Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Absentee and Emergency Ballots Impounded - New York 20th Congressional Currently Undecided – No Mandate for Obama.

In the somewhat final results, the heavily touted New York 20th’s special election to replace Gillibrand, came down to a mere 59 vote lead for Democrat Murphy over Republican Tedisco. There are over 10,000 absentee ballots yet to be counted and the final tally may not be in until the 14th of April.

Reports suggest a Republican advantage in this particular district with absentee ballots. The question is why did the State Board impound 6,000 ballots, especially since these contained emergency paper ballots? On those impounded ballots : “absentee ballots and emergency paper ballots in the 20th Congressional District special election have been impounded under a court order, said Bob Brehm, a spokesman for the state Board of Elections." The reason for impounding these votes may be to avoid an appearance of voter fraud:
Left-wing organizer Bertha Lewis, who is directing the field effort by the WFP to elect Murphy, sits on the ACORN board. ACORN and the WFP are funded by the exact same left-wing unions, and they intend to deliver for Scott Murphy.

ACORN has several offices in New York, including the Capitol District, which abuts the 20th Congressional.

The race, which is being treated as a referendum on both Obama and Michael Steele’s abilities as party leaders, proved, in the final analysis, to be more about apathy (possibly mixed with fraudulent ballots). Although the Republicans had approximately 185,000 registered voters to 125,000 registered Democrats, the fact that the turn-out was so light in both parties does signal a lack of confidence in government, as well as poor grassroots management. Both Party's poured millions into the district, with Barack Obama putting a personal stamp on the process by sending emails to Democrats in the area. It will, therefore, come down to those approximate 4,000 ballots not impounded - which are generally overseas and military - Tedisco and the RNC should have seat.

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