Sunday, July 05, 2009

Iran Update 07-05-09 – Leading Clerics Defy Khomeini, Saudi's Give Israel Flight Clearance to Iran, The Regime's Demise Escalates

There is news regarding continued defiance and a general breakdown of support for the election results among the clerics in Iran today from the New York Times and the Associated Press. This is significant in that with each passing day and each atrocity committed by the regime, Iran Elites (the clergy) either are moving their money out of the country or now those politico’s who took part in the 1979 revolution understand that the regimes days are numbered and are now reevaluating their positions by switching sides. A general strike has been called, for 15-17 Tir, pleas for help from all countries are now coming out on Twitter and other social networking sites.

What impact would a democratic Iran have on the situation in the Middle East? With the threat of nuclear war by the regime, and the consistent funding of such organizations as Hezbollah and Hamas ended, stability would start to gain a foothold in the area. Which may be why the Arab press has been somewhat quiet on the situation in Iran, however, an Associated Press Release today noted that the Saudi’s will not interfere with Israeli jets en route to Iran.Associated Press. It is in the best interest of those countries of the region to collaborate against the current regime. That said - how do Iranians view the role the United States has played to date? With disgust - consider the “Tweets” from Iranians (as well as Europeans):

“Obama wants 2 save Ahmadi and by that he will say that he has negotiations with Iran. Shame Shame Shame”

That says it all.


Chuck said...

Saw articles about this earlier, it's getting interesting over there.

Tina Hemond said...

Hi Chuck, you know, they want democracy, and we should embrace that concept - (one would think) - however, news comes out daily, except it is in the Italian Press, the British Press, and CNN World -

I believe that people can live under tyranny only so long before there is a change; the change happens, not overnight.

Tina Hemond said...
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