Friday, January 29, 2016

Trump Rally for Vets – C-SPAN – What the Viewers had to Say

Although Fox News held a Republican Debate in Des Moines last night which was, as the network noted “Trump-less” (Fox News). The Trump campaign was in full swing down the street. The rally was over on ( link to Trump Video). The question of just now many people watched C-Span, is not available as the network is not rated (Ad Week), yet based on the callers into c-span after the rally, one would anticipate more people found C-Span last night and they might just have had a ratings spike.

The Video below, from C-Span, is the call lines and callers comments after the debate. Worth watching to get the idea of exactly how much support this candidate has from the general public. What remains to be seen is how many of these voters will cross party lines, or vote at all for the first time, when the ballots begin to be cast next week.

Although the tone from the general media is more disdain for Trump than anything else, they continue to follow any move he makes, from the tarmac to events. As of this morning, #1 top topic in news on Google News -


Anonymous said...

I do agree that it was wrong for Trump not to show up for this debate, but majority of Iowa is pro Hillary so not showing up didn't hurt his cause as much.

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President Trump was expected to erase any goodwill generated by his restrained speech on Afghanistan with a boisterous rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

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