Monday, March 30, 2015

2016 Primaries – Ted Cruz at $2 Million First Quarter, O’Malley comes out Swinging

Ted Cruz (R-TX), the first to officially announce his candidacy for the republican nomination, has reached a $2 Million fundraising first quarter goal according to USA Today. Cruz did this, in the main, through social media. One would anticipate this will give him good standing going into the primary.

On the other slide, O’Malley, the first from the Democrat side to actively campaign for the DNC nomination has finally spoke out against the dynastic option of a Bush-Clinton rematch in 2016. The former Governor from Maryland is in a good spot to go forward with his campaign to lead the Democrats. (New York Times)

Not yet announced: Rand Paul, Scott Walker and Rick Perry, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Although one might think that it may be late to announce a candidacy – there is, historically a 1 year out November rule which was established in the 20th century – Both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton announced in October and November the year before. That said, Barrack Obama announced in 2007. In light of the trend towered earlier announcement, which appear to give an edge of sort, especially when there is no sitting president running, to those with the earliest ground games established.

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