Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2014 MA Primary - NH Primary – Results - As anticipated with a few interesting exceptions – 2016 starting to Loom Larger

The last state primaries for 2014 were held yesterday, with elections to follow this November. In Massachusetts the results were somewhat as expected: WWLP, Springfield reports that Baker won the Republican Governors race handily, while on the Democrat side, Martha Coakley bested Steve Grossman by 5 points, while the balance of the vote tallies were mostly Democrats, with entrenched Democrat John Tierney losing to Seth Moulton.(WWLP). What was most intriguing in the MA primary may have been the manner in which unenrolled or independent voters cast ballots – most often against, rather than for a particular candidate – be it Republican or Democrat. Listening to the New England radio’s, Howie Carr on the drive home, one was treated to a barrage of callers suggesting who they were targeting – which may explain why Coakley only pulled a 5 point margin, while Baker was over 70% on the GOP side (along with the fact that Baker’s competition was less well known, and slightly fringe). Suffice it to say, that on the Governor’s race, one might be tempted to suggest that the next Governor would be Baker.

In New Hampshire,
Scott Brown won the GOP contest handily and will go on to face Jean Sheheen, the Democrat Incumbant, while Marilinda Garcia, won the 2nd district by a wide margin.(WMUR)

The New Hampshire races may be more interesting in the wealth of ammunition that the GOP has against the incumbents, especially the Health Care issue in that state, more than most, is dire. With one insurance carrier, and over a thousand doctors, and fewer hospitals participating, New Hampshire will be voting with its pocketbook. Scott Brown looks likely to take this Live Free or Die State should he get some help from his former ultra conservative friends. Marilinda Garcia, with a little help from Ted Cruz, looks likely to upset as well. Cruz’s stock rose yesterday in New Hampshire, for those looking ahead to 2016.

Speaking of which: On Friday Rand Paul will be the host of the NH GOP Unity Breakfast (Politico), where he currently leads in in polling. While Hillary Clinton < a href="">will be heading for Iowa. Clinton has suggested that she will make a decision after the first of the year(, while Rand Paul is suggesting early spring ((Brietbart News) Now that would be a divine match-up!

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