Sunday, April 05, 2009

Saturday Night Live Slams Obama Takeover of US Business (Barney Frank Suggests All Business be Subject to the Government)

Saturday Night Live Slams Obama Takeover of US Business
The Video of last evenings Saturday night live gives a bit of insight into the general angst over the governments increasing involvement in the private sector. In this segment, “Barack Obama”, addressing the nation from Europe, talks about the U.S. Automakers, and then goes on to tell the nation, they are not alone – in an hysterical rundown of businesses from Frozen Shrimp to Sports Franchises, The “Obama Administration” gives thumbs up or thumbs down on particular manufactures/franchises, telling those that did not make it that they would have to cease operations, or be forced to do so.

This skit aligns perfectly with Obama’s front man, Barney Frank (D-MA)’s desire to extend restrictions on Tarp Fund recipients to all U.S. Businesses. Frank, who rules over the House Financial Services Committee, is the pride of the Massachusetts 4th district, and up for re-election in 2010. To date, one candidate, Earl Sholley, has announced a run against Frank. In the last 2008 Election, Barney won handily, and there is no reason to believe that the people of the 4th, won’t do the same again.

A recent article, in Barney’s major paper, South Coast Today glorified the Congressman’s ability to raise considerable campaign contributions – they have quadrupled since 2002. The top 5 contributors to Mr. Frank’s campaign coffers, inlcude: The Royal Bank of Scotland, and Bank of America. Top donors in other sectors include Securities and Investment and Real Estate. Which may be why Frank feels he knows a bit about Finance and is in a good position to advise the President – which is why the video from last evenings Saturday night live is right on target.

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