Thursday, April 09, 2009

Duval Patrick - Tax Hikes - Massachusetts Legislature Weighs How Many More The Can People Bear

Mass. Gov. Duval Patrick with Obama - image

Massachusetts GovernorDuval Patrick has requested that the Legislature impose a plethora of new taxes on the Commonwealth, yet legislators are beginning to balk at imposing an additional tax burden on the citizens of the State. With a dwindling tax base and an increasing budget deficit due, in part, to the insatiable state-mandated health care reform the debts from the corruption ridden “Big Dig” and the Governor’s decision to hire high priced State personnel, the Governor is at a loss as to how to increase revenues without making budget cuts – the answer – taxes.

Patrick has suggested imposing a .19 cent per gallon additional gas tax, which is still under consideration, increases in the States Registry Fees and at least 3 other taxes, designed to close the budget gap. Legislatures, in fear of being ousted, are considering budget cuts. Patrick, who is apparently oblivious to the recent polls suggesting that his approval rating is far from stellar, is continuing to suggest new ways to tax the Commonwealth out of existence.

With increasingly vocal Republican State Senate members, in concert with Republican Chair, Jennifer Nassour, the pressure is on the administration and the Democratic Legislators to pull the plug on taxes and seriously consider reform – or face defeat in 2010. The solution as far as the legislator is concerned:
“You're not going to get people to vote on four or five different taxes," said Representative Daniel Bosley, a Democrat from North Adams. "People can't feel like we're raising taxes on them every week. You need . . . to do this one time." Should the legislator take a clue from Mr. Bosley, the backlash would be substantial – any increase in taxes during a recession is political suicide. "Yes We Can" elect a new Govenor.

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