Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Read it and Weep – Sen. Coburn (R-OK) Wastebook for 2013 shows 30 Billion in Government Waste – Yet Military Pensions are Cut? – Time to Reboot Washingto

From CBS News the Waste book is here, and it is, as usual, chock full of idiocy when it comes to delving out taxpayer dollars in D.C. The full report is embedded below. Suffice it to say, the Federal government who cannot handle a simple taxpayer disbursement to various departments without going over the top in spending, surely is not capable of handling a nationwide health care exchange, or for that matter, anything other than what they were originally designed by the Constitution to do – manage coining of money, secure the borders and meet on occasion to write a law or two. Time for change indeed, of a fiscal and sane nature, with the best options at hand - to get those most comfortable in D.C. a ticket home via the voting booth.

Understanding that the Federal Government is clueless as to spending and allocations, they recently cut the budget (to show fiscal restraint), but not their favorite pet projects, but the pensions to retired and disabled military personnel This was much to the objections of one party over another – the party who cut the pensions – those Democrats.

It is not without a bit of irony that the lot of them, both with a D or an R – have done little in the way of helping the general working family, rather spend most of their time, vested in their own re-election. What’s a billion dollars here and there amongst friends? Ridiculous and expensive spending could be used as a means to cut the budget down, rather than to bring it to new heights, and mandatory pencil counting should be installed in every department with the warning: If you fail to bring that department in under budget and show savings, you’ll be see a budget cut next year. That is not the current system. Under the current system, if one is in the position to work with a department budget, it is a requirement to spend the lot of it, or they will be in peril of reduced funding for the following year. Reversing that budgeting process would keep DC in buckets of cash, and the taxpayer seeing a reduction of or no taxes. The Federal government could revert back to their original money making option of tariff’s.

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