speaking for the Dead”, Survivor Accounts of Iran’s 1988 Massacre” is now available. The accounts of torture, specifically towards women, are beyond the pale. This foundation, lost funding under recent budget cuts, go here to learn more and offer support – This is, after all Khamenei and Ahmadinejad Holocaust – the victims, Persians and Christians who want a free Iran.

Most compelling: A Christmas Message - Maryam Rajavi - 24 Dec 2009 - view hereon You Tube

Sunday, December 27, 2009

U.S. MA Senate Candidate Scott Brown Opens 8th Campaign office in Holyoke – Coakley/Brown Debate Schedule

Addendum: Scott Brown 2012 Campaign Offices (and now there are 10):
To volunteer for Scott Brown’s Campaign – offices are show below with contact information and Social Network sites. Offices are open seven days a week.

1. Western Mass HQ, 37 Harkness Ave East Longmeadow, MA USA WesternMass

2. MassVictory Cape and Islands HQ 338 Main Street, Hyannis, Massachusetts 02601

3. MassVictory North Shore HQ 20 Conant St., Danvers, MA 01923

4. MassVictory Merrimack Valley and Middlesex Co HQ 963 Chelmsford St Lowell, MA 01851

5. MassVictory South Boston HQ 337 Summer St Boston, MA 02210


6. MassVictory Boston (West Roxbury) Office HQ 100 Spring St Boston, MA 02132

7.MassVictory South Shore HQ 168 Court St Plymouth, MA 02360

8. MassVictory Norfolk-Bristol County HQ 1600 Providence Hwy Suite 167 Walpole, MA 02081

9. MassVictory Metro West HQ 1671 Worcester Road, Framingham

10. MassVictory Central Mass HQ, 18 Grafton St Worcester, MA 01604

For Maps, Directions and Additional Information visit:

The Debate Schedule between Scott Brown (R-MA) and Elizabeth Warren (D) - Candidate

1. Sept. 20, hosted by WBZ-TV, Channel 4, the Boston CBS affiliate
2 Oct. 1, hosted by the University of Massachusetts-Lowell
3 Oct. 10, hosted at Springfield's Symphony Hall and broadcast live on several media outlets, including CBS-3 Springfield, ABC-40/Fox6, and on WFCR 88.5 FM
4. Oct. 30, hosted by a Boston media consortium.

Addendum: Scott Brown now has 9 offices in Massachusetts - Map and Directions here

Scott Brown, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, was in attendance for the Grand Opening of his Holyoke Campaign Headquarters yesterday. Brown was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of well-wishers and volunteers – the event was standing room only. In addition to Holyoke, Brown now has offices in Boston, Danvers, Hyannis, Littleton, Needham, Plymouth and Worcester. Brown, a moderate Republican, has three weeks to reach the independent voters, who are key to winning any election in the Commonwealth. There are several televised debates scheduled on Brown’s campaign website:
  • January 6, 7 PM - WGBH/Boston Globe/New England Cable News/WBUR Debate

  • January 8, 7 pm - WGBY Springfield Debate

  • January 10, 10 am - WCVB/CNN Debate

  • January 11, 7 pm - Edward M. Kennedy Institute Debate (University of MA, Boston)

  • Martha Coakley’s website does not indicate any additional debates, however, a Boston Globe article from Dec. 24th indicates that she will attend additional debates, with the caveat that Joe Kennedy, the Liberty Party candidate is included. Coakley continues to avoid debating Brown one-on-one, by including Kennedy, some analysts speculated that Coakley’s intent was to highlight the similarities between Kennedy and Brown, however, Kennedy’s taken to attacking Brown at every turn during debates (and easily debunked by Brown), giving rise to speculation that Kennedy (corrected) may be more closely associated with Coakley and his inclusion in the debates are to take the heat off Coakley; although a fiscal conservative, the majority of Kennedy’s policies are more left of center, and aligned with Coakley.

    Although this particular Senate Race has not been polled by any known institute since the primary, internal polls place Coakley in a less than desirable position, which is said to be one of the reasons she refused to meet Brown one on one in a debate. The general media consensus is that Ms. Coakley has already won the race, which may prove to be a bit premature.

    The Candidates:
    Scott Brown for Senate
    Martha Coakely for Senate

    Current Prediction (No Crystal Ball): Coakley: 41%, Kennedy: 14% Brown: 43%
    The 14% to Kennedy is an historically above average percentage, however, one can anticipate that Kennedy will pick up a percentage of votes from Democrats who did not a) watch the debate, and a percentage of independent voters disenfranchised with both major parties. Coakley should pick up the majority of the 36% of registered Democrats (keep in mind light turn-out during special elections). The balance goes to Brown.

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