Thursday, December 19, 2013

Obama Care Glitches In Land of Romney Care – New Depths of Disaster - Let’s Blame it on the Website! The Repercussions.

According to the Boston Herald Governor Deval Patrick has insisted that everyone in Massachusetts will have health insurance by the deadline and insured by January 1, 2014. That may be a tall order since even under Romney Care, not everyone in Massachusetts was insured. In fact, many preferred to pay the fine rather than the higher and unaffordable premiums under Commonwealth Care – it was that simple. Those that are not subsidized do not have a choice.

Apparently these individuals will not get any exceptions under the hybrid Obama-Romney Care either: Red Mass Group reports that. as of the 17th of December those who are unsubsidized (working and making too much money) will not be eligible for extensions under the new Obama Care. The numbers are dismal - as of yesterday, the 18th of December, not one individual, subsidized or not, was able to sign up through the website.(Red Mass Group).

Apparently, Red Mass Group (Read Here) has been chronicling the disastrous roll-out of Obama Care in the Commonwealth upon which it was modeled. From individuals denied coverage due to their non substantiated criminal past (a mistake), to those who are now on phones with state workers who will “describe” a plan to them. Frankly, if one has been to the DMV does one really trust a state (read government) employee to give them the straight scoop – especially since nothing appears work – it’s a question of trust as well as proof of disaster.

From Massachusetts doctors sending out notices telling their patients they are either ending their practices or going to a fee for service sans government intervention method (preferred!!) – one wonders how long it will be before the Feds throw in the towel and turn to some in the Senate or Congress that have suggested solutions which fell on deaf ears – (make that the hyper-partisan ears of Harry Reid, Democrat sheep leader). Pull the mandates for individuals and employees, open each state to competition and watch the premiums fall – those who cannot afford the now lower plans would be on Medicaid, which is the vehicle used in the past. A few tweaks were all it would have taken to prevent this mess. The worst of it was that it was modeled on a system that “pretended to cover” everyone in the first place – but, at least the website worked.

2014 for the Independent, the Libertarian and those few incumbents who never voted for the Bill, or voted to Fund the bill (recall Ted Cruz); will be in fairly decent shape. Those who are still supporting or furthering Obama Care on either side of the aisle, will be facing a rough road – they may even loose with the dead voting.

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