Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Washington Post Reports Rand Paul Jest re: Fencing Off Massachusetts – Elite Lack sense of Humor grounded in Truth – Why MA is largely ignored in General Elections

An piece in the Washington Post – entitled “In the Loop” reported that Rand Paul jested about fencing off Massachusetts from New Hampshire whilst Paul was in the Live Free or Die state (Washington Post).

Also noted in the same article is the fact that former MA senator, Scott Brown recently announced his intent to run for the Senate in New Hampshire, where he now resides.

Massachusetts has lost a good deal of its population to New Hampshire in recent years, a rather snarky article from the Concord Monitor regarding the differences between the two states from 2013, suggested that Massachusetts residents move to New Hampshire for a better life. Also that they would never have a Senator that posed nude for Cosmopolitan (as a difference), which, may in the long run, come back to haunt those writers. It is all in good fun, this back and forth between two states, in some respects, however, the loss of population to the northern neighbor, most likely resulted in the loss of a congressional seat for Massachusetts in 2011-2012 - People flee Massachusetts for a less – taxing time.

New Hampshire reacts to the tax state (MA) by suggesting that excessive taxes in Massachusetts should stay in Massachusetts –and that from a State, thanks to those refugees from Boston, that now sports a Democrat Governor.

Naturally, Rand Paul (R-KY) is a lightning rod for the left and the right – given his current “front-runner” standing in the pre-presidential candidate sweepstakes. The Wall Street Journal, which is most likely to support a Bush (inside the beltway) candidacy, opines that should Rand Paul be the nominee, the White House will remain shuttered to Republicans. Of course, that’s opinion, however, not opinion laced with reality.

One would hope that as Senator Paul is keen on going where Republican’s don’t normally tread, he might rally in Massachusetts should he campaign in earnest in 2015-2016. He might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the Bay State is chock full of colleges, as well as sporting an electorate that is 50% unenrolled (meaning independent), and Republicans, such as they are, refer (in low voices) to themselves as “Jeffersonian Republicans” which is code for “Libertarian”.

Of course, it’s difficult to shake of the mantle of “Bluest State”, one where State House speakers are most likely to retire to Federal Prison, and the dead rise in record numbers each election cycle, which may be why no-one really bothers to campaign in Massachusetts in a general election – even Mitt Romney barely set foot in the state he once governed. Yet, those who are contemplating a run, perhaps could find it in their hearts to give those long-suffering Massachusetts “unenrolled”, “Jeffersonian Republicans, and straight up Libertarians a break this time and grace us with a visit or two. Although the fence might dissuade them from dropping in, some in the Bay State still maintain a sense of humor!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Harry Reid (D-NV) – Meets the Resistance – BLM (Bureau of Land Management) vs. The Ranchers - Ranchers 1 – Federal Government – 0

Although news reports of the standoff at the Nevada ranch, owned by one Clive Bundy, vary, yet suggest that Bundy “won” the range war with the Federal Rangers (i.e. Bureau of Land Management). ABC News. The snapshot: Bundy’s family had been don that ranch for generation – the Federal government stepped in when a certain tortuous was found to be in danger of extinction. However, once the government had the land, that managing the land with the tortoise, suggested there was no way to handle them, and abruptly killed the tortoises. That should have been the end of it, as the BLM no longer had an excuse to hold these lands as Federal. Bundy refused to pay grazing fees in this instance, yet continues to pay Nevada and County taxes. It was odd that given the fact that there was no longer any need for the Federal Government to be on the land extracting grazing fees from Bundy as well as the other ranchers, yet they continued to persist.

Then a story broke, and make front page of the Drudge Report News Aggregator. This after there was a standoff of sorts between 200 federal bureau of land management employees (note: NOAA is also armed to the teeth, among other Federal Agencies that have no need of firearms.) and thousands of militia and ranchers who came to Bundy’s defense under a States’ rights banner (10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution – the pesky document that keeps getting in the way of the current Federal Administration.

The story, complete with emails implicating Harry Reid, broke on infowars, three hours later the Feds were pulling back. Call it coincidence, or call it covering the butt of Harry Reid – who apparently, in collusion with the Chinese Government was helping to “grab lands” in order to build some green energy ventured. Who was to benefit from this land grab? Harry’s son. – Reed the full text here at infowars, including emails.

So it’s no surprise that the MSM, including Fox News, neglected to take the bigger story (Reid, breaking all sorts of rules, ethical and criminal), and bury it.

Also of no surprise is that, in order to shut this down quickly – the rancher’s cows were returned and all was going back to business as usual, charges dropped except – now the Feds, who are greedy, and figure it’s no longer front page news, (as in ABC, CBS, and the like) are going back after Bundy again – (see Infowars)

Herein lays the problem, there are multiple other land grabs taking place by the federal government across the nation – and there is a rising sentiment among those identified as Militia (or right-wing) consisting of ranchers, farmers, former military, that the Government has no right to trample on the properties of regular Jo Citizen – it is after all, in the Constitution.

One might suggest should another of these incidences occur, those groups – From Massachusetts to California, will mobilize and the result may end up proving somewhat difficult to control.

Perhaps, though, the larger story is why there is not one bit of suggestion that Senator Reid should be investigated? Those that love power, no matter which side of the aisle, apparently intends to keep it. What better way than to ignore any criminal act, and let sleeping dogs lay.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

2016 – The Early Players - Update– Elizabeth Warren (D) Continues War on Women, Rand Paul (L-R) squarely in the Middle, Jeb Bush (R) – Name Brand

First and foremost, one must understand that Hillary Clinton is most likely, not going to run for the 2016 nomination – despite all rumors to the contrary – and hints from the Clinton’s – part of the reason is one Elizabeth Warren – newly elected Progressive Democrat Senator, former Professor (Part-time) from Massachusetts – as the Washington Post suggests: “A case for Elizabeth Warren in 7 Minutes”. The drumbeat is just beginning. Warren, the female equivalent of Barack Obama, is a darling of the far political left, and with past “Super Delegate” experience, Clinton certainly knows that the Progressive Wing is capable of ousting the actual popular vote winner, in a heartbeat. With this is mind, and years of service, she is undoubtedly tired and wary.

Therefore the equal pay for women drumbeat has begun, yet, it may sound, at this point, overly familiar to those who are in the trenches, or feminists who have seen passages of Equal Pay Acts since 1963. Although denying she is seeking Warren, she is the best bet the Democrats have of even making a dent in 2016.

Unless of course, the RNC is ridiculous enough to run Jeb Bush – former Governor of Florida, son of President George H, and brother to President George W. Political dynasties are well-liked by the public in the same vein as lifetime Senators and Congressional Representatives. Yet, as CBS asks the question Can Jeb Bush win over the Christian right in 2016? , the answer is – yes. The next question would be – to what avail? The Christian base is put a part of the electorate that either shows up or not, and is unforgiving and unpredictable at best. The ranks and file would be expected to vote for yet another Bush, but that leaves the independents, the Libertarians, the Tea Party and a slim yet viable chance for Warren.

However, there is one Libertarian that has the RNC wary, as well as the DNC, that doctor from Kentucky – Rand Paul, the Libertarian leaning Republican – In the Politico article the Libertarian Surge, it is apparent that suppression of freedom, the growing and ever domineering Federal government, loss of free enterprise, and jobs, is becoming more popular with the general public. What Paul represents is a hybrid of both, the Republicanism of the 1960’s aligned with the Libertarian small government ideology and his popularity is growing, along with his donor base.

It is, of course, far too early to suggest one may best the other, as pitfalls happen to candidates in the primary stages, and in the general election and the players change – constantly up until those in New Hampshire, Iowa, and the Carolina’s suggest who may or may not be the next President, but who will continue to move forwarded on that particular quest. For now, we watch we wait and we listen for someone who is not necessarily wedded to the “Party” but to the people’s best interest – so far, we have one who can break the mold, so to speak, set by his father.

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