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Iran Update 07-07-09 – Ahmadinejad fails to Deliver Confidence in Televised Address, Strikes continue in Bazaars, Date to Watch: July 9th (18-Tir).

From Iran Protest Pictures: Khomeni Man of God?

Ahmadinejaddelivered a televised address yesterday designed to dispel any doubts about the “legitimacy” of his election – to recap, Mr. Ahmadinejad has the support of Ayatollah Khomeini and some of the leading clerics, but lacks the support of major clerics throughout the country (see previous articles where clerics, specifically hose in Qom are now speaking out against his election) – also, the Iranian people do not agree: (From the Boston Globe)

Iranians in many parts of the capital continued late Tuesday what has been a nightly ritual of defiance -- climbing to their rooftops to shout, "death to the dictator" and "God is great." The shouts could be heard during Ahmadinejad's address.

Although the article in the Globe noted that the situation in Iran had “calmed”, there are indications that it is the calm before the storm. The strikes continue in the bazaars
from July 8:

In the fourth week of the uprising, merchants at the Bazaar in Tehran, Tabriz and Orumieh in northwestern Iran are continuing their strikes over the brutal suppression of young protestors. Despite suppression and threats by agents of the State Security Forces and plainclothes agents, wholesalers and retailers are refusing to open their businesses and return to work.

Lastly, there is the anniversary of the 1999 student uprising in Iran, (an excellent treatment here at PBS) protestors were killed and detained - the regime employed the usual tactics when challenged, resulting in the general oppression of the people increasing to the point where it appeared the regime had succeeded in stifling dissent.

Appearances are deceiving. Another article here speaks to the significance of the date as it relates to July 9, 2009

As social networking website have been the only communication for news and/or the pulse of the Persian Peoples struggles against an oppressive regime, one watching “tweets”, can sift through the nonsense and understand that yes, 18 Tir’s anniversary in 2009 may bring additional protests. There are reports that the Iranian government is already disrupting internet and wireless service to certain areas in order to stop communications between freedom fighters in an attempt to regain control over the country. The passion evident in the snippets from “Tweets” below, gives one an understanding that the Iranian government may fail in that endeavor. One problem that exists for those who are fighting for their freedom is the ability to get their information (via photo’s and videos) to the news agencies (CNN World, the BBC, etc.) that confirms to the world, the ongoing struggle and the scope of the resistance. However, these people are so committed to their fight for democracy and to telling their story to the world, that they will find a way.

From Twitter

“2mrow, we will once again show our resolve for achieving democracy in Iran. Let's stay united, victory is dawning”

" 'govt can silence people for a short time but can't run a cty when the people don't want them'"

"Black-outs yest.: Khomeini Shahr, Shahin Shahr, Folad Shahr, Kashan and Rasht"

"Iran, our motherland; if we have to soak you in blood, we will set you free. Help us stand strong tomorrow"

Note on Time : It is currently: 2:41 pm in Tehran, July 8 at 6:31 AM Eastern U.S.

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