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2012 GOP Presidential Candidate Roundup: Sarah Palin and the Ides of September, Romney’s Too Elite? Huntsman on Bachmann – She’s Pretty!

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As the drama from the “Debt Ceiling Crisis” continues in the Senate (Prediction: Obama get’s his debt ceiling, Republican’s get some cuts, but not enough to make a difference, and the general public, taxpayers, will enjoy prolonged fiscal pain due to lack of Leadership.) it is to the point that most American’s are disgusted, and clearly appalled by how the Congress, Senate and White House are basically dysfunctional. Reference to playgrounds rather than politics is a popular theme; followed by “kick the bums” out. It’s fantastic that we’re having a “dialogue”, however, how about taking some action, specifically in areas where one can get rid of waste, double dipping by government agencies, fraud and abuse? One Senator, Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, has a report on the aforementioned that should be used as a model for first things that the Congress and Senate could do to start saving billions today. The report is available here at coburn.senate.gov/public//index it is suggested reading (PDF).

Therefore, since the “crisis” is somewhat of a foregone conclusion, as far as Washington is concerned, the week starts with a look at who could lead this nation out of the pit of apathy, and onto a road to recovery both fiscal and psychological
Over at the Washington Times, Henry D'Andrea, rolls out his reasons for believing that Sarah Palin is running for the Office of the Presidency in 2012. The reasons are sound, and if anyone were to be able to pull off an “unconventional” campaign that would be Sarah Palin.

Although the field continues to be at best ho-hum, to the point where Donald Trump is considering running if the “right person” is not nominated by the GOP. One thing that was missing in D’Andrea’s article, Sarah’s visit with Donald Trump. Although merely speculating here, Trump has commented on certain candidates, liking Bachman more than some others, however, he way rather “coy “for “The Donald” when asked about his visit with Palin. Both individuals play by a different set of rules than the usual “politico’s” – which is a) unnerving to the media and b) smarter by setting the pace, and letting the pundits speculate the outcomes. A September announcement by Palin would not only shake things up a bit, but add much to the debates that are scheduled throughout the fall and winter leading up to the first primary and caucus.
Note to D’Andrea: This blog believes Sarah Palin will run – out of a sense of duty to the nation.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney can’t seem to please anyone, either it’s the way he dresses, or his perfect hair, and now, it’s his perfect education: From KSL, Utah comes the latest nonsense that Romney’s Ivy League Education would hurt rather than help him as a candidate, given the anti-Ivy League (i.e. Elite) stance of that darn Tea Party. One should note that Tea Party meetings generally have speakers on the economy, et al, and those speakers hold degrees from Ivy League Universities. Go figure. Romney is Romney, he’s the perfect person, and he’s smart, and willing to compromise, perhaps a bit too much for the taste of many conservatives. He prefers the word “fee” to the word “tax”. Frankly, the later is more of a turn-off than whether or not he was educated at Harvard or Yale, or if spent six years at a local community college – makes no difference. Is there anything else that the media can think of that makes Romney just “too perfect”? One has to feel sorry for the guy. Our candidates should be judged on their prior experience, not their religious preference, how they dress, their gender, if they are too perfect, or if they went managed to get through school on collage loans and work study, going through several schools to do so, until they could graduate. It simply does not matter – what matters? Do they have those leadership qualities that are so desperately needed by this nation, and are they fiscal hawks, not just conservatives, but hawks.

Finally, the most ridiculous and way to stick foot in mouth award goes to Jon Huntsman (who?) 2012 GOP Candidate: Apparently, according to Mr. Huntsman, his problem (and other lower tier candidates) cannot get enough press, because, get this: it all goes to Michelle Bachman “because she’s pretty!”

What an idiot! Michelle Bachmann receives media attention because she’s campaigning, and since she’s in Congress, she’s got a ready made platform – she’s also smart, savvy and oh yes, Tea Party. Anyone that is that petulant over not getting enough press, and uses the “pretty card” to attack the only announced female candidate to date, has to be fairly desperate. Of course, one has to wonder if Huntsman feels the same way about Mitt Romney? Is Romney too Pretty (there’s that debate again, pretty/perfect)? How about Herman Cain, who just won the Colorado Straw Poll (in Huntsman’s back yard)? Is Herman just too pretty?

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It is the usual garbage that is associated with a woman running for higher office – although one has to admit, it’s a lot nicer (in a cry-baby, whining sort of way), than other things the press has leveled at Ms. Bachmann, and Sarah Palin should get an award for handling a press that is not only hostile, but sexist to the extreme! Look at the handful (one hand that is) of woman that have run or God forbid (media take) been nominated to a major party ticket or ran for the nomination, from the wonderful Geraldine Ferraro, to Hillary Clinton, to Sarah Palin, (a 30 odd year span one must note between the first and the second) – the treatment of these woman has ranged from the frivolous to the bizarre, but all of it has been – because they are women. If a policy were being discussed, and one did not like a certain policy, that’s fine, but those articles just can’t stop there, they have to include “what she wore” or some comment that just roils!

To sum it up this blog believes, Palin will run, (and will be President), Romney is still too perfect, it is time to take the focus off the his good looks, perfect what –have you, and focus on his governing in Massachusetts, Bachmann is a stellar campaigner, and like Palin, she is taking the heat, and staying out of the kitchen- that’s honorable. Huntsman, the media adores him – enough said.

Although it is far too early to really begin to speculate about which candidate might make it through even three primaries, and or announce, it is imperative that those who are looking for leadership, begin to watch and read about these candidates, and make some choices, whether it is Cain, Perry, (any day now), Palin (September), Bachmann, and or Mitt – as Obama’s numbers stand now, (a continual slide south), there is little chance that the man can be elected unless of course, a third party candidate comes forth to split the vote (Hint, find out who Donald Trump thinks is an acceptable GOP candidate and then get behind that person 100%). If a third party candidate runs (which is David Axelrod’s desire), a Massachusetts scenario will ensue, whereby, the incumbent manages somehow (Deval Patrick) to be reelected by 1 point. – Repeat 1 point! Choose early, choose several but choose – and as the field narrows, should your preferred candidate does not make it so to speak, make a second choice, or a third – the alternative, is unacceptable.

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