Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Donald Trump and the Obama Birth Issue – What gives? If Obama Cannot Seek Second Term, Will Clinton Take the Reigns?

Donald Trump has produced a hopsital birth certificate in order to prove that some such document can be found rather rapidly by just about anyone, including the President. As Trump pounds away on the issue of why Obama hasn’t taken the time to placate members of the general constituency as to their doubts about his eligibility to hold the office of the Presidency, it is almost as if, the Donald is challenging Obama to do so in order to shut up the bunch – either that or Donald Trump has something else in mind.

In pondering the usual and or not so usual the past few days, a video surfaced which has gone viral quickly, with clips from the President clearly stating he was born in Kenya. A copy of the video, now on YouTube is below – those that are sending it along in emails are warning that it may not be up for long (paranoid one would think – wouldn’t one?). It is an interesting amalgam of clips not only of Obama speaking out on his place of birth, but on his Muslim heritage. Frankly, the fact that a President is of Muslin, Jewish, Mormon, Catholic or name a religion, faith, should not even enter into the equation as every U.S. citizen, natural born or not, has the right to choose his or her own religion, and that religion is not, constitutionally an impediment to holding a higher office.

As there is little time left before Obama’s term is up and the 2012 elections are upon us, would it not be convenient, should another prominent Democrat be able to run in Obama’s stead, if he were found to be ineligible? During the 2008 elections, prior to supporting McCain, Trump supported both financially and in word, one Hillary Clinton: From the left Newshounds: Trump phones in Fox in praise of Hillary’s speech and ABC News’ on Clinton donors contributing to McCain after the Super Delegate Coup at the DNC – one of those Donors? The Donald

Granted, one can believe that Trump is seriously considering a run at the Presidency, and considering the current crop of no-one has announced, he is beginning to be taken seriously by those on the right, however, how much more so, if he, along with the disgruntled Kennedy family, get rid of Obama and make a place at the table for one Hillary Clinton.

Although farfetched, even to those who have degrees of moderation and sanity, it does smack of making one wonder – why an intelligent, world renowned business man would so intently focus on this particular issue, which , should it prove true would eliminate the President at this point, from running for reelection.



Atlanta Roofing said...

I have never liked Trump, but had to respect the fact about he had made a lot of money etc but since he has become a birthed...the little respect I had for him flew out the window!

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Tina Hemond said...

Hi there, Trump is a smart man, now as to the reason why he’s asking that Obama provide his birth certificate is anyone’s guess, however, one has to think that there is a reason behind it – considering that even Chris Matthews, who was and I believe is a fan of the President has asked the question – see
Huffington Post, it may be just out of curiosity or he may have another angle – I’m thinking it’s another angle.

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