Friday, April 01, 2011

Non-Citizens Voting In the U.S. 2010 Mid-Terms – Colorado Study Concludes Records Indicate 5,000 votes cast by Non-Citizens

A report from the Hill Blog, yesterday, indicated that the US. House of Representatives is seeking to “shore up” voter registration rules in the wake of a Colorado Study indicating that five thousand non Citizens voted in the 2010 election. The Committee on House Administration was compelled to question the current voting rules given the fact that a report released by Colorado State ( PDF Here ) indicated:

Of the 11,805 people who showed a non-citizen credential when they received their driver’s licenses, 4,947 – or 41.9% -- voted in the 2010 general election.
(From Colorado State Findings PFD noted above.)

Although the State is unable to match some of the 11,000 plus records to determine if the non-Citizens had since become eligible votes through gaining citizenship, all records were based solely on those who had obtained green cards – and with the process, it takes a minimum of five years to become a U.S. Citizen – the said five years did not apply to those 5,000 records in time fashion. This belies the objections to the House Findings by one “Rep. Charles Gonzalez (D-Texas) (who) raised doubts about the reporting, noting that the study itself said it was based on inconclusive data and that it was “impossible to provide precise numbers” on how many people who were registered to vote in the state were not citizens.”

After 9-11 a report (available in pdf here) was issued by the Congressional Research Library on a State by State Basis on obtaining drivers licenses (which are used by most states to register to vote.) The State Laws, to say the least, lax. One find for example, that Colorado allows those who might not have a social security number, to sign an affidavit certifying that they are legally within the U.S. and therefore eligible to receive a drivers license and then vote.

In Massachusetts, there are no requirements whatsoever, other than a social security number to obtain a drivers license.

Of course, one cannot expect those here illegally to be using fraudulent or stolen social security numbers – which might explain the 30,000 extra votes which materialized in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in just 13 hours, where three (at least) U.S. Congressional Seats were on the line, and the Incumbents did receive the required number of votes in order to hold onto their seats.

What happens if you work for a State and actually turn over records of undocumented (illegal) aliens, who are using state services, have social security numbers and the like? - You got to Jail! Two workers in the State of Utah had turned over personal information on 1300 plus illegal immigrants, and were summarily fired for releasing personal information.

The words “racists” are thrown around quite readily whenever anyone questions a voters eligibility, especially if they have a Spanish name, however, regardless of country of origin, no one who is not a legal Untied States Citizens should be voting in this nation.

It should be a pretty simple process: voters provide valid Identification, such as a driver’s license. Those drivers licenses issued, should be done so only after a background check on the social security number used at the time of application. It should also state on the license if the person holding it is not a U.S. Citizen, rather they could be from any nation, given rules for students on visa that are able to obtain drivers licenses in most states. In this automated society, where information should be easily shared between say the State DMV and the Social Security Administration, or that States Department of Revenue (if one must circumvent the SSA) in order to ensure that those licenses are valid – and if one does not have a license or does not drive? A State Voters identification card should be issued based again, on a valid social security number.

It’s a red flag when Republicans or anyone for that matter are tagged as racists for attempting to quell what are voter fraud, and so much more. Fraudulent Bank accounts, credit cards, access to State Welfare services, and yes, even fraudulent Social Security Benefits. There must be communication between State and Federal agencies, as well as laws in place in each state requiring voter id, with poll watchers to insure compliance. As for citizens who release names of those here illegally, especially, even if the information is “private”, those citizens should be applauded, not fired and prosecuted. One has to wonder how many state workers have been tempted to do the same, but fear the repercussions. To vote is a privilege of citizenship, not a right, and should be approached as such.

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