Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembrances of September 11, 2001 – Personal Reflections

On that sunny, September morning, I was on my way to a history period, when I glanced at the Television in the hallway at college, and noted a second plane going into the World Trade Center – I called my husband, who was at a nearby AFRB, and asked if this was of concern, he indicated that I should get my daughter from her school and go home. I went to class, and my professor asked what was happening. I told him of my husband’s directive and he immediately dismissed the class.

I went to the parochial school where our daughter was enrolled and was walking with many parents who had much the same mind as I. The principal suggested that instead of instilling fear our children, to go and pray in teh chapel, which is what we did, until they were dismissed. At that point, I took my child home, sat in front of the television and wept.

It was not weeping from fear, it was weeping from a sense of loss and grief that we were now in much the same circumstances as the nation of Israel. At that moment the anger surfaced and it was palpable, followed by such a love of the nation that had allowed my family to be here and safe, to better themselves, that we, a nation of such outstanding charity towards others, should be so attacked.

Having studied a great deal on the caliphate which devastated Europe, and the plan that has been in place since the General Mohamed turned his varied tribes into a force, through the institution of a faith – to expand his empire beyond the Bedouin borders. It was a brilliant strategy for the time, however, to see it resurface again and again, throughout history, and to bring it tour nation, was beyond the pale.

That our country, a haven from those who would force others to have one state religion, to have freedom to live life to the fullest, while sisters in those nations were subjugated to the most insidious of dogmas, instilled a sense of great national pride.

Therefore, when recalling the events of that day, that brought untold millions of American’s from all stripes together, it was the beginning of a new era, one where we would be vigilant, and as individuals, do anything possible to protect our nation, the nation that gives us life, liberty and the right to pursue happiness, any religion we please and to prosper. Incidentally concepts alien to those who would do us harm. If ISIS or ISIL is the same type of group –it goes without saying, that individual American’s would find the courage and fortitude to destroy them, and would support any measures to do so.

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