Saturday, April 04, 2009

New York Times to Close Boston Globe Unless Unions Meet Times Demands

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The New York Times Company has threatened to close the Boston Globe unless unions meet specific demands, including pay cuts and the end of Times pension contributions. This is ironic considering the flagship paper, the New York Times, considers saving itself as critical to the world as as genocide in Darfur!

Of note: the New York Times has done little reporting on the controversial Union “Card Check” bill – the most recent article(in the Times Blog Section, no less) : a piece on Actors from the now-defunct series “West Wing” reads like a “fluff” piece:

The actors spent quite a bit of time promoting what’s known as the Employee Free Choice Act, legislation that would allow for easier organizing by workers. Strong opposition by business lobbies and Republicans has helped stall the issue, as the Senate and the House wade through other measures like the $787 billion stimulus package and the $3.6 trillion budget.

The Times, they are a-changing – although the editorial stance is consistently left of left, when it comes to push, shove and the almighty dollar, the concept of dealing with the high cost of unions is reason enough to close down a shop in order to avoid meeting union demands. Perhaps Chrysler, GM and Ford should have taken a page from the New York Times playlist.

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