Thursday, May 22, 2008

Massachusetts - the Opportunity For Positive Change

Jeff Beatty,
Candidate for U.S. Senate Seat Currently Held by John Kerry (D)

Jeff Beatty

Massachusetts, dubbed the “Bluest State”, has long been the bastion of Progressive political think, with the rare exception; the Democrat party has held control of the majority of state seats as well as U.S. congressional and Senate seats. When one party holds a super majority, it leaves little room for political discourse and solutions that will benefit all peoples, rather it is exactly what our founding fathers feared (refer to: Federalist Papers), control by one party that leads to the destruction of the Constitution and changes to the Republic of the United States. Massachusetts, of all places, has become a model to the rest of the nation – of exactly those issues that so worried Hamilton and Jay.

In light of recent events, those who hold more conservative political points of view are in a unique position. There exists the opportunity to promote and elect conservative candidates to one or possibly both U.S. Senate seats long held by Democrats. With the question raised regarding the eventual replacement of Ted Kennedy (D MA) by the media it is being suggested that the Kennedy Dynasty remain intact. (Yahoo News Service) To those of us who have lived under the Kennedy reign for all of their lives, that scenario is unthinkable. A political dynasty is not in keeping with the principles of the Republic. It is one thing for a father and then a son to hold the same office within a span of years, but should a single family to hold sway over a state government with national influence for over 50 continuous years it smacks of monarchy.

Therefore, It is the hope of this resident that John Kerry will go the way of Progressive Democrat, Tom Daschle and that when Senator Kennedy’s seat is vacated, it will not remain in the “hands of yet another Kennedy”. Massachusetts can send a clear message of change to the rest of the nation. Yes we can – provide positive, conservative, middle-class, non-elitist, fiscally conservative, and yes moral, governing.

Jeff Beatty is running for the U.S. Senate seat long-held by John Kerry. Jeff Beatty is retired Army, serving as an officer with the elite Delta Force, he was wounded in the first Blackhawk shot down, for which he earned a Purple Heart. He also earned a Combat Infantry Badge while helping to rescue hundreds of Americans. Jeff is also a former FBI agent, advising the National Hostage Rescue Team and a former CIA counter-terrorism officer with service in Europe and the Middle East. His background puts him in a unique position to understand the very real and serious external threats to our country that can affect Americans both at home and abroad. Jeff is now a businessman - running a successful security consulting firm. James McDonnell, campaign Chief of Staff for Jeff Beatty notes: “He knows what it is like to meet a payroll, support a company, and be part of the middle class. In short, he’s one of us and has the relevant experience that is required of a U.S. Senator.”

James took the time to answer some of my questions on how Jeff Beatty stands on the issues. (Those positions and background provided by James McDonnell directly are noted in quotations.)

Jeff Beatty is pro-life. “He was given up for adoption at four days of age and knows how precious life can be.”

“Jeff believes that a marriage should be between a man and a woman.”

He takes a strong stand on illegal immigration. No amnesty, current laws should be enforced, and the borders secured.

Taxation: he is in favor of repealing the death tax and wants to eliminate the requirement for businesses to pay tax on projected earrings.

Earmarks: Jeff holds that the earmark process has been corrupted over time. He feels that to eliminate them entirely would limit a Senator’s discretion in funding certain requirements.

National Defense, Jeff’s background speaks for itself, yet, he is not blind to the mismanagement of the Iraq war, and rather “he understands the need to win the war.”

To learn more about Jeff Beatty and to offer support for an anti-elite, conservative candidate opposing John Kerry, visit Jeff

I am of the opinion that in his service to his country, his experience in the private sector and his stand on important values, and immigration issues, makes Jeff an excellent candidate fill the seat currently held by John Kerry.

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Anonymous said...

I've lived under the Kennedy Dynasty for my whole life and watched Massachusetts suffer under ultra-liberal legislators and a never ending stream of activist judges. Mass. conservatives may be seeing their first viable chance to overcome what has been an intolerable political atmosphere and I'm going to hope once again, for relief from the Ted and Joe Kennedys and all of their hangers-on. It's time for the people to take back the government that they so foolishly willed to the Kennedy clan.

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