Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Warm Reception for Arizona Sherriff Joe Arpaio in Western Massachusetts

Photo Springfield Republican, AP Photo

Joe Arpaio, the tough on criminals, Arizona Sherriff, has been criticized as of late because he treats Illegal Immigrants who break the law, in the same manner as he treats other criminals – harshly. A small group of protestors are starting a 5-day fast against the popular Sherriff due to his treatment of said illegal immigrants. Sheriff Joe was not always a resident of Arizona; rather his roots are in Western Massachusetts. The Springfield Republican (Massachusetts) has a feature article on their website about the Sherriff, his practices and his roots in Springfield, Massachusetts.

What is most interesting is the response of those commenting on an article in support of the Sherriff, of all current articles on the site, this one has drawn 120 comments (which is high for this particular news site), and the support for the sheriff is overwhelming. The protestors in Arizona might find some comfort in the fact that there are still a few with like minds left in Western Massachusetts, but the overall consensus is that Joe Arpaio is a hero. This support for law enforcement from the Bluest State is interesting as it appears hearts and minds are undergoing some sort of change – to the right.

1 comment:

EatYourOkra said...

And how do these protestors suggest illegal immigrants in our prison system should be treated instead?

All these liberal protestors should just hold up signs protesting against common sense.

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